#57 Interview with founder-owner deRadian of RobinNet.biz, a interactive tech-technology forum

Written on:February 6, 2011
Last modified on: February 13, 2011 @ 12:57 AM
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Interview with the owner of RobiNnet, deRadian. RobinNet is a active and interactive discussion forum for support for Windows or Linux or to talk about tech related stuff.

(1- Max Pen: Why is the domain .biz and not .com for example?
deRadian: Well I switched to .biz from .info domain name when the first update came. The update includes new themes and new services also we are into Web Developing officially.

(2- Max Pen: How has your overall experience been with using freeforums.org? When did you move to advanced hosting, or did you first buy premium?
deRadian: Well, I have to say that FreeForums.org is a very nice site which offering great services and support for a free forum. I moved to advanced hosting as soon as I realised that I couldn’t add the features or write and install the scripts that I wanted. The bad thing with a free forum is that you can do limited things.

(3- Max Pen: Are you still on HostGator? Are they the best host you used so far? Is managing a forum a hobby or a professionalism for you?
deRadian:Yes,still with HostGator.Well,at this moment I’m not planning to move from them as I never had any issues with my server or with their live support. I remember that I wanted to ask some questions about the server, after 2 minutes in their Live Support queue a Technician came and helped me. They are cool. Well, running a forum wasn’t something new for me. I was a Moderator in a forum which was about Reverse Engineering and hacks for MMOGames but being a founder of a forum was something unique to me. To tell you the truth it started as hobby. But really soon turned into professionalism. Computers & Technology is something that I love, as I study Tellecomunication Systems & Networks and I also work as a computer technician and web developer.

(4- Max Pen: RobinNet is mainly about computers and web design correct? Are you in both experienced? How did you got into web design?
deRadian:Yes,its about Computers, Technology and Web Development/Design. As I said in the above lines I’m a student in Tellecomunication Systems & Networks. I turned into Web Design as I spend many hours in the web and I really like web programming languages.

(5- Max Pen: What’s the best GIMP or Photoshop?
deRadian: Both are cool and I use both. I have to say that I use Photoshop much more than Gimp. Can’t say which is better cause it’s up to the user and how it will use it.

(6- Max Pen: Do you keep your self quite updated with the latest tech news and technology updates, new gadgets on the market?
deRadian: Yes, I try to be updated as I can. I read magazines with Technology content and also with my Rss Reader to stay in touch with the latest news from different sources.

(7- Max Pen: In 24 hours there have been 4 members active. Are you aware of why your forum isn’t that activity? Or is it a problem you don’t seem to ever get fixed?
deRadian: I don’t see any problem as my traffic is high enough. It could be better but I’m satisfied from it. Running a forum isn’t something easy. It needs time and effort to succeed and never give up.

(8- Max Pen: You also did during a amount of time posting exchanges, how did that work out? Do you recommend people to do 1 time posting deals or active posting deals?
deRadian: I liked it,I met new people and forums that I didn’t know they exist. Also I still visit the forums I liked.Well,1 post exchange is really different with active posting deal. I vote for active post deal, as you getting an active member in the forum, you meet you people and you make new friends. So yeah,active post deal is the best.

(8- Max Pen: What amount of value does this site have in your daily life?
deRadian: It’s the second site that I’ll visit, after visiting my University Forum. It makes me to seek new things, learn new things and also spent my free time in something that I love and relax me.

Thanks alot for your time deRadian doing this interview with me. I hope everyone has a nice read on it. -Max Pen

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