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Written on:January 21, 2011
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Interview with Austin the new and current lead admin of the large huge-ass advertising forum Forumansion. With: 124,578 posts – 10,397 threads – 2,569 it is quite a large promotion forum. Other then that he also owns a host and other some other projects to.

1. Max Pen: Can you give us a short introduction, to who you are?
I’m a 15 year old who has many interest’s with the web. I am working on getting familiarized with HTML and CSS to create my soon to be career as a web developer. As stated above, I manage many projects and I work on many sites which takes up most of my day but I can manage to get free time.

2. Max Pen: When did you start going on Forumansion as a guest or member? When did you became staff on it? What did you find of Forumansion back then? How have you seen the site on forumation grow and become better then ever before?
I started going on ForuMansion after I started my first forum around February. Like many others, I was looking for a big promotion forum to kickoff Social Island and ForuMansion was that forum. I was accepted as an Interviewer around 7/14/10 as trial then became full staff about a week later. ForuMansion back then was great, awesome staff and a friendly userbase who you can relate to. When the site was on Forumotion it was simple and a worry free zone for people to advertise there site and get known on the web with its simplistic and unique services.

3. Max Pen: During the site got spammed all the time by the 2 hackers Oliver and Tanye, how did you feel? Did you expect it to go over? Where you shocked to hear Rok was closing down-quitting with the site because of the spam? What would you have done in his place?

Well at the time I didn’t know much about the two, I just heard they were hackers and knew nothing more. I later found out more information on the two and and I never really got involved with the issue. However I did feel that a great forum was in trouble as the staff could not keep up with the spamming and such and I thought it would just happen a few times, but I was wrong. When I saw the post that ForuMansion was going to be handed over to new owners and move hosts, I thought it would end in disaster. But hoping FM’s userbase would stick with the forum during the process would help it resume being one of the biggest forums, I was wrong. If I were Rok I would have moved the forum to MyBB like it is now and continue on like it was before.

4. Max Pen: Do you think it was a smart move to close it down and offer it to be bought by anyone for a good price? How much do you think he should have asked for the site?
Yes, instead of deleting the forum selling it is the better idea to hopefully keep it running. If I were him, I would have asked for maybe $270-$350 for it’s activity and posts.

5. Max Pen: Finally as we can see here: (Selling Forumansion) The site got sold for 150+ to Mr. Green. Was it wise to keep the board open all the time during the sell? Do you think if he closed it he would maybe have gotten a buyer alot faster?
Keeping the forum on Forumotion open was a crucial part of keeping ForuMansion alive for longer instead of just leaving it closed waiting for the other to open. If the forum closed, it would not sell any faster because no one would see how great the community was(not including the spam).

6. Max Pen: Did you follow everything of what was going on with Forumansion during the moment of hacking to selling?
I often visited the forum to see how the conversion process was going and I often checked up on the newer MyBB forumansion to see it’s progress.

7. Max Pen: When Mr. Green was working on getting Forumansion to MyBB. When did you join the admin team? And what’s the story behind you getting to become the new owner until now? Did Mr. Green trust you where the best candidate to take over from him?
I joined the admin team due to an invite from Mr. Green because he wanted to get all of the staff back and activity so I began that process and I started bumping and creating new threads for ForuMansion, however the replies were not so good. Many people did not want to join FM or come back to it because it “changed”. I tried my best to make it original but I failed. Many people assume I’m the newer owner of ForuMansion because I’m the one doing everything on it. I’m not, I simply am a “co-owner” because usaccess608 is the actual owner right now.

8. Max Pen: You really show care and dedication to this site, is it because you love it so much or are scared that such a great place would end up dead with the wrong people managing it?
I manage the site so much because I’m hoping that one day… one day it will become popular and active again. I don’t want to be the one calling the shot to shut it down because its a great forum.

9. Max Pen: The activity and community where quite always the same when Rok was the owner. It was always a good-decent place to hang out on and promote your own site. Has the activity after Forumansion got on MyBB increased or stayed the same, decreased?
After the departure of Rok, activity decreased along with all the staff quitting and ForuMansion’s future was looking very bad. Hopefully that will change in the future.

10. Max Pen: What have you done so far as owner? Why didn’t forumansion stay on HostGator as host?
usaccess608 is the current owner and we are still on HostGator.

11. Max Pen: You have not so long finally a new banner at the top of the site, with the old mascot. Was it hard getting the site back in its good old shape? Did you have right now or hope to have in the future the right team of people to make Forumansion function like it did with Rok managing it?
Getting ForuMansion back to normal at this point is not possible because the people who made it what it is, have left me and my other admins to run it. Right now the users on the team have been dedicated to running FM and hopefully we have the right team to run FM successfully once again.

12. Max Pen: Rok his main account got banned and he joined the forum not so long ago. and now is admin here to. What’s his role now as ex. founder of this site?
Rok’s old account is banned for a reason, we hired an admin when I was away at school and he was EvanP or Creative and he merged both his and Rok’s account’s and I was forced to ban the account. However Rok has joined the team once again for a surprise that will be unveiled with time.

13. Max Pen: What are you not pleased with you wish to see changed on Forumansion?
I’m hoping that the member’s and staff who ran FM so well return and help me and my other staff run the forum again.

14. Max Pen: Do you know btw from where the name of Forumansion originated for the site creation?
I don’t know the exact reasoning to the name. I do know that ForuMansion was partnered with Forumotion at a point in time.

15. Max Pen: You also own a host. Leopard Host, you just got a real domain name. http://digidrive.org From where that name? And why did you pick: Tikolah to host your hosting company? What’s the future going to be of your host?
The domain is supplied by another member of Digi Drive and we have moved providers from Tikolah to Jess Host.

16. Max Pen: Other then those 2 project, you got 1 project waiting to get worked on: Social Island What can we expect to come from that? And what has Social Island its history been?
That was my first forum and seeing that TheHazey has closed, I’m steering that project to start to reflect TheHazey and maybe that will be successful. The history of Social Island is hectic, after many new names Social Island was the one. It had great success on Foruotion but later after I moved the site to a real host, where the activity later dropped.

17. Max Pen: Finally how has your total experience been with managing websites, has Formansion been the most exiting?
Overall I’m an amateur, I need the help of a secondary admin to help with the management when I’m away. Yes, ForuMansion has been the most thrilling project as I never thought the chance to become an admin would ever be presented to me. It’s been a great experience.

Thank you alot for doing this interview with me Austin. I hope everyone has a nice read on this. -Max Pen

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  1. Austin says:

    It was an honor to be interviewed about a truly great forum :).

  2. Khaleel says:

    Im glad you carried on with you site

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