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Written on:November 28, 2010
Last modified on: January 6, 2011 @ 5:39 PM
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Name: Justus Frenchin
From: France
Age:21 years old.
Sex: Male
Hello everyone today’s interview is with someone I met by luck. Believe it or not, someone related to Bill Gates himself! The aunt from his mother side is the wife of Bill Gates. 

1)Max Pen: What dream job did you have as a little kid?
Justus Frenchin: Of course I wanted to be a police officer.

2)Max Pen: Any particular reason why you wanted to join the police force ? In the office (paperwork), or in the field (action)?
Justus Frenchin: Field action was a dream of every kid in the block, we used to follow the sirens if there was something going on in the neighbourhood.

3)Max Pen: Your current job is landscaper, can you tell us what the job is about? And how long that you do it?
Justus Frenchin: I dig holes and put flowers in them, it is very boring and every day I want to hang myself in a public bathroom.

4)Max Pen: Then why did you do that job, start it? If you don’t like the job?
Justus Frenchin: Because I can’t do anything else.

5)Max Pen: How is your relation to Bill ? Do you talk much on a yearly basis?
Justus Frenchin: http://cache.gizmodo.com/gadgets/images/gmoney_me.jpg A picture of us. We meet about once a year.

6)Max Pen: What type of character is he? How would you describe him?
Justus Frenchin: He is generous, a bit odd humour that he has, friendly, and a good father to his kids.

7)Max Pen:  Have you ever been to his main office where he works, his company?
Justus Frenchin: No I haven’t, at his home only.

8)Max Pen: Do you notice he has alot of money, with having alot of decorations, latest gadgets in his home?
Justus Frenchin: He doesn’t show off with his money, but his house is like a big robot. Like everything is connected, his paintings change images by the mood and voice controlled doors, and lights and stuff.

9)Max Pen: Is it like a house from a modern time we don’t know yet?
Justus Frenchin: Almost yes, its like from some science-fiction movie.

10)Max Pen: Is he a friend of Steve Jobs?
Justus Frenchin: Actually they are pretty good friends, although they have competing companies.

11)Max Pen: Why did he step down as CEO of Microsoft? Was he starting something new of projects ?
Justus Frenchin: He now has gates foundation collecting money for the poor.

Thank you Justus Frenchin for this interview with us, and I am so lucky to have interviewed you. -Max Pen

To all readers!: This person could be impersonating the person in the picture with Bill Gates. We can never be a 100% sure this is really the person I interviewed. But I believe it is him as he had acess to a picture that was on a server with access denied, if you go to:  http://cache.gizmodo.com  You will see, only few had access to that picture.

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