#5 Indian inhabitant Arvind Tamboli interviewed

Written on:November 22, 2010
Last modified on: June 7, 2011 @ 7:06 PM
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Name:Arvind Tamboli
From: India,
Age:20 years old                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Sex: Male
Interview with a inhabitant from Indian, about his life, what he beliefs and more … 

Max Pen: What is your name? Has it a special meaning there in India? 
Arvind Tamboli:Arvind Tamboli; it means lotus which is a very beautiful flower. It is also a shine of BJP.

Max Pen: Do you live in a city or in a small village?
Arvind Tamboli:Yeah I live in a city that is chittorgarh in western rajasthan.

Max Pen: What is “BJP”?
Arvind Tamboli:BJP is a political party in India. It stands for “Bhartia Janta Party”.

Max Pen: Are you religious? In what do you belief?
Arvind Tamboli:Yes every one has a religion in India, but I don’t believe in this.

Max Pen: Are you a follower of Hinduism or Buddhism ? What do your parents follow?
Arvind Tamboli:I follow Hindusim, my parents are also Hindu.

Max Pen: As a follower of Hinduism what are the requirements or rules you must follow each day?
Arvind Tamboli: No there is no necessary rule in our religion & I have told you that I don’t believe in this.

Max Pen: What do you believe?

Arvind Tamboli: I believe in helping helpless people & make happy my parents.

Max Pen: There a major difference between rich and poor people in the city you live in?

Arvind Tamboli: No there is no big difference.
Max Pen: Is there much competition between political parties in India in general?

Arvind Tamboli: Yes there is so much competition between them.
Max Pen: What is your dream job, that you hope to do latter on ?

Arvind Tamboli: I want to be a successful business man.

Max Pen:What does “I love India very much.” mean in Indish ?

Arvind Tamboli:I like dal bati churma.


Thanks for letting yourself be interviewed Arvind, we appreciate your time and hope the readers will have a good read. -Max Pen

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