#42 The Owner of an RPG-forum Based on Percy Jackson Series Shares His Experiences

Written on:January 14, 2011
Last modified on: January 17, 2011 @ 1:49 AM
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Marvin was the owner of Half Blood RPG, a forum created for the fun of role-playing stories based on Percy Jackson series, before the forum unfortunately closed. Here is an exclusive interview with Marvin about various things. Happy reading!

1. phio_chan: Tell us why you are interested in online forum/site activities in the first place.

It all came in role-playing. I started to like it two years ago when I was really addicted to Twilight Saga and I find myself role-playing in some online sites. Then it became bigger, I role-played in anime sites, horror sites, and some more. Until I bumped into Forumansion, I didn’t know that there’s advertising forums then I became interested and many have open doors for me including Matt and so are you Phio. You gave me a chance to be a mod and admin and other positions. I became interested not because of the positions, but to have fun not just in the outside world but also online. :)

2. phio_chan: You can do graphics, right? What motivated you to create graphics in the first place?

I really envied those persons who are awesome in making graphics and I was just there requesting signatures that aren’t made by me. So it made me think like, “What if I learn that thing and make my own ones?” People will requests signature to me and it would be an honor to be like that. I was motivated by them, and now I’m here winning graphics contests :D I think all the hard work had been paid off but I know there’s still a lot for me to learn.

3. phio_chan: Do you have any ‘idol’, he or she who create graphics the best, that you wish you can do like that someday?

Yes, there are many of them. Jaloxim, Jalokim, Kaira, Sentress. There’s so many I can’t even state them all. I wish I could be like them someday. Being asked to design their forum, asked to be a graphic administrator, asked to be a graphic moderator and handle contests like “Signature of the Week” (SOTW) and stuffs, and many more; it would be a great honor to be like them someday.

4. phio_chan: From all the forums you have visited so far, where do you enjoy it the most?

As of now, every forum I’ve been on is enjoyable. They are all equally alike. Why? Because I know every forum is unique. It’s made from scratch but look at them now, going so big and strong.

5. phio_chan: What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of having a huge community?

Advantages are, you’re making friends throughout the world. Always has new replies and such, and I view a forum as FOR and BY the PEOPLE. It’s for them and by them. They are the ones who make the forum standing. I see problems or arguments or conflicts as a stepping stone to make a good forum. Oh, I think there’s one disadvantage. You’ll be tired of reading the pages they’ve posted. You’ll be lost in the conversation. Just kidding.

6. phio_chan: I heard that your site is dead. What is one important lesson you learned from that fact?

One important lesson I learned from that fact is not just think of you, you, and you. At that moment, all I think was that I need so many members. I wanted it to be big. I didn’t see that even though my forum was just a small community, there were still people who loved my forum. They were dedicated. They were loyal. I also learned not to just give up easily. I gave up with that site.. not knowing that my forum might be bigger than I expected it to be.

Even though it might only be a short interview, I really appreciate your help and your willingness to share us your experiences and opinions. I wish you good luck in your future plans and use your past, painful experience to create a better, bigger, more successful site one day. Thank you! – phio_chan

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