#79 Interview With Owner Of Unique Forum

Written on:March 13, 2011
Last modified on: March 15, 2011 @ 5:15 PM
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Today we have an interview with a owner of a unique forum http://tubewood.com . So maybe you should take a minute to read then check out his site.

What Is Your Forum About?
Tubewood.com is about Youtube videos as you could have guessed from the name. Forum is open for everyone to join and post their favorites, comment on videos other have found and so on. Place where You can watch hand picked Youtube videos in several categories.

What Inspired You To Make Your Forum?

I got the inspiration to make tubewood.com from the frustrating fact when i was looking for some particular video, I ended to VBlogs more then 10 times before I found the original video I was looking for.

Why Did You Create Your Forum?

Was browsing Internet and didn’t find one exactly that I was looking for, so decided to do it myself :)

What’s The Best Part About Owning A Forum?

Hmm, I have learned a lot about forums, web, SEO work and so on. And I do like to learn new things, so this hobby of mine I have found pretty interesting.

Do You Have Any Future Plans For Your Forum?

In future will update looks of the tubewood.com to make it look unique and more inviting for people. Also have planned some new functions for it, just need to learn how to implement those first! So back to learning new stuff!

Why Is It A Forum, Not A Sharing Script?

I am a member on several forums myself, some as active member, som as a reader. I like forums couse there is more interaction with people than with a simpel share script site.

Have You Got Any Plans For Other Sites?

Nope, don’t have time atm, as I want to build up tubewood.com as great as I can.

Are You Happy With The Growth Of Your Site?

Growth is slow atm, but been focusing on getting site basic structure aka engine work as i wanted. Haven’t used time for promoting at all before.

What Other Sites Have You Owned?
Some, but not going to go to those here :)

If You Had 100$ To Spend On Your Site, What Would You Spend It On?

Get beer, pizza and free weekend… in my dreams :D Would spend more time with the site basically if i had the time.

Thanks for your time doing this interview. -StevenF50

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  1. Greadon says:

    Thank you for interview, thank You for this opportunity.


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