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Written on:September 30, 2016
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What is ESA Doctors?

ESA Doctors is the top rated emotional support animal letter service. They provide their services by connecting people with licensed therapists and doctors to write ESA letters for travel and for housing. Since emotional support animals (ESA) are allowed to fly in cabin with their owners, people suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD, etc. can now bring their beloved pets when they travel without paying any extra fees to the airlines. Emotional support animals are also allowed in apartments and condos, even if they do not allow pets or have weight and breed restrictions.


What is an Emotional Support Animal and who benefits from them?

Emotional support animals, also known as comfort animals, are pets that provide comfort and emotional support to their handlers/owners. They often get confused with service dogs, but they are very different and provide different services for their owners. Emotional support animals do not have to be trained to qualify as an emotional support animal, but they must exhibit good behavior when in public.

A surprising 1 in 4 Americans suffer from mental disabilities in the United States. Many of these people with disabilities can benefit from the presence of an animal. They lower stress levels and increase levels of happiness to their handlers. We have witnessed people suffering from anxiety and panic attacks reduce their symptoms just by hugging an emotional support dog.


What is the difference between an Emotional Support Dog and a Service Dog?

Service dogs do not require a letter from a doctor, but ESA’s require an emotional support dog doctors letter to be legitimate.

Service dogs are specially trained to provide a service or task to assist with their handler’s disability. People with physical and psychiatric disabilities may train their own service dog or hire a trainer to train their dog to provide a service. Emotional support animals do not have to perform a service, but they do not have the same level of access as service dogs. Service dogs can go anywhere that their handlers can go while ESA’s can only fly with their owners and live with their owners in “no pets” housing situations.


Why are Emotional Support Animals allowed on planes and in “no pets” housing?

The Federal Government allows emotional support animals to fly with their owners because of the Air Carrier Access Act that allows disabled passengers to fly in cabin with their comfort animals. This law ensures that people with disabilities are not discriminated against and are allowed to fly with the support animals.

The Fair Housing Act allows for emotional support animals to live with their handlers, even in no pets housing situations. Landlords and apartment managers must allow a person with an emotional support animal to live with their handler if they have an ESA letter accompanying the animal.

How do I get an Emotional Support Animal Letter?

A lot of people ask us “how do I get an ESA letter?” You can simply fill out our ESA questionnaire and a licensed mental health professional will contact you and write a letter for you if you qualify. It is very easy and the questionnaire takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.

Why choose ESA Doctors over other service providers?

A lot of these emotional support animal registration services do not provide real ESA letters and documents. Simply registering your pet through many of these sites will not make your dog or cat an emotional support animal. Some of the other ESA letter service sites employ only one therapist that writes carbon copy letters for hundreds if not thousands of people. Some airlines have caught on to these letter mills and have stopped accepting ESA letters from these therapists. Therapists that work with ESA Doctors only provide ESA letters to clients within their state licensing jurisdiction. Our therapists are all licensed mental health professionals that have many years of discipline-free practice and are very experienced in assisting clients. This may take a lot more time on our end to manage such a large network of therapists, but we feel that ensuring that our clients have a positive experience is the most important thing.

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