A brand new IY V2, new style on both forum-blog: A major release with many new things

Written on:February 20, 2011
Last modified on: February 20, 2011 @ 2:25 PM
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Hey everyone,

Its a big moment today for IY, we have finally got the point of releasing many things we kept on hold until right now. 20th of February 2011 shall from now on be remembered as our biggest release-important announcement. Not everything is complete yet. It could be we change the look of the theme on forum in the coming days, doing some color edits and all. also we are working on a FAQ for everyone with questions or doubt to find a answer regarding the IY project.

But before that happens let me show you what we this release has brought you:

A) Blog:

  1. New blog theme installed named Suffusion, massivily edited to make it almost a custom theme. All colors are changed with blue or green. Our 2 main mascot colors.
  2. Navbar drop-down menu, for quit some weeks we were trying to figure out on how to get a navbar menu working. And finally we found a premium theme that allows us to re-style it + have a drop-down menu.
  3. Calender Widget removed and replaced with a Tag Cloud. A tag Cloud allows you to find interviews ALOT more easy. Thanks to the amount of tags added on most interviews searching can go very detailed to let you find what you’re looking for.
  4. You can now request and recommend us to interview someone or you as a group/person. This page can be found under “Contact US
  5. Other new pages are: “Copyright & Privacy Policy” “Disclaimer” and “Chat Room”.

B) Forum:

  1. Also a new theme, named SilverProV2.  This one being custom. Based on the default MyBB theme with a complete self made button set and some other edits.
  2. The “Interviews Index” category with 4 sections in it. “Small Interviews”,”Medium Interviews” etc … Is removed. And now all interviews are in 1 section posted. This new forum you find here. With the prefix abiltiy you can still see in what category a interview belongs in.
  3. When you visit the new Interviews section you view a edited version of the custom theme automatically.
  4. For guests viewing the forum there is now a welcome message with also some interesting links added.
  5. All forums viewable have now there own “Forum Icon” that fits with the genre of the forum.
  6. The IY Community has quit with the focus around the interviews and has become more a real community, off-topic forum. With having several new sections to post in.
  7. We got now finally also a chat room! This you can find by visiting the sub-page on the Forum tap on the blog or by the Chat tap at the navbar on the community. The link is here.

There are minor things I might have not mentioned. But this sums it all up. Thanks to everyone there great support it was possible to make all this effort come true. There are still many things we plan on doing, don’t think this is it!

The IY Team


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