#97 Blogger Peter Owen owner of Inside Sports and UK Bulls blogs interviewed

Written on:July 15, 2011
Last modified on: July 15, 2011 @ 11:48 AM
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Interview with a active blogger Peter Owen. He’s the owner of Inside Sports. A blog that he maintains with writing about several subjects all sport related. And the owner of UK Bulls Blog, a blog that is all about the sport basketball.
Not only that but he’s also the co-manager of a good going fan page on facebook, named: 
Official Formula 1 HQ.

(1.) Max Pen: How did you get into blogging? Who or what motivated you to start your own blog?
Peter Owen: I first started blogging in the aftermath of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Football was my first great sporting passion and I watched a great number of the games live. I had read a number of articles around the internet about many different stories within the World Cup, and I found myself coming up with different views than the writer. This made me realize that I should take up blogging as a way of getting my opinion across.

(2.) Max Pen: Did it influence your writing skills, if you look back when you started with blogging until now?
Peter Owen: It definitely influenced my writing skills, as I have slowly learned how to create an article that has ‘flow’, as in it draws the reader to continuing reading the article. I have also discovered how certain words can come across more persuasive than others, and I have gone on to post some more persuasive articles that get across some of my more controversial opinions on events.

(3.) Max Pen: About Inside Sports, how did you come up with the name, and how has the experience been so far writing articles on it?
Peter Owen: I struggled for a few days looking for a name that stuck in the mind. I wanted a name that would be easily remembered so that readers could come back. I had initially started with something pretty long and boring, before changing it to “Get Inside Sports” and finally dropping that clumsy “Get.” The experience has been fantastic, I find myself starting with a small idea for an article and end up writing far more than I ever imagined!

(4.) Max Pen: Why did you choose http://www.blogspot.com to host your blogs with? Have you found out using it that it lacks anything? Or does it offer everything you need?
Peter Owen: I looked around a few different hosting sites, Blogspot and WordPress were two that jumped out as being both attractive to look at. In the end, Blogspot proved to be very simple in post-design and page layouts than WordPress was.

(5.) Max Pen: If you had to describe your writing style, how would you say it in few words?
Peter Owen: I try to keep away from writing in an informal manner. I would rather write a piece that is well put together that allows me to get across a complex point in a style that makes it understandable to people who don’t have a deep knowledge of the subject.

(6.) Max Pen: Is it important to you, that the reader reads the whole article and not just a piece and then stop? How do you make sure the reader keeps being interested in the article he/she is reading?
Peter Owen: I tend to write my articles so that they have a ‘flow’ to them: The intention being that the reader reads to the end of the article to get the full picture of what I am trying to tell them. However, when I’m writing a review of say, a football match, I would try to write it so that the reader could read the first one or two paragraphs and come away knowing the result and the main incident(s) of the game.

(7.) Max Pen: What subjects does your blog Inside Sports cover?
Peter Owen: Inside Sports covers several sports, namely Football, Formula 1 and Basketball. Some of my articles address other subjects within each sport, such as the financial side of modern football.

(8.) Max Pen: Is it for you important people read what you write on the blogs? For whom do you express yourself in writing?
Peter Owen: I measure the success of each post on the number of readers it gets. This doesn’t always work out as more people are interested in football than basketball for example. I generally advertise my posts on Facebook and Twitter, so really only people that know me come across my blog. However, it is available on Google, which links to each article I post.

(9.) Max Pen: How do you get to work on writing an article? Do you do it when there hasn’t been a article published for some time or when you have something to tell/talk about? Do you always say everything that comes to mind about the subject in the article?
Peter Owen: I have tried in the past to produce articles to time (weekly, bi-weekly), but this is difficult while I’m still at school where the time I have to devote to writing changes each week. I will always look to write up a review of a key football game, every Formula 1 race will be covered and if a particular basketball game is a standout event I will write about this too. I try to present a review of the event, but also try to get my readers to think about the consequences of the event on the future, how the result of a football match could influence the rest of the season.

(10.) Max Pen: Name all the sports you write about mainly or you plan to start writing about? Which sports do you play yourself?
Peter Owen: I write about basketball, football and Formula 1. I play a lot of basketball at school and in my free time, football is something I love to watch, I’m just not the greatest player in the world!

(11.) Max Pen: You’re going to study Journalism in university, what do you hope to learn and eventually do you aim to become a sport journalist? If so about what sports would you love to write reports of, reviews, talk about on TV maybe?
Peter Owen: I hope to learn more on how to create an article that people want to read all of, an article that gets people talking about the subject in every-day life. The aim at the end is to become a Sports Journalist and, if money were no obstacle, I dream of moving to America to cover NBA Basketball as a journalist for a major news outlet.

(12.) Max Pen: What is the story behind you being co-owner of the “Official Formula 1 HQ” fan page on facebook?
Peter Owen: Many years ago, on the old Bebo social networking site, Myself and James Williams were a part of a similar Formula 1 fan page that had a large following and plenty of active members. The page got shut down (accidentally, by the Bebo servers), so we decided to move across to Facebook, which was really beginning to take off.

James was the sole owner and the only person running the page to begin with, and he asked me to become co-owner when he read my blog and could see I was really enthusiastic about Formula One. From there, the page has gone from around 1,000 fans in Summer 2010, to over 3,000 in March 2011.

(13.) Max Pen: If for some reason you can’t become a journalist, what other job would you see yourself doing?
Peter Owen: If I couldn’t become a journalist, I could see myself becoming a member of the PR department of a large company. This would still let me deal with the press, but instead of reporting on events, I would be announcing them for the company I work with.

Thanks a lot for your time Peter Owen, I wish you the best to one day become a sport journalist. I hope everyone has a nice read on this. -Max Pen

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