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Written on:January 15, 2011
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The owner of the Anime RPG Ultimate Shinobi 2.0 named Adam gets interviewed. He and his team created a whole RPG from scratch! He is 17 and lives in Australia. The RPG is based for some parts from the famous Naruto Series.

1. Max Pen: Can you tell us why did you build the foundation of this RPG based on the famous Naruto series? Is it because you were familiar with the show more then anything else to base your RPG one. Was it just a idea you got in your head and found to be word building on?
Just to correct you for a moment, although I did build the Forum from scratch, but not by myself. Along the road of success I’ve had assistance from many people who have created systems and refined issues the whole way through the process. I’m nothing without my fellow administrators, moderators and even the contributing members. Well originally, I joined another large Naruto RPG in January 2009 and by February I was inspired to create my own with the help of a few other people, mainly two of my current co-administrators Todd and Dan, the site just did well for some reason; much to many peoples disbelieve.

We were a real dark horse and now that I look back on it, deserve to be called that because we didn’t have a quarter of the skills and experience we possess now. The idea certainly wasn’t mine as I said, not Naruto RPG’s all together. There have been many ones before us but not all of them have succeeded like we have, not many people make it this far and it’s really a dream come true. Eventually, our brilliant minds began building on the site and coming up with fresh ideas as well as recycled ones that we refined to make everything more enjoyable.

2. Max Pen: 220 episodes have been published so far, have you seen them all? What is based from the series into the RPG? Japanese language of characters and ranks of course. Also the map I take, what else? Also did you play any of the 6 video games released? Your FAV of the once’s you played?
Actually no, I haven’t watched them all, I’ve avoided most of the filler arcs which are episodes that don’t really have much of a connection with the story itself. I prefer the manga which is far a head of the anime, for those who don’t know what a manga is it’s a Japanese comic book, translated in English of course. Many things are based on the series, the structures of the villages and countries, the base of ninja and the ranks as you stated. Many things are based on the show and manga itself, but we don’t have links to the actual people involved in the show, they are non-existent in our world. The map is mainly based on the map of Naruto’s world but we have minor tweaks of course. Videos Games, yes they were something I enjoyed and I do believe there’s more than six, I’m not sure I can say I’ve had a favorite though. I’m hoping to purchase the newest one soon which is Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2.

3. Max Pen: Now about your RPG, what makes it stand out be a greater and deeper experience then the other Naruto RPG’s? How do you and others of the team protect the RPG from being used anywhere else? Has it helped using a Creative Commons License? Is it better then copyscape? In the beginning of this RPG we’re talking about version 1.0 your site must have been vulnerable to people who could have used the idea of the RPG system to?
Well we have a few things that have us as stand outs, the main one would probably be The Ultimate Conflict which to do with our plot mainly, which contains mainly systems devised by our very own Englishmen, Hugh. He’s a genius, he designing the entire thing pretty much by himself, we barely had to give input. Our Missions Board is something else we are pretty proud of, which how much we rely on it to keep our members active when they aren’t feeling overly creative, to have a pre-created mission for you can really motivate you to create a decent roleplay.

We also have another three or so developments that will make us a bit more unique but I’m not to keen on revealing them just yet until they are completely refined. Regarding copyright, people are going to do it. There’s not much you can do besides report them. I personally get a bit aggressive when people steal the property of Ultimate Shinobi, a U.S member or anybody at all to that matter. It just displays a lack of creativity and uncreative people shouldn’t be roleplaying. Back on 1.0 our system was a lot more free and allowed a lot more because of so many loopholes, my point still stands above and if I catch people copying 1.0’s things now too I’ll still deal with it accordingly but I haven’t stumbled upon much regarding copyright to 1.0, even when it was the active site.

4. Max Pen: Does this RPG have any major competitors, or are you not into that whole comparing and staying better then the other similar RPG sites?
Now I’m sure reading this question many people would expect me to say Naruto Revolution. But they aren’t what I consider competition anymore. They have quite the activity base, but most of their members leave after a few days. We have clearly surpassed them in roleplaying ability and that’s what I consider important, as long as we have a decent portion of loyalists I’m satisfied. The site I’d consider true competition is Naruto: Way of the Ninja 3.0 but I love those guys so it’s not a spiteful competition. They give me the competitive ambition to better myself as a roleplayer and as a site owner. “Keep up the good work NWOTN 3.0!”

5. Max Pen: You as founder build the whole RPG from scratch, what has influenced you or who to come up with what we know now of ranks, character options,villages,map, abilities, etc … What’s the major difference between Ultimate Shinobi 2.0 and 1.0 ? Your first RPG got hacked you tell me and so this site came to exist and become the newest and best version so far of the RPG. How will you make sure this site won’t get hacked to?
As I stated in the first question, I’m nothing with my team. We created the site together, our influences would be our creativity and Naruto of course, haha. The hacking was something that ultimately worked out for the better, I was planning on creating a 2.0 as I’ve already mentioned to you and the hacking pushed it too. We recovered on 1.0 but still wanted to make a 2.0 so that’s the decision the administrators went with and it clearly worked out for the better. Well I have precautions set up with certain things, but if 2.0 gets hacked, it will happen. We can recover and that’s all that is important.

6. Max Pen: Why did you use Forumotion, as a free host? Did you ever regret that choice you made? Does the majority of the success of this RPG lay with the software you use to power it up? What if you maybe used MyBB or so would you have gotten this far then to?
I don’t know why I used it really, it was the host of the first site I joined and I just familiarized myself with it. I’ve ever regretted the decision, Forum Motion has never really failed me, they are just a little glitchy sometimes, but overall I’m satisfied with the service they provide me. There is no way the majority of the Forum’s success is based on that reason, hardly any is in my opinion. It is because the effort we have all applied as staff members or regular members, which made the site successful; not the software.

7. Max Pen: Most forumotion sites got google ads and a free domain. You are now using a .com and no ads. You must have paid some money even if your using a free host. Has that bothered you in any way that you had to pay to get your site like you got it now with no ad and a real domain?
I suppose this links above to the question I just answered. The Google advertisements are something automatically enabled when you create a website, I familiarized with Forum Motion and thus was able to disable them immediately, they are only guest friendly, if you don’t want to see advertisements; register. Could campaign don’t you think? Haha. Once more you are mistaken, Forum Motion actually gives out proper domains to active Forum’s, we got that domain because of our success even though my colleague Dan was actually going to pay for it. Completely free. :)

8. Max Pen: The old version had 41769 messages and 1000+ users. How did you manage to get this results somewhere in 2009? Was promoting the site and giving it exposure easy? Was the RPG rather fast popular?
Yeah, we haven’t quite reached that point yet but we will surpass it. Forum Promotion wasn’t hard, it still isn’t we just don’t do it as much now we are as successful as we are. If I’m not mistaken, on 1.0 we had maybe like 40-50 members in the first week of it’s creation? I may be wrong though so don’t put that on your official records. :P

9. Max Pen: How large is the player base now? Does the RPG get played a lot? Do you expect this version 2.0 to become double as big and active as 1.0, if so why?
People roleplay quite frequently now a days, but there is always room for improvement. In my opinion it has already exceeded 1.0 by tenfold. Everything is managed a lot better and the Forum looks a lot cleaner and professional. We are already better than 1.0 ever was.

10. Max Pen: Any RPG has to have some features in making sure people come back stay active in the RPG. What have you implanted into the system-structure of this RPG to keep people coming back?
Well what I think makes people stick around to begin with is the overall energy the site illuminates, we are an extremely friendly staff in my opinion, though we can be strict with our moderation, because we like perfection we are all people in the end and good people to talk too, we all love to joke around in the chatbox but can be serious when it’s required. Personally I’m pretty good at persuading people back though, so if you leave and I had an interest in your contributions to the site. I will track you down and drag you back here by the hair. Feel the love?

11. Max Pen: Why did you start your own RPG btw, and how was your history of playing other RPG’s before you started with your own?
Well I was only 1 one a roleplaying site before I created Ultimate Shinobi. I was a cocky and arrogant newbie who remained undefeated and bragged about it, though I still do a bit and I’m still undefeated, haha. I’m just a lot less aggressive than I once was and it’s changed me for the better.

12. Max Pen: Is the RPG so successful thanks to you or also thanks administrators other people who have played a major role?
Yeah, I’ve mentioned this a few times now. The current administrators are Todd, Hugh, Dan and John and are the backbone to the site just as much as I am. Other major contributors past and present have been Lauren, Aaron, Mr.K, Pat, Matthew, Brad, Demetri, Hage, James, Flash, Megan, Alexis, Ant, Sophie, Caranore, Jess, Senkou, Fujimaru, Shyke, Ulkira, Travis, Yondaime, my brother Ryan and of most recent Shinji. Of course I shout out to Veteran Members though too such as Jace, Initake, Pendo, Lark, Tailbone, Mino, Blaize and Aries. You guys have stuck by us thick and thin. If I’ve forgotten anybody I apologize sincerely.

13. Max Pen: There are 3 groups: Kiri, Kumo, Suna How does such a group come to exist? Is it when a clan out grows to become to big and becomes a group? is only the name and place of location the differences between the 3 groups? Or are there also typical perks of strength and weakness assigned?
Surely you are not to familiar with Naruto, they are villages. Kiri being short for Kirigakure which is the Mist Village. Suna being short for Sunagakure which is the Sand Village and Kumo being short for Kumogakure which is the Cloud Village.

14. Max Pen: This RPG is quite strict or relaxed in your opinion? do you think to have a good RPG you got to have alot of rules and guidelines? Like no god modding, taken character names that are English, or taken an name from the Naruto series, ..
Well what examples you uses are pretty common ones, especially god modding. Most sites avoid allowing such things unless for example, they are using the characters from the show thus meaning that the names would be used, the entire characters. I see us as a relaxed environment but we are certainly strict, we expect a lot from our members. I like to think of it as tough love.

15. Max Pen: Did you implant some part of the rules after someone or more did it in the RPG? Like Metagaming?
Metagaming is another given. God Modding and Metegaming are what you would call the two golden rules of all kinds of roleplaying sites, it just isn’t permitted. Some things though, certainly. If we see something we have missed or something we would like to tweak because we saw somebody finding a loophole then we will bring it up in discussion among the staff and implement or add it as soon as possible.

16. Max Pen: How have some experienced playing this RPg, how is the community? Is there any way to win this RPG make it end? Or the RPG made to offer endless gameplay?
The community is brilliant, of course we have some lazy people but I try my best to kick their butts into gear. There isn’t really a way to win it, our main theme is village warfare so if one of the villages one the war we’d adapt it to that story and have another plot come into play, so it’s essentially limitless.

17. Max Pen: As you mention the story is very flexible. It changes all the time. What are your favorite changes so far seen in the RPG during actual play? Like a major battle fought, or something else that marks a large turn into the RPG story?
Well the story isn’t consistently ‘changing’ per-say but altercations are made due to events in the roleplay. Unfortunately our story still hasn’t journeyed too far, I do have a few good things planned though. But revealing those would ruin my advantage as I’m own of the leaders in this war, the antagonist in fact. My diabolical plans shall not be foiled, haha. I really enjoyed the Kage Summit but that was incomplete and became a bit of a hassle. My move recent enjoyed thread would be one I just completed with a ninja of the sand village, which is the character of one of our finest moderators Aaron, I really wanted to kill him but couldn’t really do that for various story purposes but oh did he make it difficult, it was extremely fun to roleplay though. 

18. Max Pen: Is it easy as a newbie to get into playing Ultimate Shinobi 2.0? Like it sure takes time to write your posts very good. For example: Describing each character’s look and action he/she does. I mean if your grammar sucks and your not able to describe a battle or so then you can’ play a RPG right? How do you see newbies evolving into becoming apprentices or even pro’s in this RPG?
Well bringing this into perspective I’ll point out the fact that I don’t believe we have a legitimate roleplaying guide, so that might be something we have to venture into and create, we do have various guides though; such as ones involves the creation stages and what to avoid however, I did state that we do have quite an expectation, many sites out there do not have a minimum word requirement, but we do.

We want to push people to strive to do their best, the more detail I think is applied the more enjoyable is obtained throughout not only that post, but the topic. Of course you can still roleplay but we do request people try to keep to our minimum standard. A few newbies that have struggled in adapting to our standards have been helped out by higher ranked shinobi in their village or staff members who are in their village which I really enjoy seeing. Some newbies adapt quickly and learn how to write easily, which is also great to see. If you have the commitment, you have the ability to learn the skills it takes to be a decent roleplayer on Ultimate Shinobi.

This is really a great long detailed interview, thanks for your time put into this interview Adam. May everyone have a great read! -Max Pen

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