#99 LazyAssGamer interview #3 (Interview with Norbert Varga Lead Designer of InMomentum)

Written on:October 23, 2011
Last modified on: October 23, 2011 @ 10:19 AM
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Hey all, this is the 3rd and last interview by LazyAssGamers published on IY. I hope you enjoy reading.

After an incident with a microwave and thirty kilograms of bananas a group of our reporter monkeys somehow ended up in an alternate reality full of dislodged walls and oddly placed pathways, where all the inhabitants moved at incredible speeds and jumped to unfathomable heights using these highly lethal paths. After many hours of searching they stumbled upon a giant blue arrow pointing down at a small computer standing on what seemed like a platform built especially for it. After checking whether the computer is plugged in and turned on, and after many unsuccessful attempt at winning at minesweeper the computer spoke forth and identified itself as Norbert Varge, the leader of this world. Despite numerous pleas from the monkeys for the computer to summon plenty of bananas, and after the computer zapped a few of the monkeys which tried to put their fingers in unwanted ports Norbert told us about the world of InMomentum.

A Brief Summary on InMometum: InMomentum is a racing game where instead of using cars or other vehicles the player uses his avatar’s agility to complete races, picking up power-ups on the run to defeat certain obstacles or give you an edge over your opponents. The Maps, as you can tell below are not simple paths, but courses demanding often your quick thinking and even quicker reactions. There will be both a Single Player and Multiplayer, so whether alone or with (or against) your friends this new take on racing is bound to be interesting.

Questions about InMomentum

LAG: How would you sum up your game in a single sentence?

Norbert: It’s Your Move!

LAG: Where did the idea for the game come from?

Norbert: InMomentum started off as a psychology project, first on paper (just a written examination), later an on-screen experiment about human reaction to combinations of colors and shapes. Later on, my love for trickjumping blended in and the idea to make an actual game was born. The main element we wanted to focus on was the multiplayer and the trickjumping blend. The genre really needed more additions.

LAG: What do you think sets your game apart from other “racing” games? Aside from the fact it is all on foot.

Norbert: Most racing games give you a set track that you travel on. In InMomentum, you can go any way you desire. You can go up, down, left or in a curve. You simply need to find the route that works best for you and stick to it. We’ve seen many combinations so far, and there is simply no best route, because each one of them have their pros and cons, drops and speeds and so on. To top this off, the power-up tactics are also very important.

LAG: Any ideas that you borrowed from other titles, or which acted as inspiration?

Norbert: There are quite a few titles that inspired me when making design decisions for InMomentum. Island Hopper, Kreedz Climbing, Quake 3 Defrag, Mario Kart and Mirror’s Edge are all titles that played a big role.

LAG: Did anybody ever suggest that your game looks a bit like TRON?

Norbert: Yes. Many have mentioned that our visuals are similar to the Mirror’s Edge time trial DLC and Tron. Some maps are a bit similar to Tron, that’s true. Our intention with the light stripes is to add a sense of contracts to the colored shapes.

LAG: Is it a demanding game, or something casual that anybody could enjoy?

Norbert: One of the goals with InMomentum was to provide an entrance to the trickjumping world to any gamer. Because of this, we’ve created a set of difficulties from Casual to Impossible, to allow the casual player to just jump in for a bit of quick fun, or let the hardcore gamers compete on harder settings. Multiplayer servers will be also categorized by these difficulties so that everyone can decide which one to play on.

LAG: What are the different Game Modes?

Norbert: The game modes currently in the game are divided into single and multiplayer modes. Single player has two game modes, which are ‘Sphere Hunt’ and ‘Time Trial’. Multiplayer will have one mode on launch, which is just pure racing. Sphere hunt is basically a collectible speedrun across a map, where the players need to pick up all the glowing spheres as fast as possible and finish a map. Time trial is a standard time trial. The multiplayer race mode introduces powerups which introduce a whole new approach to each map.

InMomentum look, screenshot, view,image

Say what you like about uneven roads and holes. I'd choose this over Rush Hour at any time.

LAG: How do Power-Ups in the game work? What sort of advantages are we looking at?

To find out what Norbert say about that click here!

A big thanks once again for publishing the last out of 3 interviews exclusively only found on IY and the LazyAssGamer blog. -Max Pen


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  1. fiona1964 says:

    Great interview I enjoy reading about other people.

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