IY updated to wordpress version 3.1, new usergroup legend, admin bar on blog, changes to blog theme

Written on:March 5, 2011
Last modified on: March 6, 2011 @ 9:30 PM
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Hey IY’ers,

Alot of minor edits have happened that I would like to point out to everyone. Summing them all up, adds up to a medium release from IY.

First of all we found a way to display the newsletter for those who didn’t got it when it was sent. You can find the 3 newsletters so far by going through this link(s):

Read the old announcement of some days ago here.

Updated to version 3.1

Around 2 days ago we updated to the latest version of wordpres, 3.1. As you see they moved from 3.0.5 to 3.1 It is a big release.

Most changes are only affecting us (staff who have access to the dashboard.) As they don’t effect you the subscriber-visitor we will only mention what you will see or what is worth mentioning. We got now a ‘Admin Bar’ on our blog. The main purpose is to make it more easy to do some actions as staff from the frontpage or get to pages from the frontpage, instead of first having to go trough the dashboard. Here is a picture of the standard version:

The styled version that IY uses for:

  • Admin:
  • Subscriber:

People who are not logged in, not register don’t see the admin bar. If you want to remove the admin bar go to your profile and edit “Show Admin Bar”.

Style edits are that all grey text in pages or posts are now officlay gone. And that we have re-styled the whole navbar again after having updated to the latest Suffusion version.

We also changed the color or style how it is displayed:

See the list of changes with wordpresss 3.1. 

Finally we have added a new user legend on the forums: (The first image is the old, below is the newest.)

That is not just it! We do plan on very soon adding a new usergroup that will help with making sure interviews contain alot less grammar errors.

The IY Team

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