#123 Interview with Eternal, CT member on FP and owner of Admins Place

Written on:July 12, 2012
Last modified on: July 12, 2012 @ 5:57 PM
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Interview with Eternal

A interview with Eternal, a 15 year old guy from the USA. He is part of the moderator team on FP and enjoys managing his own forum Admins Place. Reed more about him below in the interview!

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(Q: 1.) Max Pen: Could you tell us a bit more about yourself so the readers know who you are?
(A) Eternal: Well, I am a 15 year old male from New York. I enjoy skateboarding, being on forums, coding, hanging out with my friends, gaming, and lot of other stuff! My family owns a small grocery store, and a winery, so I spend a lot of time helping out with those.

(Q: 2.) Max Pen: What got you into forums? How did you find FP and what motivated you to apply for the CT team? What where your expectations of getting the job?
(A) Eternal: I don’t really remember what got me into forums, I think I just joined one, one day and enjoyed it so much that I have been going on forums ever since. I found Forum Promotion on google while I was looking for a place to advertise my forum, and I am glad I did! What motivated me to apply for the position on the CT was the very friendly community, and because I just love being on forums, moderating, and helping out the community the best I can. My expectations of being on the CT was that it was going to be a lot of hard work, but that I would have quite a bit of fun as well.

(Q: 3.) Max Pen: How as the job been so far? What is the easiest/hardest part of the job?
(A) Eternal: The job has been great for far, the community doesn’t seem to mind me which is good because I don’t want to be hated by any of them. Also Fiona, Snobo, Tindris, Lunar, and all the other great people that have helped me out through all of it so far have made the job even better, they are all really great people to work with, and I look forward to continuing the job with them! The easiest part of my job I would have to say is, moving topics around and, dealing with the forum battles. The hardest part, I would have to say, dealing with some of the reports at times when you are quite sure what should be done, but thankfully the job is pretty easy other than that.

(Q: 4.) Max Pen: If you couldn’t be on the CT team what other team would you choose to be on if any? What are some of the things you learned from being a CT member on FP?
(A) Eternal: If I couldn’t be on the CT, I think that I may have joined the Review Team because I do enjoy writing reviews. Something that I have learned from being on the CT being polite, calm, respectful, and professional goes a long way. People really like it when you talk to them very politely if they may have done something wrong, and there is no need to be rude about it. I have also learned that even though we are staff here, we do get to have a lot of fun!

(Q: 5.) Max Pen: When did you start your first forum? Is Admins Place your first project? If so what did you learn so far?
(A) Eternal: I don’t remember when I started my first forum, I want to say about 5 years ago now, and it was a gaming forum. Admins Place is actually my 4th project I believe, and probably one of the best that I have created, because I got to learn from all of my past mistakes.

(Q: 6.) Max Pen: There has been no activity in the last 24 hours on your forum, why do you think that is? How do you plan on getting the activity back up?
(A) Eternal: There hasn’t been much activity on AP because I have been quite busy with stuff on FP, and in real life. I really want to get AP going and have a nice little community. I have been talking a lot with my staff and members to see what they would want, that would keep them coming back.

(Q: 7.) Max Pen: Why did you choose to make an admin forum? While there are so many out there already, what makes yours stand out from the rest?
(A) Eternal: When I started Admins Place, I didn’t really realize how many other admin forums where out there. The only real thing that I can say about Admins Place that makes it ‘stand out’ from the rest is that the staff and myself are very involved in the community, our community means everything to us and we just want to please them.

(Q: 8.) Max Pen: Could you tell us more about EMS? What your involvement with it is, how you got into it and what EMS stands for?
(A) Eternal: EMS stand for ‘Emergency Medical Services’. I currently volunteer at an ambulance service in my town, and I got into because my dad has always been a volunteer firefighter, and I was always interested in the emergency services. I just love to help people, and have been interested in all of the emergency services stuff since I was a little kid.

(Q: 9.) Max Pen: When did you start with skateboarding and what has been the hardest part of it? What tricks can you do? And when do you do skateboarding?
(A) Eternal: I started skateboarding when I was about 5, I was never really good back then, but I have gotten better since then! The hardest part is learning all the new tricks that I have never done before, it can take weeks to get them down and you still aren’t perfect. I can do just about all the basic tricks (Ollies, kickflips, heelflips, etc). I am still not very good, but still learning! I skateboard in my spare time, mainly on the weekends.

(Q: 10.) Max Pen: What are some of the mistakes you made with running Admins Place so far if any?
(A) Eternal: Well, I am going to be honest here, my first mistake was ever making an Admin Forum, there are just to many of them and you have to constantly come up with unique things that makes your forum better than the rest. Also, I haven’t done much promoting, which I really need to do if I want any sort of success for the forum.

(Q: 11.) Max Pen: What games are you playing now? What are your top 5? And what is your favorite genre?
(A) Eternal: I am currently playing, Combat Arms, A.V.A, and Borderlands. My favorite genre is definitely shooting games, and I don’t have a top 5.

(Q: 12.) Max Pen: Finally, if given the option to alter your past either online or offline, which would you choose and what scenario would you change and why?
(A) Eternal: I have made quite a few mistakes in my past, that I don’t wish to mention, but if I could I would definitely go back and change quite a few things in my past. Another thing I would change is, I would have never started an admin forum its just to hard to keep up with all of the other admin forums out there. Also, I would have joined FP a long time ago. That’s pretty much it I think!

Thank you for doing this interview with me Eternal. I hope everyone enjoys your replies as I did. -Max Pen



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  1. Roach says:

    This is a very good interview. I must say this Admins Place forum looks decent and seems like it will eventually do very well. I am more of a blogger but the work so far looks like it will be a good place if the hard work is put into it. Max, you look like you know how to interview people so well done. The questions you ask really helps people reading as well. I will be bookmarking the site and reading more of your reviews.

    • Max Pen says:

      Hello Roach,

      Thanks for your kind comment.

      Just one thing to fix is that we don’t do reviews here but interviews. :)


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