#85 Interview with big Pokémon fan James, 16 from the UK, owner of PokéPasta and ex. founder of 6th Floor Forums (featured)

Written on:April 2, 2011
Last modified on: July 5, 2011 @ 2:27 PM
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Interviewing a big Pokémon fan and creative hard working guy named James. He’s 16 years old from the UK. Currently the
webmaster of the website PokéPasta and 1 of the founders behind 6th Floor Forums where he got banned after a conflict.
In this interview you can find out more about him, what he has done in the past and in the present regarding the 2 sites. 

Question: From where did you knew Andrew who got interviewed by us to and is now the soul owner of 6th Floor Forums? Where you the co-admin or where you both the owner of the site?
Hybrid Trainer: Well I first met him just after I got in to Pokémon creepypasta. Once I’d read the bare essentials like creepy black, lost silver and lavender town syndrome I made a thread about it on the PokeCommunity forums. After a day or two of updating it Andy popped up on MSN and said that he thought my thread was amazing and what happened to him when he listened to the lavender town tone. After a while he declared we make a website dedicated to form of Creepypasta, and so after he made the site I began making a theme for it from a template Andy made and we began updating. And yes we were both owners to the site as we both had equal permission to the site, server and the forum.

Question: Was being admin on the 6th floor the first time you were involved on a forum project, or did you manage other forums or sites in the past? 
Hybrid Trainer: Well I do remember making a very small exclusive forum dedicated to different forms of Pokémon spriting, such as splices, recolours and battle scenes. But apart from that no I had no experience in running a forum.

Question: What work did you do on 6th floor forums and what did the site mean to you personally? Did you enjoy it quit working on it, liked how the site was going smooth,etc…
Hybrid Trainer: I mostly was Andy’s right hand man. I was there to keep things in check and make sure Andy didn’t go to wild with Pokémon themes. He did tend to stray from the fact that it was a creepypasta site first and a pokemon site second, a good example for this is the Froslass theme, to begin with that was a glaceon theme. Which had no creepy link to it what so ever. But I’ll have to admit what came out in the end was pretty good. I also helped a lot with graphics, which I requested be taken down when I left.

Question: If you look back from the beginning of 6th floor until you got banned after a conflict with Andrew, how was the site going ? Up in a positive line or rather down and up constantly? 
Hybrid Trainer: I wouldn’t say it was down and up, it was going at quite a steady rate. we had about 10 regular members that would always be surfing and about every few weeks we’d get another member that would come and join. But I must say that towards the end of me being on the staff there it was about to take a boost seeing as we’d taken a large donation from one of our members which aloud for the domain name to be upgraded from 6thfloor.cz.cc to 6thfloor.org.

Question: Explain to us the conflict, what happened that caused you and Aqua to get banned? Did you believe it could have turned out differently that you would not have got banned?
Hybrid Trainer: Aqua was a good friend of mine from PokeCommunity called DragonOmega and when the site first released the forum I invited him to become a super moderator, which them changed into the same status as Andy and me. I don’t know why however after a few weeks of what I thought was us getting along Andy and Joe (DragonOmega) began arguing and complaining about the other to me. I think that this was because Joe is the sociable type, he is always online and chatting to the members. Where Andy is the more shy retiring type, who would rather be adding small tweaks to the sites coding. I don’t know if it was jealousy that brought this on or if it was something else but every now and again Andy would demote Joe for no reason what so ever. Neither of them could explain why it had happened except for that ‘He annoyed him’.

After this happening once of twice Andy finally just banned Joe there and then, and when I asked him he said that he was causing ‘conflicts between the staff’. Knowing full well that Joe would never argue with the other moderators, even though he didn’t like a particular one, I managed to get Andy to tell the truth and explain that he and Joe had had another little scrap over MSN over something small. So he decided to kick him out not thinking of the consequences it would cause, Joe being one of the more popular out of the three of us.

Me getting really fed up with Andy’s childish behavior thought I should give him a taste of his own medicine and ban him to, knowing full well that he would just unban himself using the server. I then decided to try and stage a walk out on the site posting announcements stating what Andy had done and to show our support Joe staying. Before any of this was saw by users the announcements were removed, as expected, but me and Joe were also banned by IP address. Something I would never had considered to do to Andy.

Question: How did the community respond on the conflict, did they saw something was going one, or did everything happen in private via PM or e-mail?
Hybrid Trainer: Some of the members contacted me through my DeviantArt page to see what was going on, and I will admit I did tell a slightly twisted version in which Andy was never banned. But no hard was done as everyone sided with Andy after they heard what I had done in retaliation.

Question: What’s the best thing you will remember you have gained of experience with working there, and what shall you always look down to if you think about it?
Hybrid Trainer: I guess the best things I got from running the site, even if it was for a short period of time, was the people I met and the skills I learnt. If it wasn’t for working with 6thfloor I wouldn’t have been able to build up this server and gain a domain name all for free. And some of the people I’ve met I still try to keep in contact with. I still speak regularly with FireStar and I still have connections to Martemis and Nebbles

Question: How could the conflict have been solved before it got the point of getting you and Aqua banned? 
Hybrid Trainer: I guess I could have confronted him like every other time Joe and Andy had a fight. But I don’t think that the banning of Joe could have been avoided and if Joe was going then I would have stuck by his side till the end.

Question: Did you try ever to bring the story from your side to members of the forum? What did you regret that you did during the conflict with Andrew?
Hybrid Trainer: I’ve tried to bring it up multiple times when I’ve seen that Andy has just tried to make it look like I just walked out on the place without saying anything. I’ve done this mostly out of spite and anger so the things that I’ve written on my profile about why I left and what happened were extremely bias and I’m terribly sorry for the members of the forum that may have read it. And I think the one thing that I regret about the conflict is trying to walk out on the forum. I was wrong in doing so, why should I spoil the enjoyment of others just to get back at someone?

Question: You started a new site on your own: Pokepasta When did you start with it, and why a blog and not a forum? What where your hopes,desires,goals with it when you first put it online?
Hybrid Trainer: I started PokePasta just over two months ago just after I was kicked out of 6thfloor. I chose a blog format because it was easier to post CreepyPasta and it wouldn’t require for me to code the entire story in PHP like it did on 6thfloor, also unlike having a frame build site like 6thfloor having a wordpress site allows me to have widgets like the shoutbox which became quite popular before it was wiped clean due to a site update. We are working on a forum however Joe from before is currently in charge of that section and due to exams he isn’t able to put a lot of time into it. When I first built PokePasta my hopes were to steal all of the members from 6thfloor in spite of what Andy did, but now its become a hobby that I’m quite passionate about.

You see 6thfloor gets the majority of its Pasta from a tumbler blog called fyeahpokemoncreepypasta which people submit to. Me however get the majority from my DeviantArt group. The difference here is that but only taking the work that has been submitted to my group I am sure that the writers know that there work is going to be published on my site, also I don’t put a copyright on my work that I know 6thfloor did in the past which angered a few DeviantArt members. However I’m not sure if that is still the case as all internet connections to 6thfloor have had there IP addresses banned so I have no way of checking that.

Question: Can you tell us what the site is about, what people can do there, or find there? And more important how will you keep the site interesting to visit back? Does it contain much of your work that you did on 6th Floor Forums?
Hybrid Trainer: My site has a different layout to what 6thfloor has. it has a more modern design of a sidebar on the left, which is textbook to a ICT student, a also features a built in search feature as well as a range of pre-read Pokémon creepypasta that I have filtered out from all that one line ‘nightmare fuel’ stuff that wouldn’t scare a three year old. Not only this but I am currently I the process of building a CreepyPasta Pokedex, which when finished will be transferred into an Android phone app, and if I can find a developer an apple app too. Most of the work that was put up while I was there and that I put up is on my site currently yes, along with a piece that I have written myself that boosted my popularity in Pokémon Creepypasta known as Pokémon ZKhan, that came second in a Pokémon Creepypasta contest.

Question: Your most liked art work out of this gallery: pokepaste gallery ? What art have you made yourself of CreeyPasta? 
Hybrid Trainer: My favourite piece? it would have to be a tie between these two; Creepypasta Fan Art, This one because it was done while I was in the middle of doing fan art for my own CreepyPasta which looked just like it only without a knife, with a different person and it didn’t look this good. And Lavender Town Pasta Colored because it is just so amazing how much detail can be packed into such a small space! But it is always changing with every submission I receive, I love them all too much! My own CreepyPasta art you say?

Well I have created quite a famous pair of Pokemon CreepyPasta shoes which got a lot of attention; Pokemon CreepyPasta Shoes I’m quite proud of these die to that fact that they are the first pair of shoes that I had ever drawn. But to be honest I think its just because of the originality that makes the so popular.

Thank you James for your time put into answering my questions. Conflicts are indeed never pleasant, but can come with tensions between people. I hope no one will be angry at us sharing this with the rest like maybe people on 6th floor forum. I hope all have a good read on this. -Max Pen

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