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Written on:July 7, 2012
Last modified on: July 7, 2012 @ 8:23 PM
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Interview with Terry Harvey

A interview with Terry Harvey, 17 year old male from the UK. Terry can make phpBB, WordPress and MyBB designs/styles and as well make graphics or html/css templates. Read more below in the interview.

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1Max Pen: Could you tell us a bit more about yourself so the readers know who you are?
Terry Harvey: I’m a 17 year old male web designer based in the United Kingdom. My hobbies include music and design.

2Max Pen: When did you start going on forums and eventually owning them yourself?
Terry Harvey: When I was around 14/15, I came across an awesome multi-player flash game which is unfortunately long gone. I got a little bored one evening and opened up the credits where I found a link to the game’s online message board. I had never heard of a forum before this so I was very intrigued. I registered and achieved my 1,000 post milestone in no time. It was great fun!

After some time, I stumbled upon ForuMotion where I set up my own forum purely for testing purposes. I was very curious as to how it worked. Ever so slowly, I learnt more and more about forums. Eventually, I came across the popular open-source forum platform phpBB. I downloaded it and started playing – that’s how I got where I am now.

3Max Pen: How has that experience been so far? What have been so far the ups and downs of being a forum admin?
Terry Harvey: Unfortunately, I haven’t administered a forum for almost a year – my schedule had been constantly full. I loved every moment of it however and I can definitely see myself administering again in the not so distant future.

4Max Pen: What have been some of the hardest challenges thus far with owning a forum or any type of project?
Terry Harvey: I would say promotion. I could never find the motivation to bump up topics on fifty different forums daily.

5Max Pen: When did you get into graphic design and eventually web design? What made you make that step from graphic design to web design?
Terry Harvey: I got into graphic design in around July 2010. I downloaded Paint.NET and started messing around just for fun. I downloaded GIMP in late ’10 and watched a few YouTube tutorials just to get myself started. Eventually in early 2011, I decided that I was going to take it seriously so I downloaded Photoshop and started playing.

I remember browsing the phpBB style database for my forum in April of 2011, however every design I liked was way too over-used. I promised myself that one day I would make my own and it went from there. I actually had a very good tutor who I’m sure you’ve heard of: Alfredo Garcia. He taught me most of what I know today and I am forever grateful to him.

6Max Pen: Which is the hardest of both? And if you had to choose which you would practice of both, then which would you eventually choose?
Terry Harvey: I wouldn’t say one is tougher than the other. If I had to choose, I’d definitely go with web design – there are no limits to it.

7Max Pen: What is your favorite/least favorite tool to use when designing/creating a graphic?
Terry Harvey: Favourite: Adobe Photoshop CS5; least favourite: Paint.NET.

8Max Pen: Could you tell us what you have learned in the past months if anything new that you could use when designing?
Terry Harvey: I couldn’t even begin to say. I’ve learnt many techniques over the past few months and I’m still learning now.

9Max Pen: What is your favorite music genre?
Terry Harvey: I love them all. Excluding rap and metal. Ew.

10Max Pen: How does music effect your life or mood?
Terry Harvey: It never fails to put me in a good mood, even on the gloomiest of days.

11Max Pen: What are some of your favorite bands/artists?
Terry Harvey: Coldplay is by far my favourite band. Carly Rae Jepson isn’t all that bad either.

12Max Pen: How did you get into creating phpBB/MyBB/Wordpress themes? Which platform is your favorite to create themes on and why?
Terry Harvey: I started designing for phpBB about a year ago when I wanted a custom design for my forum. I’ve only designed for WordPress once which was for my portfolio which I was planning to get live in February. I designed for MyBB twice for clients, but I definitely need to take a closer look at their templating systems. WordPress was my favourite platform to design for simply because it uses hooks instead of plugins.

13Max Pen: Which is the hardest platform to make a theme on? Could you share with us some styles you made so far for any of the 3 platforms?
Terry Harvey: phpBB is definitely the toughest mainly due to the modding system. Unfortunately, I can’t show you any past works at this time.

14Max Pen: Where can we view some of your design/graphic work?
Terry Harvey: I’m currently building a portfolio at Dribbble – everything you see or will see there is new, I won’t be posting past work there.

15Max Pen: Do you wish to do this as job later on or is this more like a side-income?
Terry Harvey: It’s too early to say. Compared to most designers, I’m amateur. If I do decide to take this career path, I’ll have to seriously step up my game.

16Max Pen: Finally, if you could alter your webmaster career its past, what would have been some of the things you would have done different?
Terry Harvey: I loved every moment and wouldn’t change a thing.

Thanks alot for doing this interview with me Terry. I surly enjoyed reading itit and I hope the others will to. -Max Pen


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  1. Terry Harvey says:

    Thanks for interviewing me, it was a real pleasure. :)

  2. 2787cmt says:

    Go Alfredo! He has taught me a few things as well. He has tried to introduce phpBB designing to me, but I couldn’t handle it. :P

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