1 Week after launch and we are doing good!

Written on:December 1, 2010
Last modified on: December 3, 2010 @ 4:28 PM
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Hello IY people!

Today marks the 10th day of us being online-live to everyone. We released our blog on the 21th of November, that was the major release. On the 20th it was released we could say to people in private, as a beta release. Who could have toughed our idea-project would get so much good feedback? When I installed the blog and forums on the 3th of November with my partner Kyza, I didn’t expect it would be that hard to really get good results. We got to a good point by now in 10 days time.

“Good Results Take Time”

But “good results, take much time“. And that I experienced. I expected this idea to be alot more successful then it already is now.  The day I mass-promoted it, we didn’t hit to much of traffic or user joining, commenting, etc . I was a bit dispepointed, felt like I wasted my time on some sites promoting IY. I had to high standards of what to expect. It comes with time your site gets some good traffic and user sign ups. Activity in general. It will take some time even for IY to get that to,  quite normal.


We have got around 80 to 100 people giving positive feedback on our project, site. Most personal via “Private Message” or on “msn”. others from strangers commenting in one of our promotion topics on other forums. We haven’t just got feedback like nice idea, special site, etc … But also constructive feedback. I asked to some people what they found of us and they gave some good feedback. We also have got some feedback from unkown people via our promotion topics. For example our first interview with the German girl is silly, but just published as it was the first interviewed ever done for this project.


For the Forums I selected 3 positive comments made:

 “Love the simplicity of the forum Smile Looks simple and easy to navigate, yet cool looking!” -DFSITE from Sitefrost

“Good luck Master. There is alot of potential in your site.” -Terrorz from AdminBB

“Actually, sorry to burst your bubble. But its not really a one of a kind thing. But great to see others using a unique idea like this though.” -Wrecks from The Hazey

For the Blog I also selected 3 positieve comments:

“I like this site, the latest interview with the Chinese student was interesting. Good luck with it.” -Snowflake from FP
“Very interesting site.” -Weiyan from AdminBB
“Very interesting concept, I bookmarked it;).”  -Koop from Fullychargedforums


1. The grammar in our interview needs to be improved.

2. We need to show clearly what we offer, what our goals are, who we interview.

3.  Other …


1. We got a unique idea

2. Its someting new

3. We got a chance if we do it good, to become something big.

Final Message (added on the second of Decmeber)

What you see right now of the site is just the start. We got tons of ideas to add on the foundation of the idea. I could already tell you, we got it planned to use google translator on this site. That you get a drop down menu at the footer. To select your native language, this way you can read interviews much more easy. If your bad in English.^^ That is just 1 of the ideas we have. We are close to having 3 people for the interview team. We can also start to focus on interviewing famous people soon.

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