#88 Srdjan Solkotovic 18 male UK, webmaster and in real life going to a cooking school while being a pro basketball player (featured)

Written on:April 17, 2011
Last modified on: July 5, 2011 @ 2:12 PM
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Interview with Srdjan Solkotovic, he plays basketball on a professional level and enjoys managing sites now and then. He is also for 3 years now in a cooking school. He’ll be a pro basketball player or a talented cook? Who knows, lets ask him some questions. His current site can be found @ http://allandeverything.yolasite.com/




(Q): Your real name is Srdjan Solkotovic, it sounds like you got roots from a other country. What roots do you got?
Srdjan Solkotovic: Indeed my ancestors are people of Wallachia or Walachia that is an minority in the Balkan countries. The language is something in between Serbian or Old Slovenian and Romanian. I know that language and it can make many doors open since its easy from it to learn Romanian (like I did). The name Solkotovic (Sholkotovic) well that came from the founder of my family who was called Solkot(Sholkot) or so my father believes it. My name is pronounced
/srdʑan ʃɔlktɔʋitɕ/ and on serbian its spelled Srđan Šolkotović (Срђaн Шoлkotoвић).

(Q): Shole is the username you use on most forums. From where the name of Shole, does it have any meaning or idea behind it?
Srdjan Solkotovic: Hole well its my nickname since I can remember. I was first called so in the 1st grade by my teacher. It has a big meaning for me since its roots are from Solkotovic and well most of my friends know me as Shole.

(Q): what projects have you done so far? Which one has been most successful? Your favorite host, paid or free?
Srdjan Solkotovic: I have done a lot of projects, most of them were for my personal use. I never wanted to earn a lot from the internet business just so much to pay the hosting bills. My favorite project was the building of Mafia Life a text based mafia game but well I trust too many people and so my account got hacked and banned. I still have the database and everything, but not the time to bring it back from the dead. Also one of my favorites was Warcraft 3 Supreme a forum for wc3 modders. I don’t really have a favorite host I like free and paid. If I have the money I use paid if not I use free hosting. I mean you always start from free hosting and then build up to paid hosting or at least so I started.

(Q): Your in a cooking school and play basketball, how did you have the time to get interested in making or working on a website-forum?
Srdjan Solkotovic: 2 Years ago I have grown from 178 to 189 cm in one month. My knee muscles couldn’t manage to grow as fast as I did so I was forced to take a break from any activity, any sport for 2 years. With nothing to do i started making maps for Warcraft 3 and decided that they are good enough to have their own forum where people will talk about them and share their maps.

I didn’t start with a forum since I didn’t know how. I found a website creator yola and there I made sholecompany my first site. It was a great feeling to see my models and maps on a site. Then after a while I searched for a forum and found SMFnew. I felt in love with the site and made my first forum there. I am now support staff there and well my forum had won a free domain as the million post was posted in my forum. After that it just got up for me even though I have a lot of problems with paying my hosting since serbia is on the black list of paypal I try and will trying until I go back to free hosting again and well that is the beguine so it means start over again from 0 to hero.

(Q): Did someone or something inspire you to to start your own forum projects?
Srdjan Solkotovic: Well not really I just did it for fun and still doing it for fun. There are now a few people that inspire me a lot. Like TheWizard from adminsforums and Matt and Alex from SMFnew and of course Fergal the admin of forumpromotion, those people made great forums and they didn’t stop there they work every day hard to improve their forum.

(Q): You own 1 hosting site now: ihost4you When did you start with it? To everyone who ever or wants to start a hosting company. What skills must the owner have to really be able to manage a hosting site the best? Is coding language skill required? Whats the best way to get clients rolling in?

Srdjan Solkotovic: I started with my first hosting company in 2009 with shoco (Shole Company) where the support forum reached 30k posts. I then sold the forum because of the need of money. I opened a new hosting company in 2010 soon after I sold shoco and named it Ihost4you and its still ope,n but I am changing some things on the main site so its down for a while. Well for starting your own hosting company one thing is important and that is like for every site and forum the will to continue working on it. Only hard work can bring you success. No one got rich over night…unless he won in the lottery but that is something different.

A bit of coding is requested I mean if you don’t know how to make your site look good you should think of getting a pro in your team. The best way to get clients is to have helpful staff in your company. Even as an admin you should help an user as much as you can. I even showed a few clients how to make a forum or website, made a few videos for them and even made them a few forums for them.

(Q): Also you told me your going to sell the hosting because you can’t pay it off again to keep it up. This would leave you with no projects. Are you a type of guy who starts new projects fast? And was it hard to accept you had to quit with the hosting site?
Srdjan Solkotovic: For now I probably won’t quite ihost4you I will just have to wait to get some money to transfer the domain. I got help from a very good friend and he offered me hosting so I accepted it and moved the site. And well I already have a new project a webmasters forum for now I got around 5k posts on it and i hope it will get more soon.

And it was a bit hard to think that i will lose the company I worked so much on it, brought it back form the dead, secured it against hackers and so on. But I always think of a new project fast. I am planing to make a writing site for my stories, since it might be fun to share my poems and stories with other people.

(Q): Can you show us your favorite poem and story you wrote your self?
Srdjan Solkotovic: Well some are in serbian but I think I will share with you this story Clan Wars:The Story Of Iksha  its an older story with more or less grammar errors (wrote it way back for a contests I got the 8th place of 20)
This one is one of my newest poems I know its a bit of a dark poem but I wrote it when I broke up with my girlfriend:

Death Dream
And when the night comes I can hear you call
My soul stands tall above my head while you creep around the bad
Waiting for me to fall a sleep passing out deep
In the world of dreams
…But that ain’t happening tonight
I am here to fight
And I am standing in front of you and I will fight
Because tonight I will show you my might

Its not finished yet but working on it .

(Q): At what age did you start with basketball? Do you believe you got talent? Have other people said you can get far? Where do you see your self in 5 years?
Srdjan Solkotovic: I started at the age of 9, but soon I got bored and started playing other spots anything involving a ball i have practiced it. Then I started basketball again in the 7th grade and almost got in the national team well almost because my fathers car stopped working half way from the last knock out round match.
Then I played for KK Kladovo and now I am playing as the Power Forward and Center for KK Semendria. I was told that I got talent from my couches and that I am lion heart. That is kind a true I once blocked a dunk.

My team lost the ball and it was a counter attack I was on the half and the guy from the opposite team was on the 3 point line with another player from the opponents team. As I saw he wants to dunk i sprinted back and got around the first player and jumped made the foul/block and saved the basket, but the bad thing was I am slim and I bounced off the player and felt. The next day i couldn’t walk good but I survived and got the MVP. I am a constant double-double player my record this half season in rebounds is 26. So to say I have 75% of the rebounds every game for my team. In five years I see me in a bigger club getting payed to play. For me its not about the money its about the game I love to play.



(Q): What keeps you going for basketball? The idea you will get paid and can become famous, known or is it just because you love basketball?
Srdjan Solkotovic: Its the game that keeps me going on. Fame and glory are not a part of having fun while playing. I would not mind if I would become a big star but for now its just a thing that I can enjoy and that can keep mi mind off things that are not so good.
If you want something so bad you have to do it even if it takes you a long time to get to your goal its worth it that’s for sure.

(Q): If you get in the first team, how much will you get of $ x time?
Srdjan Solkotovic: If I get in the first team as a young player my payment would be 300-500$ per month and maybe some extra cash every game. Depending of the team and the things i do on the court.

(Q): Whats your strongest and weakest point in basketball?
Srdjan Solkotovic: My strongest is my Defense and jumping abilities my weakest is probably offense and shooting from long range.

(Q): Is it true you can only be good if your tall for the sport? Where you good in the beginning of playing or did your skill really come over time?
Srdjan Solkotovic: Well if your tall you have the advantage but its not always about that there are a lot of players that aren’t so tall and still are stars. I am 190cm tall and about 80kg that very bad for my position most of the PF’s and C’s are 200cm tall and over 100kg. My advantage is my speed and my jumping ability and flexibility. I wish I had my shots taken on a video I guess no one could think that such points could be made. I had good skills in the beguine but every year i had to adjust my skills to my high. In 8th grade I was a good ball handler and shooter now I am a good jumper and defensive player.

(Q): Your also 3 years now in a cooking school. How does a cooking exam work? What do you got to do? How many hours a week do you get cooking?
Srdjan Solkotovic: Well i am learning to be a chief and I got practice every Friday. Ether we go in the school restaurant or to an good restaurant in the city. The exams are based on theory and practice. Learn it and make it that’s the whole concept of it.

(Q): 2 things you had to make that where very hard, and 2 things that where looking not easy but when you did it where actually easy?
Srdjan Solkotovic: The first is I guess the 360 dunk on a real hoop and the second well is playing a game in front of 3000 people, even though I missed a dunk then it was a great feeling playing in front of so many people.

(Q): Srdjan you made 2 recipes your self, you created them. Can you give us the instructions to make them our selfs? (Don’t write it down, link us to a other page, or give us a .txt download file.)
Srdjan Solkotovic: For now i can’t since I want to perfect them. And they are really hard to make, but I hope that i will be able soon to share them with you.

Thanks for your time Srdjan Solkotovic, really interesting sport you play and that you may rise to the professionals one day, I hope everyone has a good read on this. -Max Pen

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