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Written on:January 6, 2011
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Glen Jackman is the founder and current owner of GJ Productions. It is a site that helps small business owners come up with an effective but affordable marketing plan or solution to make their site get more success. If you own any kind of business you might want to check out Glen’s site. He is 20 and in college. He likes to do Photoshop, Social Media, Skiing, and Golfing.

(1) Max Pen: Is there a building where the company is situated in or is your business based online? If there is a building do you consider this to be your future job as being the CEO of the company?
Glen Jackman: My business is located on the internet through networks of colleagues and GJ Marketing Productions will be my job as long as people still need to sell products.

(2) Max Pen: How old is this project of yours now and what have been the major dates that a lot was changed/added? You seem to know a lot of marketing solutions and options people might have to pick when promoting their site. Did you learn all this bit by bit or has a large part of your knowledge come from the course you follow in college?
Glen Jackman: I started GJ Productions in 2005 because there was a demand in graphics for the internet. After building up a large portfolio of graphic design work I opened up to other media types to satisfy the needs of my customers all at once. I have always been interested in helping people sell their products effectively and after expanding to different types of media I have found a love for helping people through marketing. Now in 2011 we intend on offering small business multiple ways to target their customers, find out which ones are most profitable, and generate sales.

I personally have been learning and reading about marketing throughout my life. Some recent books that I read were Guerrilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson and Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky. I do learn a lot at Suffolk University and I expect to get my BSBA in Marketing in 2012.

(3) Max Pen: Are you open to commentary about what others say of your methods? (How you handle thing.) If a person who knows what he is saying about marketing tells you: You should stop with doing x and try this out for your clients. Or do you prefer to first try something out quite some times before implanting it into GJ Productions?
Glen Jackman: Being in Boston and a student at Suffolk University I have had a lot of commentary with many gurus in the marketing industry. They each have a unique perspective on marketing and have something to offer. I will always use their knowledge and work it into our marketing plans that we draft up in GJ Productions. There is always more to learn. The cool thing about marketing is that it is extremely flexible and adaptive. There are many different types of products in the world and there are even more individuals that need those products. With the growth of technology there are new ways to market to consumers every day. We look at the different marketing media methods on an individual business basis so each business can have a marketing plan geared to them. If one method is failing we can get rid of it. If one is extremely affective we can put more effort into that method. Flexibility is key to stay ahead of your competition. 

(4) Max Pen: What are the most common things that the client needs GJ Productions help with? Has it been a set back or major success telling your clients that you won’t stop until they are satisfied? (As a client could keep your resources tied up for quite some time.)
Glen Jackman: Right now we have a lot of customers that are behind in the technology market. They are losing out on the wide network of customers that the internet provides so we have been setting up Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, websites, and other digital media sources. It has been a passion of mine to keep our clients satisfied and we will always strive to keep them happy. It can even be years after their purchase and we are willing to help them reevaluate their marketing plan. This helps us build trust with our customers so they keep coming back!

(5) Max Pen: For the type of business you’re in, what is the most important thing the staff-team must always keep in mind-take care off? (Example: Contacting the client in less than 24 hours, making sure that the advice given doesn’t make it worse than it already is, etc…)  If you didn’t do the things mentioned above would you think your business would have gotten where it is now?
Glen Jackman: I tell my team to strive for perfection through continual improvement. There is always something we can do better and we can reach it. It does include things like contacting clients quickly, listening to their desires, adding quality information, and adapting to changing markets. This strive for perfection has kept our image of care for our clients and it has absolutely been responsible for our success.

(6) Max Pen: Have you ever had to manage with the same client more than once? Has it been a unique experience helping people out this way?
Glen Jackman: We have worked with businesses multiple times and it is a great experience. We build a friendship and connection with them and their business. This helps us with a greater understand of what their goals are.

(7) Max Pen: You said to me: “A lot of people think that just because they have a website they will be successful but that is false.” Have you found out the truth the hard way? (Starting up some people think they will have success in no time.)
Glen Jackman: I have worked with people who think that their website will lead to their success and like I said, this can’t be further from the truth. You need to make sure that you have a market that is willing to buy from your website and then you need to make sure they see your site. Even if you can achieve those goals success is not guaranteed. As a business you need to understand your customers demand. If you can’t do that then you will fail. Say you’re in business selling purses for an elderly market. The worst thing you could do is rely on a website to sell to your customers. Demographic studies always show that the older the customer the less accepting they are of technology. Your best bet would be to use traditional marketing like newspapers, magazines, and trade shows. Those are methods that are geared to the elderly; anything else could be a potential waste of your money.

(8) Max Pen: What are the most used services or demand requested and discussed by the clients?
Glen Jackman: The internet continues to grow in influence on the market and our customers want to see how they can use it to reach their audience. Currently Twitter accounts are big. They allow a business to target their audience and stir up a demand for their products.

(9) Max Pen: Why did you start GJ Productions? Did you feel there was a need? Was a big reason you started GJ Productions because you know a lot about marketing?
Glen Jackman: I started GJ Productions because I had passion and skills in the field of marketing and because I love helping people. I truly enjoy seeing small business earning more profits and that fuels my passion.

(10) Max Pen: You are the founder but, who are the other people that work with you at GJ Productions? Has the size of the team always been around the same number or has it recently expanded?
Glen Jackman: Our team size has remained small and this is a weakness of GJ Productions. We have a growing demand that we are forced to stay ahead of. We currently are looking for more people that are experienced in graphic design and website design to help with our customers. We do expect to expand throughout 2011 and after that.

(11) Max Pen: Is your business growing steadily or very rapid? What ways have you done so far to spread the fame of the site? Which has been most successful?
Glen Jackman: My business has been growing steady but I expect it to expand greatly in 2011 with the growth of our staff. Word of mouth has been the most successful way for GJ Marketing Production to spread its name. The more satisfied our customers are the more willing they are to tell other customers of our quality. We have generated a lot of leads through word of mouth and we think that is a reflection of our business.

(12) Max Pen: Is using Facebook, Twitter and other social network or other type of sites important to stay close as possible in contact with your clients and fans? Or is the biggest reason GJ Production has these pages because most of your clients come from these places? 
Glen Jackman: We primarily use our Facebook and Twitter pages to stay in contact with our customers. They allow us to give our clients updates on our undertaking along with tips for their success. We do think that once we expand that more business will come through those channels but for now they are a resource for our clients.

13) Max Pen: Where do you see the site going and what will you add or change in the future? Do your clients have a say in where your site will go in the future?
Glen Jackman: I intend on expanding our site with more in depth information on how we make marketing plans for businesses. We hope that if they have more information on how we perform our services it will lead to more confidence for their purchases. This is because our clients always have a say at GJ Marketing Productions. We want to help small businesses out as much as we can. Their success is our bottom line.

Thanks a lot for giving me a chance to interview you Glen Jackman. It has been interesting and I hope the readers will agree with me when the are done with reading. -Max Pen

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