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Written on:July 4, 2012
Last modified on: July 4, 2012 @ 9:43 PM
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Note: To read a more detailed interview with shadyx go here.

Interview with Dean/Shadyx

A interview with Dean a 20 year old male from the UK. Who has made around 60 to 70 Xenforo themes so far and owns a Xenforo webmaster forum named Admin Forums. Read more below of how he got into Xenforo and more.

Theme preview,look image,made by Shadyx

1Max Pen: Could you tells us a bit more about yourself so the readers know who you are?

Well my name is Dean and I am a 20 year old guy from the United Kingdom, I recently became a father and I am really into web development and design. I own own several web projects and the most notable up to this point would be Admin Forums which has been going for nearly 2 years now. When I am not online doing cool things with websites I am usually at college, playing the xbox or just lounging around doing nothing.

2Max Pen: When did you start going on forums? Do you remember the first forum you joined?

I started using forums at a very young age, I first got into them when I was around 12 or 13 years old and I remember the first forum I joined was a teen forum which is now closed.

3Max Pen: Which is the first project you started? Looking back at your past of projects online, what good memories come to mind?

My first project was a general forum called Blackoutforums, I’m not sure why I chose that name but it made sense at the time and I was helped by the admin and owner (Mayank) of Teen Hut which I have been a member of since it first opened. I have some awesome memories from back then, I met some amazing people from both teenhut and blackout.

4Max Pen: When did you first get into contact with Xenforo? What made you buy it? Who or what convinced you?

I remember seeing an Anime forum running XenForo while it was still in beta and really liked the software, at the time AF was having problems with vBulletin and we were searching around for something new. We very nearly chose IPB but made a last minute decision to go with XF after doing some testing and playing around I fell in love with it.

5Max Pen: How long did it took you to master the tools you can use to style a theme on it?

Well I wouldn’t say I have mastered them, I still have a few things I would like to learn but to get to this point I would say around a year or so.

6Max Pen: Did you make styles for any other forum software before using Xenforo? What motivated you to become a Xenforo stylist?

Yes, I did. I have made PhpBB styles, vBulletin styles and MyBB styles before XenForo even existed, I have always been interested in web development and made my first forum theme way back for invisionfree.

7Max Pen: How many themes have you made so far?

I can’t remember all of the themes I have made but I would give it a wild guesstamation and say about 60-70? Not too sure, I have been doing it for a fair few years now.

8Max Pen: If someone asked you who you recommend as a Xenforo stylist, who would you mention the person to go to and why?

Audentio, Their forum themes are simply amazing and I think everyone would agree on that one. I have seen some pretty awesome custom work that they have done and it blew me away.

9Max Pen: What has been so far the:
longest design – theme you worked on?
the hardest?
the most complex?
the one you learned something new?

Longest: AdminForums
Hardest: Masked Crusader
Most Complex: Masked Crusader

I tend to add something unique or new to every one of my themes to give it that edge, so I learn something new from every theme I make.

10Max Pen: How much time does a Xenforo style usually take to make?

It really depends on complexity, other work I have, motivation and if I am enjoying the particular job or not but it usually takes around 2-4 weeks.

11Max Pen: From where do you get most of your clients? Through Xenforo.com or your own webmaster forum?

Mostly from people who see my work in action, they follow the copyright link to my AF profile and send me a message.

12Max Pen: We find many elements in your Xenforo styles, are all these elements self thought or did you get much advice and help from fellow Xenforo stylists?

They are all thought of by me, some of which I have seen being added to other peoples themes like the four column footer for example. After people saw it on AF and PB they started doing the same on their XF forums.

13Max Pen: What do you think one must be able to do in order to be a Xenforo Stylist?

Well you would need moderate Photoshop skills, CSS & HTML knowledge would be required for sure and you would need to get a feel for the software by creating themes until you feel comfortable charging for your work.

Thank you for doing this interview with me Dean. Quite nice replies and I hope others enjoy reading it to. -Max Pen


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  1. Dean says:

    Thanks for taking the time to interview me again, It was a real pleasure. :)

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