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Written on:April 9, 2011
Last modified on: June 25, 2012 @ 10:25 AM
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MyBBz is a development site where you find custom plugins,themes,Mycodes,tutorials and more … He has made in total so far 200 plugins for the free forum software MyBB. Shahaab MyBB Passionate Plugin Developer and owner of MyBBz interviewed.

Max Pen: How did you end up making mods, tutorials and what not for the forum software MyBB?
Shahaab: MyBB is the best forum available, so I decided to make it’s extensions to make it more powerful. I was passionate in making its addons just to elevate its rank on the graph of Forum Softwares.

Max Pen: Your custom user title says: “MyBB Passionate Plugin Developer, what is the story behind the custom title and how long have you had that title now? When did you change it to that and why? 
Shahaab: I love to play with the PHP and SQL languages. When I found MyBB is the best forum software, I started to play with it. Soon I was able to make some basic mods, until now I’m making quite a big plugins. Due to this, I changed my usertitle to that. It has been approximately 6 months since I changed my default title to that. And I think I never change it.

Max Pen: You live in Pakistan, and English is not your native language. When did you start practicing it, did you follow any course online or in real life, and how long did it take you to write English needed to communicate with other people who speak English online?
Shahaab: It’s true, English is not my first language. I was studying in BSC. Hons in medical sciences and the course was in totally English. The communication there was also in the English language. Because of this reason, I never took any course nor did I learn from online resources.

Max Pen: How did it influence your coding abilities having not English as native language?
Shahaab: Since my major work is in PHP, and SQL, these languages doesn’t require any English language boundaries, so there is not as much hurdle of coding scripts.

Max Pen: Do you code mods when you got free time or when you have inspiration? Does it take a lot of time in testing the mod out, making sure most bugs are out of it before you release it online?
Shahaab: PHP is a creative language, you have to be creative when you are going to write scripts in PHP. Due to already creative abilities I learned PHP in no time, but PHP requires you to constantly work on it to learn more from it. Due to this, I have to make mods and think constantly on writing scripts, finding the new ways of making unique plugins, that’s why I never released a single BETA plugin, whenever I released, I fully tested it on many hosts, several different environments and testing it from all sides. When I pass a plugin from many phases, I found myself able to release it for the public downloads.

Max Pen: How many mods have you coded so far that could be used on a MyBB forum? (List your top 5, 1 being the mod you adore the most.)
Shahaab: I’ve coded approximately 200 plugins for MyBB, both for custom requested and planned plugins. My favorites are;

  1. Image Point System
  2. Individual Post Rating
  3. Image Gallery
  4. RSS JQuery Ticker
  5. Facebook Connect

Max Pen: What is your biggest motivation in continuing your work? How far would you go in giving support for the plugins you made towards people who got a problem with it?
Shahaab: I would say, Passion. Its the only thing that enforcing me to continue making plugins for MyBB. Otherwise I’ve got myself a very busy life Who knows about the future?

Max Pen: In what way did you find out about mybb main site? Did you code before on any other forum software site, or elsewhere?
Shahaab: I found it from ghazal, who was very respected user of MyBB initially. I learned some of the ways of making plugins through her. Before that, I didn’t even make a PHP website before.



Max Pen: Do you learn something new every week in the coding field? Favorite coding language?
Shahaab: PHP. With PHP you can bring impossibles to possible.

Max Pen: Why did you choose MyBB to devote your time in with coding and all, while there are so many other forum softwares out there?
Shahaab: Because of its simplicity, I love to make its plugins to enhance its efficiency.

Max Pen: How much did you contribute of mods or other things before you started your own MyBB site?
Shahaab: I’ve developed and posted Urdu language pack for MyBB 1.6.x. Its in their language forums and users are quite loving it. I also made several plugins and posted it on the MOD site of MyBB, Default Post Style is one of those.

Max Pen: What can people find here that is no where else to be found, what makes this a valued site towards other mybb paid subscribe mod sites?
Shahaab: There are dozens of sites offering Free and Paid plugins. Here on mybbz.net I’m offering 200+ plugins , 100+ MyCodes, plenty of themes, Tutorial Resources and my Undying Gratitude just for 5$ USD.
In many plugins site this value has been raised to approximately 10$ USD in each site. You may find a huge difference.

Max Pen: Can I ask why did you got banned on Mybb? http://forum.mybbz.net/showthread.php?tid=154&pid=5280#pid5280 About that topic, do you mind that your staff write in such bad English, do you ask them to improve or don’t you mind? Also about the subject of that topic, what is the goal of that topic, is there some sort of conflict between the people of this site and mybb.com?
Shahaab: My ban was because of the deeds which ghazal had performed when she was on mybb.com. She had sold the sites (mybboard.biz and mybbcodes.com) to the users of mybb.com. Both of these claims that she didn’t sell what she told them about.

They claimed that some plugins are missing, some fake users were created. Due to this there was a clash between these two and ghazal. Staff finally decided to ban ghazal permanently from their site. When I showcased my forum, exdiogene reported about me that I’m ghazal and re-register to mybb.com using a different username.

Staff immediately took the action and ban my username before I could tell them about my clarity. I constantly keep in contact from mybb.com contact page, but no reply from them. I talked to Chris Boulton as well over at Twitter, and asked him ” to revoke my ban. I’m not ghazal nor have any relations to her.” But unfortunately MyBB hasn’t considered my request. So I decided to leave them all and pray from Almighty Allah to help me in these regards.

Welone is a very good guy. He helped me in every possible way he can. He got banned from mybb.com as well just because of the facts which I said you above. He is from Iran, and have not fully control on English.

The goal of that topic was to allow users to rate MyBB staff

Max Pen: Does it still annoy you that you are banned there, or is it a long time ago all behind you? Over,done.
Shahaab: I don’t care about the banning, life has not ended.

Max Pen: What does the future hold in store for the subscribers and just members for this site? Can you tell us any info about on-going development of mods or something else mybb related?
Shahaab: MyBBz.net has a huge resource of MODs for MyBB, I would have to say that future of subscribers and this site is bright.

Thank you Shahaab for your time put into doing this interview with me. Really impressive you made 200 plugins so far!! I wish you the best of success with your site and real life. A good read to all. -Max Pen

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  1. Shahaab says:

    Thankyou for taking interview. :)


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