#122 Interview with Demon_Skeith video gamer and owner of GamingForce

Written on:July 11, 2012
Last modified on: July 12, 2012 @ 2:17 PM
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Note: This isn’t the first interview we did with Ed, click here to go to the first interview we did with him.

Interview with Demon_Skeith

A interview with Demon_Skeith, real name Ed. A 21 year old college gamer and forum owner from the USA. He owns and manages for alot of years now a gaming forum named Gaming Force.   

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1.) Max Pen: Could you tells us a bit more about yourself so the readers know who you are?

Ed: I’m your average in college gamer living a quiet and shy live just enjoying the days that come and go with no girlfriend.

2.) Max Pen: What is the story behind your username Demon_Skeith? Do you use any other usernames? If so is there any story behind them?

Ed: Demon_skeith, it’s something I came up with back on the G4 forums, the demon stands for not to mess with me or make me mad. The skeith part comes from the phrase Skeith from the .hack series games which I am a big fan of. I also use Neoed from time to time and was my very first used username since I’m kind of like a neo ed on the forum.

3.) Max Pen: When did you start going on forums and eventually posting on them? When did you take over GamingForce and why? Where there any other candidates to take it over but you?

Ed: About 6 or 7 years ago, I was watching a show called cheat (for video game cheat codes) and they advertised their forum which I decided to check out since I didn’t know much about the net and recently got a somewhat working PC with internet. So once on the cheat forums I began to learn and take more interest in forums.

So as I learned more through the G4 forums, I came to meet zero, the founder of GF and eventually he showed me there was more than the G4 forums and I became a member of his Gamingforce. Which he struggled with and shut down in the end, but I and as far as I know only I, took a interest of take over and he gave me control of the forum.

4.) Max Pen: At the time you took it over, what was your exp with running forums and such?

Ed: Zero, zilch, noob, nothing! Two weeks before I took over I just learned how to upload a image to photobucket and somehow link it to the forum. I spent the first few weeks overwhelmed by the IPBfree ACP and learning it. Through trail and error I began to learn much more about foruming.

5.) Max Pen: What are some of the things you learned while managing Gaming Force?

Ed: I learned a lot, and one important lesson. A forum does not become big over night. Even today I am still learning stuff as I’ve gone from free hosting to my own hosting and IPB software. You would think a forum be simple and can be but if you want to make something out of it you must give time and learn a little code here and there to make something that stands out from the rest.

6.) Max Pen: Did you ever fell like giving up on it? What made you turn around and continue working on it?

Ed: Once, about two or three years ago in the dead of winter I thought about it. My core members had left with life issues and activity was nearly dead. I thought about closing but thought what else am I going to do? I just kept going knowing I could replace the members lost sooner or later. With later coming much later than it should.

7.) Max Pen: What have been so far the hardest challenges? What have you tried to do to stir up activity?

Ed: Activity, it’s the hardest part of any forum. To get it, keep it, and make it happy is a chore everyday. At first I tried to offer just a forum for gamers to come and meet to get activity and learned it takes more than that. So these days I’ve been doing contests with money and video games as prizes.

8.) Max Pen: Held any contests so far and did they work their magic?

Ed: I’ve started to get more serious this year with contests, the first few were meh in their results with one ending badly by someone who couldn’t read. But a latest E3 contests seem to yield the results I wanted.

9.) Max Pen: You got a hobby named: “shooting pool”, what is it about and how did you get into it? What do you like about it?

Ed: Shooting pool, aka billiards. It’s something my late grandpa got me into and teached me some stuff. I enjoy it as it kills time and is fun to play with other people.

10.) Max Pen: What video games are you playing now? And how did you get into anime?

Ed: Currently playing Final Fantasy XIII-2 (ps3) and The world ends with you (DS) and I’m looking forward to Kingdom hearts 3D (3DS). And how I got into anime only takes one word, Toonami. Golden days those were on the CN channel.

11.) Max Pen: What genres are your favorites? Top 5 games of all time you played?

Ed: RPG, platforming and shooting games are my favorite.

For top five that is hard, but:

  1. .hack//infection
  2. FF 7
  3. Megaman X
  4. sly cooper
  5. super mario bros

12.) Max Pen: If you had to look back at Gaming Force its past, what are some of the most enjoyed memories you have?

Ed: Meeting all the people who joined up and shared their knowledge. I like to read and learn about interesting things and people all around the world can teach you a lot of things. It has also allowed me learn more about PCs and how the internet works and lead me to meeting some great people over the net.

13.) Max Pen: Have you ever thought of starting up an other project? Or will Gaming Force remain your 1 and truly project forever?

Ed: Currently Gamingforce will remain my true and only project, as running a forum with a life and college and a job while playing video games and watching anime can leave a person with little time. Not enough for two forums.

But before I got a job I started up a Naruto RP forum named Legend of Ten Tails and at this time it was not revealed in the manga there was a ten tails bijuu so my RP forum was a huge prediction/theory that came true. But with things becoming busy I had to choose between GF and LoTT, and I went with GF. But maybe one day LoTT will come back to light.

Thank you for doing this interview with me Ed. I hope everyone enjoys reading it. -Max Pen


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