#107 Interview with Snobothehobo admin on FP and his own forum Pluvia Village

Written on:July 1, 2012
Last modified on: July 1, 2012 @ 10:56 AM
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Interview with Snobothehobo

A interview with Snobothehobo a 20 year old male from the USA. He launched not that long ago his own forum named Pluvia Village, a quite unique community that is doing quite well so far. Other then that he is also a dedicated and passionate admin on Forum Promotion.

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Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain!

[1.] Max Pen: Could you tell us a bit more about yourself so the readers know who you are? Also can you tell us how you came up with the username of Snobothehobo?
Snobothehobo: I’m just an exceptionally silly person. I try to be nice to people even if they aren’t nice to me. I also enjoy learning new things and making people smile (or at least think, “Is he serious?”) with my lame jokes. I also like gummy bears. As for how I came up with my username, I honestly couldn’t tell you. I’ve been using it forever, and it’s become my main identity on the internet. I rarely sign up to anything using any name but Snobothehobo.

[2.] Max Pen: When did you first get involved into forums? What was your first impression of forums? What caused you to to grow a passion for them?
Snobothehobo: My first forum was a fan forum for one of my favourite games, Arcanum. My experience on that forum didn’t work out very well, but I did meet a person there who actually helped me set up my very first forum! Although my first forum was very bad (quite frankly), I was hooked on forums for life at that point.

[3.] Max Pen: What are some of the forums you are currently active on and people could find you on?
Snobothehobo: As much as it pains me to say it, I’m only consistently active on Forum Promotion and my forum at the moment.

[4.] Max Pen: What does a forum need to have to fit to your standards? How important is a community feeling for you?
Snobothehobo: I’ve never been one to worry about the theme too much. If it doesn’t hurt my eyes or give me a seizure, then I’m fine with it. A forum is all about the community in my mind. You can spend years and years developing a theme, but a forum with an awesome theme won’t go anywhere without a community. One piece of advice I’d like to give people who open forums is this: have some members ready to join before you even open the forum. That’s the only way to make sure that you’ll be able to create enough content from the beginning. If you open a forum without having a few people ready to join already, then it’s going to be a much bigger challenge to create the content that you need to attract more users.

[5.] Max Pen: When did the idea behind Pluvia Village came to mind? Where you expecting it would turn out into a project like it is now or had you the idea straight away to get it into the project it is now?
Snobothehobo: I had planning to run a forum for at least six months before I opened Pluvia Village. I was trying very hard to think of a name for the forum, and I finally decided to reuse an old name (more explanation on that below). It is a bit different from how I imagined it would be, but I think that projects always differ a bit from the image you had in your mind. I definitely am not disappointed with how it’s different, though. If anything, it’s better.

[6.] Max Pen: How did you came up with the name? What is the main purpose/goal behind the forum?
Snobothehobo: “Pluvia” means “rain” in Latin. I’m a rain lover, and I thought it would be a nice name for a forum. I came up with it a long time ago and actually used it on a past forum (a role-playing forum), but that forum really didn’t work out. I decided to reuse it because I like it so much.

[7.] Max Pen: What are some of your previous projects you did? Could you give a short summary of each and what you learned from it?
Snobothehobo: I’ve been running forums since 2003. I was only eleven years old when I started. I’ve run quite a few projects since then, not all of which were forums. It would take ages for me to describe every one, so I’ll just describe a couple of my favourite forums that I’ve run. My favourite past project was definitely the forum I ran from early 2008 to late 2010, Combiboland. It was an extremely silly community, and I just felt like we had it perfect a couple times in terms of who was participating and how the community interacted. However, it came to an end. Although it’s not really my project at all, I’ve really enjoyed helping to run Forum Promotion as well. I’ve learned a lot in my various positions I’ve held over the past couple years on this forum, especially from working with Fowler.

[8.] Max Pen: Did you learn anything new yet from managing Pluvia Village? Does the forum have any custom edits that we couldn’t find on any other phpBB forum?
Snobothehobo: I’ve reaffirmed my suspicion that making new topics is extremely important if you want activity. I’ve also learned that simple themes can sometimes be effective if you don’t have the resources to create fancy themes. Pluvia Village does seem to have some features that are uncommon on the phpBB forum such as the comment button in posts. This is actually a default feature in the simple comment modification, but I have never seen it on another phpBB forum. Most administrators must choose to remove it, but I think it’s quite handy. These aren’t really features, but I like our forum names, forum descriptions, and ranks.

[9.] Max Pen: Have there been any real challenges so far? What do you think will be some of the future challenges?
Snobothehobo: It was a challenge waiting for the DNS to resolve for OVER forty-eight hours! Some future challenges will definitely be maintaining our activity. Luckily, though, I’ve got a lot of awesome people helping me.

[10.] Max Pen: Who should be mentioned for helping get Pluvia Village to the point it is now? (Yes all members of the community but who or what people have done really alot so far.)
Snobothehobo: Tressy should definitely be thanked for giving me the moral support I need to do anything related to the project.  Aside from her, Zawazuki needs to be thanked for making the images and generally bugging me every day to get the forum completed. xD I’d also like to thank Kaiser, Hiocoie, TFG, LunarScorpio… well, I just want to thank everyone like you told me not to do, but I’ll stop here.

[11.] Max Pen: What are you proud off at the moment on Pluvia Village?
Snobothehobo: I’m proud of the fact that it hasn’t exploded yet! Seriously, though, I’m just proud that people are looking at it and giving it a chance.

[12.] Max Pen: What are your future plans with it? Do you plan on holding any sort of contest in the near future?
Snobothehobo: My future plan is to just continue advertising and try to get some more people involved.  There’s also a custom theme in the works. A super posting weekend contest is currently being scheduled. Other than that, we have a silly photo caption contest. We’re also going to run something a little more substantial soon.

[13.] Max Pen: Is there anything left to do on Pluvia Village at the moment?
Snobothehobo: There are always things left to do! I have a to-do list at the moment of things that I need to get done, but when I begin a project, I’m always finding new things to change or improve.

[14.] Max Pen: What are your future goals that you want to reach with the project?
Snobothehobo: Most importantly, I want to build a friendly community. We already have a friendly community, of course, but I would like to get more people involved. I also want to get the activity to the point where everyone sees plenty of new topics to reply when he/she comes online.

[15.] Max Pen: Finally, if you could alter the past online or offline, which would you choose? And what scenario would you alter?
Snobothehobo: As some know, I’m currently in a long distance relationship. I would definitely alter the past so that we could be together and not so far apart.

Thank you alot for doing this interview with me man, I sure did enjoy your replies and I hope the others will enjoy them to. -Max Pen


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