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Written on:December 1, 2010
Last modified on: January 6, 2011 @ 5:39 PM
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Web designer Ryan has accepted to have an interview today about his wonderful new site: http://postloop.com .Thanks for accepting the review Ryan! Also thanks for making it such high quality.

Why Did You Create Postloop?

There are lots and lots of forum owners out there setting up post exchanges themselves. I’ve been there before, and the process of finding somebody to exchange posts with is not easy. You spend a lot of time looking for those people and then setting up and maintaining the post exchange itself. I had an idea for a great way around all of the hassle of post exchanges, and that is with Postloop. Starting a new forum is not easy because of all of the competition. It’s extremely difficult to find members and get them to post. Postloop will make this easier on all new forum owners. I’ve been involved with forums for a very long time and want to continue to see them succeed. Anything I can do to make this happen, I will do.

How Does Postloop Work?

The process is pretty straightforward. After you sign up, you can submit your forums to Postloop. Before you do that, you’ll need to upload a single file (postloop.php) to your forums. We will use that file to track any new posts by Postloop users in your forums. Once you get all of that set up, other Postloop users can join your forums and start posting to earn points. Your points balance will go down until you join any of the other Postloop forums and start posting yourself – earning points. The more you post, the more points you receive. The more points you receive, the more Postloop users will join and post in your forums. There are a lot of Postloop users ready and waiting, and as soon as you join, they will come to your forums without you even contacting them. It is a great feeling
Have You Added An Anti-Cheating System?

I’ve run a similar program in the past, called PostFusion. I learned a lot there, and with nearly 100,000 posts exchanged via PostFusion, I was presented with many ways that people could “tamper with” the system. A lot of this can be stopped through some creative programming, which I have done with Postloop. I am confident that Postloop is stable and will be difficult to manipulate, however, I do expect somebody out there who will be determined enough to find a way around it. If that does happen, we have complete control of post counts, balances, points, and users. If we do discover anybody abusing the system, they’ll be removed immediately and we’ll correct any balances if need be. I rely heavily on Postloop users to notify me of any suspicous activity.

Do You Have Any Goals For Postloop?

I do not have any hard number goals. My main goal is for Postloop to become a common name among forum owners and to be *the* place to go if you’re in need of new posts in your forums.

Was Getting XenForo Worth It?

Yes. XenForo is a great piece of software, however it is also very simple software. I do not have complex needs and do not plan on building the “Postloop Community Forums” into anything more than a place to discuss Postloop itself. I don’t need complex features or addons, and XenForo is the cleanest “forum software” that I have seen. This does not mean that it’s the best forum software for all occassions, but in the case of Postloop, it fit very well.

How Do You Know That You Are, I Quote ‘The world’s only active, automated post exchange’?

Have you seen otherwise?

I follow the forum world very closely. I’m aware of similar programs in the past, but I have not seen or heard of anything like this in years. Because I follow the forum world so closely, I expect to learn of any new automated post exchange if it does open up. There may be some out there, but they must not be “active” if I hear nothing about them. If that ever changes, I will most certainly remove that title from the Postloop website. Until that happens, we will continue to be known as ‘The world’s only active, automated post exchange’.

Why Add A Forum?

I assume you mean the Postloop forums here: http://www.postloop.com/community. If so, the answer is simple. I just feel that Postloop users need a place where they can communicate with each other if need be. It is also a place for them to report bugs, make suggestions, and interact with the Postloop staff. We may add messaging amongst Postloop users in the future, but right now, the forums are the best and only way to communicate with one another.

Why Not Add A Blog?

I simply was not interested in maintaining one. Any important news will be made in the Postloop Community forums and possible also via twitter: http://www.twitter.com/thepostloop

Who Are Royal Media?

Royal Media, LLC. is my internet media company that I use to operate all of my websites. Royal Media currently consists of http://www.forumflux.com, http://www.postloop.com, and various other affiliate marketing endeavours.

Why Do We Have To Download & Upload Postloop?

This is the most accurate and efficient way that we have discovered to track posts made in any Postloop forums. All Postloop forums will need to have a file called postloop.php uploaded to their forums. Periodically, a Postloop service will call on postloop.php to receive any updates on posts that were made in each forum by Postloop subscribers and use those post counts to determine Postloop balances. We have taken all necessary measures to secure those files and also to make them as efficient as possible so that there is absolutely no effect on your server.


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  1. Ryan says:

    Excellent format, 5 stars

  2. Alphonse Gabanelli says:

    For a site owner, it is a complete and utter waste of time and money. The success rate of forums that used the service is paltry. It is something in the single digits for forums that survived versus hundreds that went down the tubes the second they stopped paying for points. Head over to their “Testimonials & Success Stories” section of their support forum. A whooping two of them are from forum owners. Of those two, one is dead, and the other alleges it work, but they don’t have their URL set. The remaining testimonials are from writers. Many forum owners have dumped hundreds and or thousands of dollars into PostLoop content, but saw no return on that investment. The reasons are pretty clear:

    • Forums are a mature, even hyper saturated market. Garbage posts, in and of themselves, aren’t going to lure in real members. Which brings us to our next point.
    • The site owner is buying dump truck load of crap content. For every good or great PostLoop writer, there is a legion of authors that are pretty much worthless. Some have very limited English skills, others are young people with no real life experience, there is sprinkling of washed up older writers, and armies who just grind out the minimum to mash the “post” button. It is hardly surprising as we’re talking about folks willing to work for around 6-10 cents a post.
    • It is only a matter of time before some PostLoop member will say why they are posting. Regular members know they are talking to paid posters and they jump ship. All that work put into the forum only to see it circle the drain due to one slip.
    • The forum profiles, the canned postings, and obvious forced enthusiasm comes across as fake. Anyone who is not completely new to forums and isn’t a moron can tell after spending some time there.
    • When your points are gone so is anyone from PostLoop. And regular posters are going to notice real fast that a huge percentage of “members” all suddenly stopped posting.

    From the writers side of the equation, if you want to make a few bucks from the comfort of your home, I suppose it makes sense, but it is time that could be spent earning a lot more elsewhere. If your a site owner, seriously, don’t bother. You’re just whizzing money down the drain with this scam.

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