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Written on:November 30, 2010
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I got contacted by one of the community team members of FP asking to be interviewed. I am honoured to present to all readers the following interview with Matthew, ex. staff on Forum Spotlight and ex. packager on The Hazey. Currently he is a global moderator on Forum Promotion, the biggest and best promotion site.

(1)Max Pen: Give us a short introduction about yourself so the readers know a bit more about you.
 Well, what is there to say? I’m Matthew, a 16 year old forum user. In real life, I love to play basketball and football, I’m an avid reader, I love eating (who doesn’t? ), I love sleeping, and I love being with my friends/family/girlfriend. You’ll constantly see me mention two of my family members. These would be my niece and nephew. I also mention my cat, Felix, who I’ve had since I was 3 years old!

(2)Max Pen: You first registered on FP under the name of “Matthew”. Now your name is Matt Skellington. Did you change your fist name to “Matt” as most people called you that instead of Matthew ? And is “Skellington” your last real name?
 Actually, I fully intend to change my name back to Matthew as soon as the Christmas season is back! You may not have noticed, but, during the Halloween season I changed my name to Dumbledore for the events I threw. Dumbledore was my “costume” on FP. Now, it’s Christmas time and like so many others, I felt like getting into the Christmas cheer.

After talking to MissTake (MissClause), we both decided to get a name change. The reason I went with Matt Skellington is because I couldn’t think of any Christmas names that went with Matthew. So, I improvised. I modelled my name after Jack Skellington off of Tim Burton’s popular animated film “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Not many people call me Matt, but Matthew Skellington wouldn’t have sounded right. And, Skellington is not my last name.

(3)Max Pen: How did you find out about FP ? Where you already a guest browsing the site for some weeks?
 Hmm, How did I find out about FP? That’s a good question! I was an admin on a promotion forum called Admin Junction. The only reason I was on this site is because back in the day when Admin Network was around, I had joined it to promote a forum I had once upon a time.

After giving the internet and foruming a break for about 3 years, I got back into it and the first forum I went too was Admin Network. I asked if I could have my GMod spot back. The owner replied saying we would be moving to a new forum. I waited until it released than I joined it. I saw a link in the staff room regarding a topic at FP and decided to check it out. I joined on the spot and immediately loved it.

(4)Max Pen: How did you do it, being just a member for 2 weeks and then already joining the community team on FP?

Matthew:  Well, I guess I was just a positive member, and proved I could benefit the team. Kino has also told me that my application was great, and that everyone seemed to like me. I guess he saw me as being a positive addition to the team and welcomed me with open arms (internet wise).

My suggestions to those looking to apply in the future is this: Don’t cause trouble on the forum, be friendly, and take time writing your application! This goes with anything, a well written application providing enough information to make you stand out is always better than a sloppy application with nothing on it except, “I Want This Spot Bad!!!!” In almost all cases, the sloppy application will be disregarded.

(5)Max Pen: What motivated you to apply as staff on forum promotion?
 Well, I had been looking for an active site to become staff on for some time. I had already taken a liking to the community, knew some people, and I was ready to try to be a bigger help to the community. Even though I was new, I figured I might as well try. After all, if you don’t try, it will NEVER happen. So always give stuff a go instead of thinking, “I’m not going to apply because I won’t make it.” I applied expecting with everything in me to get a rejected PM, but to my pleasant surprised, the next day after applying I looked at my inbox and saw the “Congratulations!” message from Kino. I was ecstatic.

(6)Max Pen: How has the job been so far? Demanding, proving to be a bigger challenge of doing then toughed, etc?
 My time as a Community Team member has been great! It’s so much fun, and the green username is nice. It’s been easy apart from some situations that have been rather annoying, but I can’t get into that. It’s actually not been that much of a challenge. Of course, some of the calls I’ve had to make I felt kind of iffy about, but all my fellow staff members assured me I did the right thing.

(7)Max Pen: Have you had to make hard choices yourself or choices as part of the FP team?
 I haven’t really been presented with a lot of hard choices. The hardest choices I have to make are what action should I take on a few situations that arise. As before, I can’t really get into specifics, as the situations are very touchy in themselves.

(8)Max Pen:  Can you describe in few words what FP is to you?
 FP is great. To me, FP is more than just a promotion forum. I have tons of friends from FP. All of these friends have helped me out tremendously, and FP has really been a learning experience for me.

(9)Max Pen:  You don’t own a site but did join FP. Why not join a big off-topic forum instead of a promotion forum? As you don’t own a site to promote.
 Well, I’ve thought about this question before. I’ve been apart of some large gaming communities (staff on one in particular), and I’ve tried every other forum genre. The problem with those is that the communities suck. The users aren’t friendly, and I have had a disagreement in all of their moderation policies. I honestly stay on FP because of the community. The users are great, most are friendly, and I just have an awesome time learning of new forums that have potential, reading website reviews, learning ways to make money online, and so much more.

(10)Max Pen: Now you are also ex. staff on forum spotlight. What was your job when you were part of the team?
 Well, I wasn’t exactly staff on Forum Spotlight. Agentmanningctu has forum tournaments occasionally and he needs guest judges to serve on the panels. He asked me, and I was glad to do it. As for what my job was, all I had to do was review two forums given to me by Agent, pick my favorite, and send him why I picked each site and what I liked about each of them as well as the bads. I was on this panel for the first tournament he hosted, and would have been on the second one but because most sites were the same as the first tournament. He chose an entire new panel for the second tournament, and I fully understand why.

(11)Max Pen:  Did you love being able to vote with agentmanningctu to choose which site would go on to the next round?
 I loved it. It was SO much fun and I got to work along side with two of my closest FP friends (Sshadow and Agent). I’m glad he chose me for the first tournament.

(12)Max Pen:  Was it sometimes very but very hard to choose between sites?
 Several of the sites were extremely hard to choose between, and I really struggled with my decision. Other sites, however, were extremely easy to pick. I think my hardest decision was between Cmt Sports Forums and Fiction Lovers. Wolfy and Cmt (both PT members on FP) have done great jobs with their sites and it took me several minutes to figure out which site I liked better.

(13)Max Pen: When are you going to work again as staff on forum spotlight? When the tournaments start again?
 If Agent will have me, I’m hoping to participate in the next tournament. I’ve talked to Agent about this a while ago, and as far as I’m aware, you can expect me to be judging your site if you enter the next Forum Spotlight Tournament!

(14)Max Pen: You were also packager on The Hazey. Did you expect to stop soon when taking the job?
 The main reason why I quit the Hazey is because I don’t find packaging fun. I worked on 3(?) packages and it absolutely killed me. I have nothing against The Hazey, it’s an awesome site run by awesome people, but I would have gone crazy trying to do all the packages. That was a bad decision on my part to apply for the position.

(15)Max Pen: Did you start during your time on forums, on a site your self? If yes, how was it?
 Well, my internet life started on Myspace. However, I soon found a gaming community I was active on for a few years. From there, I learned how to make forums. I set up a few and had only one make it past 1,000 posts. But, that’s how I got into the internet, by checking out random communities and learning about forums.

(16)Max Pen: What would you do without FP? Is there any other site that could if needed replace FP for you to visit?
 Without FP, I would be horribly bored. But, I’d probably just go back to playing video games full time when I’m not outside playing. Besides FaceBook, I would probably just take a break on foruming if FP shut down. That’s all really on this subject.

Matthew: Well guys, I must say, this has been a fun interview, but I’m done answering all the questions. I hope you enjoyed, but I’m off to play some Halo Reach! Bye


Thanks alot for this great interview Matt! Sure worth a good nice read to everyone! A promotion forum can indeed be a lot more nice to be on than an off-topic forum.  -Max Pen


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  1. Jirachi says:

    Great Interview. I can see why ForumPromotion promoted him.

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