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Written on:July 8, 2012
Last modified on: July 9, 2012 @ 11:16 AM
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Interview with Yaldaram

A interview with Yaldaram, a 23 year old male from India. Someone who likes to develop applications and help people out when he can. Once he found out about MyBB he started soon after with contributing with making plugins and themes. He has made 100+ plugins so far and has his own fan resource site dedicated to MyBB named after his username Yaldaram. Check out the interview below. 

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(1.) Max Pen: Could you tells us a bit more about yourself so the readers know who you are?
Yaldaram: I’m Umar Farooq and am known by the nickname of Yaldaram on the internet. I’m 24 and have recently completed Masters in Islamic Philosophy. I’m now trying to get higher degrees on the same subject.

As for the personal life, I’m single with lots of students as my kids. I usually deliver lectures to my students two times a week.

(2.) Max Pen: How did you get into forums and eventually MyBB.com? After how much time learning and contributing on Mybb.com did you start your own project Yaldaram.com?
Yaldaram: I used to use forumotion for my personal site. But saw MyBB software while googling around. I fell in love just after viewing their features page.

I started using MyBB as a base of my personal website/blog. I used to use their framework to create flexible web applications. I then started contributing to support MyBB users. Then I felt to create my own site for a place where I could post MyBB plugins and other related stuff. I’m very proud of running Yaldaram.com for almost 2 years continuously.

(3.) Max Pen: What could you and couldn’t you do with MyBB software when you started the project?
Yaldaram: I’ve done alot for MyBB project including;

  • Created complex plugins like MyBlog, MyIdeas, AdSlot etc.
  • Created custom requested plugins and themes on demand.
  • Supported MyBB users for their issues etc.

I’ve many ideas that area not completed/initiated because of huge burden on my shoulders. I hope I could find some time to start completing them as soon as possible.

(4.) Max Pen: Why did you pick MyBB to get involved with plugin and theme develoment and not any other forum software? Where you at anytime in the present or past involved in other fourm software then MyBB?
Yaldaram: I used phpBB from back in 2008. I saw MyBB on that year when I use forumotion for my personal site. I really don’t like the phpBB layout not because its bad but because it was not living up to my expectations. When I saw MyBB I eventually fell in love with it. I used their framework for my own applications and then started creating plugins and themes for it.

(5.) Max Pen: What has made you get a passion for MyBB? Has the quality of the product remained the same or increased over the time you were here as a member?
Yaldaram: I’m a web-developer. Because of this I’ve passion to create web applications on demand or for my own personal use. The quality of MyBB coding, it’s easy to use interface and hundreds of great features bundled into the software has a great inspiration for me to code plugins and themes.

(6.) Max Pen: Are there any things you dislike about MyBB? If so which and why? What do you dislike about other forum software that made you pick MyBB as the place to contribute to?
Yaldaram: The only thing that struck into my mind from the date when I started MyBB, is its name, MyBB. It’s not just MyBB, its OurBB. And it really is. It is owned by a great developer, Chris Boulton, with thousands of great community members. So no disliking at all.

(7.) Max Pen: What was the first plugin/theme you made? What did you learn from making those?
Yaldaram: Among plugins, I first created: Minimum Posts Plugin: http://yaldaram.com/thread-1.html (Its Thread ID = 1 so you can see my passion of creating plugins from the day when I started that site )

Among themes, I’ve not created any publicly available theme, all of these are private so I’ll keep these to my home

(8.) Max Pen: Would you consider yourself a MyBB Guru? What was the last new thing you learned and how long ago about MyBB its software? (That helped you in making plugins or themes, etc…)
Yaldaram: Nope, many plugin developers are gurus. I’m a self learner so always try to learn things from mistakes. Inspite of the fact that I’ve done so many stuff for MyBB but I not call myself a MyBB Guru.

Yumi (ZiNgA BuRgA) plugins have greatly influenced on me creating complex MyBB plugins. He is no doubt a MyBB (or in better way to say, PHP) Guru.

(9.) Max Pen: For the people getting into MyBB development what do you recommend them to do in order to one day become a pro like you?
Yaldaram: Self learning. This is the way you could heal your wounds that were created by your mistakes.

(10.) Max Pen: What has been the:
hardest plugin to make:
most complex plugin to make:
biggest plugin to make:
longest plugin to make:
easiest plugin to make:

  • Hardest plugin: MyBlog
  • Complex plugin: MyIdeas
  • Biggest plugin: MyBlog
  • Easiest plugin: Reputation bars

(12.) Max Pen: What has been the:
most learningful theme to make: (That you learned the most from of all themes you made so far.)
most complex theme:
longest theme to make:
easiest theme to make:
All of these are private so I think I’ve to keep silent about that.

(13.) Max Pen: Did you have it planned from the first few visits on MyBB.com to get into making plugins and themes for it? If not what made you got into that?
Yaldaram: I love to support people. You may judge this yourself by my 1K reputation points over at MyBB.com community forums. Plus I was a web-developer before using MyBB so both of these things enforced me to create stuff to help people.

(14.) Max Pen: Who has helped you from the community on MyBB so far to get you where you are now?
Yaldaram: MyBB staff especially MattRogowski, TommM, -G33K- and Yumi. They are all my mentors.

(15.) Max Pen: What where your original goals with your own MyBB site have these changed over time or remain the same?
Yaldaram: I think I’ve achieved very much from my site upto my expectations. My main concerns were;

  •  To create a site where I could publish my stuff for MyBB.
  • To have a site where I could support MyBB users with their issues.
  • To make a resourceful site for MyBB.
  • To create a room for the people and to have a chance to get support from here if they’re denied from getting support over at mybb.com

Pretty much to all of these have been in my mind before initiating the site and now I hope all of these are achieved.

(16.) Max Pen: Can you tell us some of the hardest challenges you faced so far on working with MyBB software and your own project?
Yaldaram: Spam bots. Fortunately we’ve now very good anti spam tools and plugins to combat with these.

(17.) Max Pen: From what do you get your inspiration to come up with the ideas behind your themes/plugins? Are all plugins you made so far based on your own ideas or like half from the commnity of MyBB.com?
Yaldaram: Among my 100+ plugins, I think 80% of these were created on demand. Few of them were based on my own ideas. I’ve a notepad and a pen in my laptop case and I write plugin ideas in it but believe me neither of these ever were completed or initiated. I think this is because I want ideas from people and love to share with them the completed item as soon as possible.

(18.) Max Pen: Do you think you’ll ever be able to earn a living of MyBB.com and your own project?
Yaldaram: Hope is life. I’m hoping to achieve something more other than that of the expectations and goals I enlisted above.

(19.) Max Pen: What does the future hold for you? What do you wish to do later on as a job?
Yaldaram: I’m hoping and trying to get a higher education degree (like Doctorate in Islamic Philosophy). I’ve started my job as delivering lectures to my students and now trying to get a real job in University.

(20.) Max Pen: Other than working on MyBB what do you like to do of other stuff?
Yaldaram: I’ve few recreations like playing Badminton, Ludu (an Indian kids game ) with my sister’s son, reading books, delivering lectures, writing articles, reading newspapers, traveling outside the city and few home jobs. Pretty much busy life.

(21.) Max Pen: Finally if you could alter your past on the MyBB community would there be any scenario you would alter if so why if not why?
Yaldaram: I learn from my mistakes. Mistakes may happen, one shouldn’t stand on the wrong thing if he knows it’s wrong. Having said that, I’ve done few mistakes in the past, due to which one of my close colleague (Aries Belgium) left the site. If I could go back to the past then I’ll contact him and ask him to come back to mybb.com. He was really a great asset to MyBB.

Thanks for doing this interview man, I enjoyed your replies and hope the others will enjoy them to. -Max Pen


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