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Written on:February 19, 2011
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Note: Before you continue. This interview has broken the record of the total word count, seize of a interview. The record holder was the interview done with Johnathan owner of a music site with a total of 3598 words. This interview has 3669 words breaking the record!

A active RPG’er has asked to be interviewed by me. I took the time to ask him some questions all or most based on the subject of “RPG”. He goes by the name of Saint on most RPG boards he’s active on. Currently he is playing the rpg: Shinobi Armada and Ultimate Shinobi 2.0.
Visit this link to read a interview with the owner of the second RPG.

1.) Max Pen: How did you get into playing role playing games? Which year did you start playing and what was the first RPG you played?
I am going to assume you mean just the rping on forums across the web. Quite odd how this came about. About five or so years ago, which would be around the 2005, 2006 time frame, I started really getting into the Naruto series. However I had only seen a few episodes and read a couple manga chapters of it out of the monthly Shounen Jump I was subscribed to at the time.

I did not know about places like onemanga that would allow me to read manga online, which onemanga no longer does sadly. I still wanted to know more, so i began researching during my study halls, looking over Wikipedia pages to gather information about the different characters and how the fantasy universe created by Mr. Kishimoto worked. I was in the 8th grade and had nothing better to do with my study halls, so that’s what I did. Well with my growing interest, I had a friend also quite interested in the series who is the one who found out about role playing and shared his discovery with me, a Naruto site called Ninja Nation. He is still a great friend that I have grown up with both on the forums and in every day life. I wont disclose his name for privacy issues, but he often uses the alias Drac on most rp sites at some point or another. 

2.) Max Pen: What influence has RPG’ing had on your grammar and writing skill? What types of RPG you play or played? (Like currently your playing rpg’s on a forum.)
I have always been heavily into the art of words. Writing that is. I’ve always been regarded by teachers and the like for the heart I put into my work which makes, if I may be so bold, above par writings considering the amount of education I have received and my lack of interest in school as a whole. My writing is mostly raw, with no techniques they teach in school, not purposefully anyway. My writing has always come solely from my own mind and imagination as well as from the bottom of my heart with no guidelines that some professor wrote up for works that would be “technically savy”.

To me that’s not writing, that’s throwing some words together, and mostly just transcribing. The only difference being the words come from your brain and not another piece of paper. To me that’s work, and for me writing has never been about work, but what comes naturally and I would deem it a slap in the face to the talent I have to try to monitor it.
That is not to say I do not try to hone it and improve, but I do it in my own way, not how academics say it should be done. I do this in my rping, and it has improved me greatly. More then anything rping has been a great practice for me to develop as a writer and become better in that sense. I thank it greatly. Two years ago I was invited by a college to attend a two week summer seminar/workshop which only about 42 kids nationwide attended. It was a great honor and I attribute it a great deal to my rping, for its made me the writer I am capable of being today. 

On the final note, I do enjoy an MMO every now and again though I never get really what you would call “dedicated” to them. I do enjoy console gaming rpg’s, but as a whole, the fact that they have no real benefit to me as rping on a forum does, just doesn’t give me the same satisfaction that I am improving upon myself through the craft.

3.) Max Pen: Which type is actually best to start with if your new to the whole RPG’ing stuff? Was the amount of info, stuff of a prg overwhelming at first when you joined a rpg board?
I’d say something your already a little familiar with. As I said, I was already greatly familiar with naruto by doing my “extensive research” at the school library in my free time, so it was easy to comprehend this new deal. It was just like I was creating a concept for a story character and taking his path through said story. Which, at its base, is exactly what forum rping is, though this concept is not realized by a great deal many by my fellow rpers which saddens me, truly.

4.) Max Pen: About your career as RPG’er has it had any major turning points, like you looked at rpg’ing in a new way or like you changed your username from Senkou to Saint. Is there a story behind the name of Saint you took? Are you religious as in being a Christian?
Its had its fair few of what you would call turning points. Times when I just had an A-HA! moment and completely stepped back and looked at my rping as well as that of others and saw made the conscious effort to improve and change it up a bit. Many of these moments took me to leaving the sites I was on because when you have a moment like that which completely changes your approach, it often makes you not fit in as well, as far as your style and level of writing goes, anymore. 

I had the name Senkou on US 1.0 and a site known as Naruto Revolution because I was rping a character with that name, simple as that. The shift in names came because I no longer used that character. However, there is a bit of a deeper foundation behind the name Saint, but it is not deep as in a personal, its just got more of a reason behind it then just the characters name. Namely it came from the fact that I am a dedicated fan to the Boondock Saints movies. I own both copies, the directors cut of the first one, and they are golden treasures of my movie collection.

I realized the ideal philosophy behind the main characters in the Boondock Saints would make for a very interesting character. So I created this ideal of a character who would be in a group known as the Zenjin who are highly devoted monks/assassins with the mission of purging the world of evil in the name of their deity’s wrath. I assure the character was great fun. I had them use prayers directly in with their methods of extermination and the moral paradox of “Is killing in the name of my god, committing murder and being truly judgmental based on a religious view really correct.” It was a dilemma of sorts, which is needed for any good storyline.

The character in question was a defect of the monastery of the Zenjin because they had betrayed him, yet he kept true to his faith, another dilemma, and more drama for the story. Due to the continuous contradictions that I actually managed to put together for the characters concept as well as the religious overtones, I could only think of one banner he could be Identified by, and that was “Saint Faust”. The name itself is contradictory because “saint” is a term for the holiest of holy men. “Faust” is the name of a character in folklore about a man who sells his soul to the devil for gain etc, and is probably the most well known of early stories about such a thing. Despite all these conflicting ideals that made the character, they fell together in perfect unison and is by far one of my favorite creations in writing to date by far.

As far as my own religious path, I am an agnostic, meaning I neither believe nor disbelieve. I am what you could call impartial simply because I do not find it my place to say what is and what isn’t. I hold no ill will on anyone having religious belief or lack thereof, I only become agitated when people force there ideals upon others, even if its not me who it is being forced upon. 

5.) Max Pen: How long does it take you normally, to settle into a rpg game, has it gone faster and faster with new rpg’s you join? (As in getting used to how it works.)
It doesn’t take long for me, I honestly don’t remember what it was like the first time I rped on Ninja Nation, but I do know it took me a while to get used to. Nowadays, its nothing at all other then getting used to new people on new sites. I take care to go over the rules and guides and familiarize myself with the site before making any moves. It makes it a lot easier that way. It helps that I am capable of comprehending the rules and guides most of the time too.

6.) Max Pen: Why do you think there are so many that play rpg’s around the world. Do you believe in general most got a life outside of rpg’ing or should we take most are not as interesting as they may look like in a rpg. As in having no real life? Like this quote implies:

Who wants to hear about the daily lives of people who occupy their time by being on a internet roleplaying site? That would more or less imply that the vast majority don’t have particularly enjoyable or interesting social lives outside of here, and beyond that the potential for massive drama is lurking beneath the depths that apparently has been missed thus far. Of course, this would be blogging so people are going to lie to make themselves seem more interesting anyways so I guess it doesn’t really matter *shrug*

Taken from this topic: (blogging add it yes or no?Of course just a opinion.
Obviously I have some nerd in me, but all in all, very moderate in that sense. Yes maybe more then your average joe, but by no means extreme. Back in the day, I thought most rpers would be the extreme nerds, like the kind of people that come to mind when you think of Dungeons and Dragons. However, I was wrong, dead wrong. It is surprising to see how many people that rp that are actually what society would call “the norm” or whatever. Its hard for me to put this in words that people will understand because I honestly despise those social labels. People who rp have every bit as normal and “enjoyable” lives as the next person. For the vast majority, it is a simple hobby and they go out with friends and the like and have jobs (if they are in that age realm) just like everyone else. 

Rpers are not like a new kind of person. They are just normal people who share the same hobby. I wont say there aren’t those that would fit the “rping is my world” description, because I know people that do have that mind set, but to say such a thing about all who participate, would be no different then saying “all people who play WoW are totally obsessed and do nothing but play the game.” Of course I also know people like that, but not everyone that plays WoW has their world revolve around it. However, people do love their hobbies, and Rping, in the way I’ve done it, is as much about building relationships with people you otherwise would have never met as it is about rping.

I happen to know exactly who that quote came from it just so happens. Honestly, I think he’s a fairly intelligent individual, who just so happens to have, on average, a cynical view on things. I wont go into deep detail on the matter because I do have a certain amount of respect for the person on a whole in some aspects, but I find comments like those very generalized and distasteful. I would urge the comment be ignored or simply noted as someone’s view point, and not as a hardened fact by any means. I mean certainly people lie to make themselves seem more interesting, but people do that in the real world too every day, a vast majority of the “popular” people are just normal and ordinary who lie to make themselves more appealing to the masses. Again, people who rp are no different then others in both the good and the bad, they are just, human.

7.) Max Pen: Do you try to involve your self to all aspect of a rpg forum or just the rpg sections? As shown in the previous link you like to state what you think is best for the site. Do you give a suggestion in the feedback section when you come up with it or do you wait when you feel its the right time to suggest it?
This is a question, to keep from being rude to certain people, that I will be fairly vague in answering and I am going to acknowledge and apologize for that now. Of course I do more then just role play on these sites. I always get on the chat boxes so I can interact with fellow members on a more personal level. That is the most important aspect I think. I also, yes, like to put my opinion on things brought up such as that link. I try to aide all the forums I’m on, and people don’t always like what I say no. Mostly because I am blunt, but always have a reason behind the reasons I say what I say and the ideals formed behind what was said. For personal reasons that is all I am willing to say at this time.

8.) Max Pen: You have been on Ultimate Shinobi version 1: What new experience did you gain with playing there and did you get any new exp. when playing U.S 2.0?
The experiences on both versions of US were very similar to me. I’ve been both just a member and a moderator on both versions. A vast majority of my experience and growth has not been derived from US however that is not to say it has not had impact on my development at all. It most certainly has and I’m grateful for that. Honestly I could not tell you what exactly it is that US brings to the table for me, but was most certainly part of the recipe in the writer and rper I am today.

9.) Max Pen: How long does it take to write replies as in writing what your character does of action, etc for you personally? What has been the longest time so far for you to write in the rpg section(s) a long reply?
On average, about 20 minutes. It just depends on my mood and how into the topic I am. some days are slower, some are just easy as a breeze. The longest I ever took, was a collection of posts that I did in about 7 hours times, doing an entire topic by myself over night. I did not get any sleep that night. I just got so into what I was writing that I couldn’t walk away from it, though I did take breaks to ensure that I didn’t ruin it for myself. There were a great deal of spelling errors because I was running half asleep on the last bit and such, but over all the writing and plot of the topic turned out great and was some of the most fun I’ve had in rping. 

10.) Max Pen: Will you every make a RPG of your own, and what gets you hooked on a RPG? The most common mistakes owners of a RPG made in your opinion?
What gets me hooked is compatibility with me, meaning the forum will provide me with something to work towards. Whether that be a personal story point, or a system of reward based on what I’ve done, or even just interesting people to meet and interact with. Mostly its the people, because the more I like the people, the more I enjoy it. Rping with someone you dislike, in my opinion, is a rather enjoyable experience.

I find that most sites screw up in being set in their ways and unwilling to change much, or having too much of a power play scenario going on in the staff members ranks. Its quite annoying as its turning the whole experience political when that happens, which is just plain ridiculous. Also not developing their site enough before releasing it to the public to be rped upon. Not keeping to their own rules is a big one, not finding a balance between being too harsh and too lenient, to controlling and too free. A fair balance is hard to achieve and a lot of sites lack this. Also holding a personal agenda above the rest as well as gearing everything in the story in their characters favor which just kind of neutralizes the point. People need to take a look at rping as a collective story with many authors and an undecided ending point that develops based on what everyone does in that story. A lot of owners don’t take any chances really, and in my opinion, take it way to seriously. Yes you need to be professional about it, but you can’t forget that its JUST a hobby. An unwillingness to learn is also a big issue.

As far as a site of my own. I will only touch the matter and will not be giving a straight answer . There could very well be something coming up, but it is unclear at this point when exactly that will happen. I would say keep your eyes peeled though.
11.) Max Pen: Do you notice that people’s real life character also reflects into there RPG character? Or do you see it happen alot people try to be someone else in a RPG?
Saint: Largely it depends on the person, and a lot of times it depends on the experience of the rper. Typically newer ones will stick with something closer to their own personality because it is easier and more manageable for them. At the very least mimics a portion of their psyche to some degree. However, all characters, from inexperienced to veterans, reflect at least a small portion of their creator in them, even if its only a small bit, and if not upon creation they wind up becoming a part of you if you use them extensively. I personally have taken up many various roles and personalities that could hardly be seen as similar. The only role I will never play is that of an idiot or inadequate character. It doesn’t appease to me.

12.) Max Pen: You are active now on 2 RPG’s you say what lets you quit on a rpg and move on to a new one? If you had to choose a new RPG to play which one that you know of already would you start to play and why?
I’ve actually become more active on Ultimate Shinobi much more so then on Shinobi Armada. The latter is sort of losing its taste for me for untold reasons. Its simple to move on, and it takes one of two things for it to happen. A – if the site has dried up of anything further left for me to expand my creations on or if it just gets boring. B – if I have a serious issue with the staff that can not be resolved and inhibits my enjoyment of the forum. If that happens it means your not a good fit for that site as the staff is basically what makes the site what it is. Yes the members do also but the staff dictates how it is run and such. It can be difficult depending on how much work I’ve put into it, but there comes a time when you have to realize when your simply wasting your time. If your not progressing and it isn’t fun, why would you stay? it would either be that or completely drop out of the Rping game, though we all do need a break every now and again.

I would actually be rping on Naruto Way of the Ninja 3.0 if it weren’t for the fact that, at least when I was there for a short time, the staff moved at an agonizingly slow pace. However it is extremely well put together and they did put a lot of work into it, and I commend them for it. If the quality was a bit better and there weren’t as many people there, I would consider ninpocho again, but the vast member base, while nice, makes it less personal to me. Honestly I don’t know if they are even still around though I would venture to say that yes they are.

Personally, for me to rp on another site it would probably only happen if I were to make my own. There are very few people who could make a new site and bring something new to the table and do it well. I think I could pull it off if I wanted to, and it just may be about that time, only time will tell.

Thanks alot for this very detailed interview with me about the subject RPG. I hope many have a nice read and learn something out of this or just have a great read. -Max Pen

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