A Happy Easter in 2011 from Interviewed You

Written on:April 13, 2011
Last modified on: April 13, 2011 @ 5:41 PM
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Happy Easter everyone!

We at IY felt to do something special like we did for Christmas. Many websites did something for Christmas but for Easter I personally haven’t seen many sites do something as much I did when it was Christmas.

As much as IY stands out from other sites we felt we had to do something, so as you can see by now on visiting IY Easter Eggs are falling down! Not sure if they taste yummy like the real ones but sure give you the feeling to get some candy and enjoy eating chocolate eggs yourself!

To all those out there even if you don’t believe in Easter a good time of the year.

The eggs falling down lasts for 25 seconds then it stops until you refresh the page.

Enjoy & Regards,
The IY team

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  1. Nom nom nom nom, I’m eating them , one day you’ll come back and find they’re gone because I’ve eaten them all.

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