#94 Interview with Kyle 17 from the USA who has been 3 weeks in jail and has to pay $2500 in dept to his school + expelled interviewed

Written on:July 10, 2011
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A interview with Kyle 17 male from the USA who has served 3 weeks time in jail. Is $2500 in dept to his school and is expelled from it to. This all because he took part with 5 others in destroying some old computer parts which he found from the streets. The school didn’t own it what they destroyed. In this interview I talk with him about his situation.








1. Max Pen: Can you explain to the readers the prank that caused all this trouble in the first place? (The more details the  better.)
Kyle: Well, in actuality it wasn’t a prank. Just a release of the last day of school, and us being all giddy and happy about it. I had computer and shop class at the last bell of the day. Can you imagine the last bell of the day at the end of the day?

Well, anyway, during the year our teacher took us out into the neighborhood and helped us pick up old computer parts and appliances that were around 30 to 40 years old. We used to take these into class, take them apart and learn how to build it again, or fix the certain problems that were with them. Like old fax machines, IBM computer monitors, etc.

But on the last day of school, my friend Briah (the only girl cool enough to be in shop class btw.) got the idea to take all the stuff we gathered, steal a few crowbars from the janitor’s closet, and obliterate the useless machines to pieces. It kind of reminded me of the move Office Space now that I think about it.

2. Max Pen: Is it in general accepted in your class to fix old computers, or is everyone annoyed about doing it? Is that how she came up with the idea? What did you think when she told you about it? Did you guy’s do it right away after she told you or waited some time?
Kyle: We don’t really complain about it. It’s why we signed up for the class in the first place. Briah just thought it up because it’s just an overall fun thing to do, plus she’s known in school as the “adventurous” type, so she probably didn’t really feel any constraints upon doing it.

I honestly thought she was a bit stupid, a bit crazy, a bit funny, and a whole lot sexy when she brought it up. We’ve been friends since second grade, and she’s always been the mood setter, so we just went with it. We did it like 10 minutes after she suggested it, because everyone, including myself thought it’d be a fun thing to do, since we don’t have a shop class final exam, and we had nothing to do for 2 1/2 hours.

3. Max Pen: Who do you think would be blamed, just 1 person or the whole group who did it? Did you ever think it would be risky or dangerous as in getting to pay alot or get expelled from school?
Kyle: We actually didn’t think we were doing anything wrong. I mean we collected all the appliances ourselves, and it’s not like it was school property. We were just beating the crap out of some old junk we fixed up. Not really anything illegal from it. Except, well… Stealing the crowbars which we put back anyway.

4. Max Pen: What person caused you to end up for it all? And why did this teacher want you alone to blame for it? What is your relation with her, why does she hate you?
Kyle: The teacher isn’t a her. His name is Mr. Wathen. He’s hated me since seventh grade when I was in his english 7 class.
He just wanted to get me into trouble because he thinks I’m a bad kid and a bad influence on the “innocent little Braih”

He’s a total Pervert btw, which I think is disgusting seeing as he’s a teacher. But in seventh grade, he tried to make Briah pick up a pencil he “dropped” so I pull my pants down a little, and walked across the entire room, and bent over really far, giving him a good view and handing him his pencil while she sat their cracking up laughing. Ever since then he’s given me detentions, and suspensions whenever he could. Mmm and I threw his final exams out the window the date before exam day so he gave everyone in the class 0’s on the exam in 8th grade and then I complained to the principal and almost got him fired and sent home, so yeah, he hates me.

5. Max Pen: In what way did you try to proof him wrong that it wasn’t just you? What did the other guys (your friends) do to help you out? How did he manage to make sure you got to be blamed?
Kyle: I didn’t try to lay the blame on anyone. Like I said, we didn’t even think we were doing anything wrong. But he went around and picked up all the computer parts and shoved them in my face and said that I’m going to be charged for all the damages. Bria and Tyler pushed him away, and told him he was basically an idiot and that there’s no way I was going to be charged.
But he wouldn’t really stop with it, so everyone lied and said that I wasn’t even doing anything and I was just watching, but he wouldn’t believe anyone. He thought I did everything and they were out here trying to stop me. That’s what he said at least. And like any teacher, no matter how wrong they are, they’re right, and so everyone believed him over me.

6. Max Pen: How has it been fixing old computers? (Was it like ever boring?) Did it gain you anything in the whole year you did it? Will you do it again next time you get a chance?
Kyle: It was actually boring somewhat, but that’s like all school, haha. But I’m really into computers and mechanics and stuff, so it wasn’t all bad, plus the shop teacher is my dad, so that’s always fun. I gained some stuff, but nothing really about computers, because they were all 20 years old. What I gained was more of common sense stuff, like don’t touch live wire unless you want to
have your heart stopped and be in an ambulance on the second day of school. Will I take shop again? Yes. Will I beat the shit out of old computers? Yes.

7. Max Pen: Did it feel stress revealing destroying all those old pc pieces? Did it draw attention from the whole school while you and the others were destroying it? Did you ever do something like the prank in your past in school?
Kyle: It wasn’t really stress releaving as it was just hanging out, laughing at each other and being with friends.
I’m a very social person, so I enjoy any kind of get together, so naturally we drew a crowd of laughing kids cheering us on and living in the moment. The closest thing we’ve done as a prank is picking up the vice principal’s toyota and putting it in the gym.

8. Max Pen: You served 3 weeks in jail, can you tell us how that is like being in jail? Did those 3 weeks go by fast? Did you ever feel like you did something bad? Did you gain anything from jail of exp or heard strange but interesting stories there from people in it?
Kyle: Jail isn’t as bad as people make it out to be. I mean, you don’t really get tossed around all that much in there, people usually just want to get in, and get out. I refuse to believe I did anything illegal, and I think the entire situation was just bullcrap all the way through. I met a few people in jail who were pretty funny in there, but I was always cautious about telling people where I live, because once they know where you live, you’ll never get rid of them and their problems.

9. Max Pen: Did people treat you differently for what happened? In what way?
Kyle: Well I don’t really know, because I’m expelled as it is. But Bria was really sad about it and cried for awhile when I got out. Though I’m sure Mr. Waffle is laughing every bit up right now.

10. Max Pen: What side took your parents? Did they believe you or the teacher Mr. Waffle?
Kyle: My dad believed me, because he was my shop teacher in the first place, and he’s the one who let us collect all the junk.

11. Max Pen: Would you go through all it again, was it worth all the mess that allowed the thing you guy’s did?
Kyle: I’m definitely doing it again next year. I just won’t get caught. Maybe I’ll do it to Mr. Waffles car : D

12. Max Pen: When did you start thinking about your situation and how it would effect your life? Do you think this event will have a serious impact on your future life?
Kyle: I started thinking about it as soon as I was arrested   I think it’ll be a hitch to get over later on, but like everything else, I’ll survive and continue on.

13. Max Pen: When are you allowed to get back to school? Will you still feel comfortable going there when you can?
Kyle: I’m going back on the first day of school. My dad pulled some strings and got me back in, and put Waffles on probation.
I’ll feel comfortable as ever, knowing that everyone despises him now, and that teacher salaries will be based on student
performance next year. So thanks for interviewing me, I’ll enjoy reading it.

Thanks alot for doing this interview with me Kyle. I hope such a situation (for what you get to be blamed for everything while that is not the case) will never happen to you again. I hope everyone has a interesting read and learns something out of this. -Max Pen

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  1. Lacey says:

    A very GOOD read. I was surprised that on Q: 11 he actually mentioned that he plans on targeting the persons car but this time to “not get caught”.

    Well…..his first mistake of protecting himself from not getting caught would be doing and interview then saying he’s going to target the teacher.

  2. Pearson says:

    Yeeeah, this is the Kyle I used to talk to alright.

  3. PandahFish says:

    Interesting to read that’s for sure.I hate teachers that will blame you for everything even though you didn’t do anything wrong.

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