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Written on:April 20, 2011
Last modified on: April 26, 2011 @ 6:52 PM
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Name: Aaron Walwyn (Actionman)
Age: Sixteen
Location: England
Site(s): http://codevz.com/
Short Bio: I’m a avid programmer from the UK, I enjoy gaming and aim to make a career of it one day by going into game programming. I enjoy anything technical to do with computing and have tried pretty much every area in computing.

Today we are interviewing a sixteen year old coder from England. He owns his own coding/programming forum and is an avid programmer. He aims for his future career to be in game programming.

What Inspired You To Start Coding/Programming?
It was something I wanted to try, I was good at maths and enjoyed computing and gaming so it was an inevitable choice I guess.

What Languages Are You Currently Learning And Why?
C++ is my main focus because it’s the main one used in the gaming industry at the moment.

Why Did You Create A Forum About Coding/Programming?
A lot of current programming forums are focused around one language. Which I thought was silly because a lot of projects use lots of different languages so it was ideal to have them all together.

What Current Projects Are You Working On?
Currently the website is my main project but on the side I’m working on a couple of C++ games to help me try new techniques and I’m making a e-portfolio.

Who Would You Consider Your Role Model?
Mark zuckerberg, he had a simple idea and turned it into something amazing.

Are You Happy With Your Forums Growth?
Hmm kind of, to begin with it was very slow, but now I’ve looked into promotion techniques and it’s improving rapidly.

Do You Have Anything Big Planned For Your Forum?
Yes, in future I want the tutorial HUB to be a place where you can begin learning any language from scratch.

Which Programming Language Do You Consider The Hardest To Learn And Why?
Hmm I couldn’t really say because I haven’t experienced that many. What I will say is that software languages are harder then web languages.

Why Do You Want A Career In Game Programming?
I love gaming, the whole aspect that anything is possible if you can design it. And I love problem solving, it just came to be the likely option.

What’s The Best Part About Been A Forum Owner?
Implementing your ideas, sometimes you go on other sites and you see thing and are like ‘if that was me I’d do it like…’ if your the admin you can do it just they way you want.

Does Programming Come Naturally To You?
As I’ve said i’ very good at maths and problem solving so it comes quite naturally to me.

What Sort Of Game Would You Like To Program?
Hmm a game like Heavy Rain, where the decisions you make reflect your in game personality and the game changes because of this.

How Did You Learn To Program/Code?
An IT technician at my school knew C++ so he taught me it.

Who Would Your Dream Co-Developer Be?
Hmm not a clue, I don’t know that many game developers by name. For the lulz i’ll say Notch, the guy who made Minecraft.

Thanks for the great answers Aaron. Remember to check out his forum.

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