Interviewed You V3 package released! Custom theme on blog and forum + new features!

Written on:July 7, 2011
Last modified on: July 7, 2011 @ 12:25 PM
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Hello to our loyal readers and new visitors!

It has been around 2 months or more that we added something new of a feature to the IY website or forum. We even didn’t publish 2 months long interviews! This indeed sucks and doesn’t get IY anywhere were we want to get. We promise you interviews will be published again and people waiting to get interviewed will get interviewed now.
But before that happens we released some stuff to make IY appealing again.

New Custom Themes

SleekBlue is the name of our custom theme for the blog. It is not 100% custom as its based on a free theme with custom edits here and there. Anyway it does the job well in making our site alot more appealing and giving our readers a better page to look at during reading.

Sleek Green is our custom forum theme which was already completed long time ago before the blog theme. We didn’t want to release it as some of you might know until we had both themes completed. This theme is 100% custom made.

Blog Theme new Features:

  • 2 sidebars left and right with each 4 widgets, of most are new.
  • To the right on the frontpage and other pages is a bar with links to our social network profiles.
  • Deactivated some plugins and installed some new onces. Like the Share and Fellow.
  • About Author is now displayed on post, author link etc…
  • New smilies! When commenting you can now find smilies like on a forum with 1 click of a button displayed in comments!
  • Featured Interviews are all now presented in a slider at the top before the normal interviews begin.
  • Search form is now displayed as a widget and not anymore in the header
  • And more little details!
Forum Theme new Features
  • For members not guests they have now the option to choose a “random interview” to get directed to from the member navbar.
  • New main simple logo, button set taken from silverpro theme (of GFX not really much changed due the lack of a GFX artist).
  • Amount of topics and posts display now under the forum description
  • New top navbar
  • The topic icon if there is one is now displayed on the index in last reply.
  • “Social network profiles” You can now as member display what social networks you are on.
  • “Find IY on” For guests and members alike can we be found via the header announcement on all social networks we are presented on.
  • For our members only can they now see the last 5 new members, topics, top 5 rep users in a Overview on index.
  • The Welcome Guest Message has been completely re-written.
  • Staff Affiliates have been removed and we now welcome just affiliates on our forum only.
  • The user style color is now displayed not just in who’s online but everywhere.
  • Cube’s in user style is removed.
  • Similar Topics is now added under quick reply, so you can find topics that are related to the one your viewing or replying to.
Those are summed up the new stuff we added on the forum.
Also to add to this great update, we are officially now a PR2 site!

Adding this all up its just one very big release of stuff. :D
Now our look is “ok” our challenge is to get each day interviews published again, find interviewers, and not let people wait to long to get interviewed if they request.

Thank you for reading this announcement,

The IY Team

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  1. Aaron says:

    8) Nice updates.

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