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Written on:July 13, 2012
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Interview with Jack Baker

A interview with Jack Baker, a 17 year old guy from the UK. He has a big passion for music and making music with his music band Beyond The Boulevard and 1 Normal 1 Strange. He is also the owner of Media Wise and Crazy Monkey Broadcasting. Read more about it in the interview below.

(1.) Max Pen: Could you tells us a bit more about yourself so the readers know who you are?
Jack Baker: Yeah, I am Jack Baker, rhythm guitarist for Beyond The Boulevard and 1 Normal 1 Strange. I am was known on forums as solo21 or most resent Apophis. in my past time I write songs and create and make graphic products such as posters and logos. I was the Head graphics designer of phpBB communities for a few months and completed over 50 requests over different forums. I am also the owner of Media Wise and Crazy Monkey Broadcasting.

(2.) Max Pen: When did you start with making music yourself and what tools did you use to make that music?
Jack Baker: I started learning guitar about 3 years ago and didn’t really play much until September last year when I meet Luke Harvey and we started to play songs together more and more during my music lessons at school. the tools I use to make my covers of me on my own is one Ipod touch using memo recorder app and i use the email system to send parts to my pc for me to add the next part by playing the last. it is a long process to get the music right or close once that is done I make the video using graphic image or logo created in Photoshop CS5 in Movie Maker were after I have completed my edit i upload straight to my channel of choice.

(3.) Max Pen: Has it been hard to get the right materials needed to make quality music? Is it expensive?
Jack Baker: yes, because I can’t record voices very well using the method I use. If I had the money I would get a studio set up so I can have the best sound possible. and to have microphones and top of the range PA system. and unfortunately it can be expensive to get studio time costs money and to have a make shift one also costs money so if you want to make music get good before recording cos you tubers can be picky with what music us do.

(4.) Max Pen: If you had to describe the music you make with your band in 5 words, which would those words be?
Jack Baker: BTB: Acoustic, fun, Indie rock, Great

1 Normal 1 Strange: amazing, duet, popular, Acoustic, funny

(5.) Max Pen: When did you have the idea of forming a band? And when did this idea come into action?
Jack Baker: we actually had to do it as an assignment from school and went on from there really BTB started around February last year, and 1 Normal 1 Strange was an idea I had very recently that was due to Luke not being at school and practising was becoming hard. I also wanted to work with a piano as I can also play that too. Imogen Amos could sing and play piano and is brilliant at both, she came up with the name and i liked it due to the funny twist. our first practice was today and boy have we got a lot planned.

(6.) Max Pen: What music genre is best associated with your band? What music genres do you like personally?
Jack Baker: BTB: Indie Rock, Acoustic

1 Normal 1 Strange: Indie Rock, soft Rock, Acoustic.

I like any music really but Indie rock is what I like mostly.

(7.) Max Pen: Could you give a short introduction of each member of the band and what they do and what there speciality is?
Jack Baker:

BTB: Luke Harvey Rhythm Guitarist acoustic and vocals and song writing.

Me: Rhythm guitarist Acoustic and helps song writing.

1 Normal 1 Strange: Imogen Amos: pianist, song writer, vocals, guitar here and there.
Me: Rhythm Guitar Acoustic, song writing, vocals, piano a bit.
(8.) Max Pen: How did you come up with the name of the band: “Beyond The Boulevard”?
Jack Baker: No idea it was formed by a new member which left which edited our name from our original name lightening boulevard.

and 1 Normal 1 Strange just a random moment and it stuck.

(9.) Max Pen: What are your goals and ambitions with the band? You aiming to become famous?
Jack Baker: the aim is to share our music throughout the world having the fame and fortune would be an added bonus with both band I would like to have a life in music so that is the aim.

(10.) Max Pen: Where are you planning on preforming or have you performed so far?
Jack Baker: BTB: has performed at The Archbishops School Canterbury so far not much planned for us this year.

1 normal 1 strange no performances as of yet but allot planned.

(11.) Max Pen: Could you share with us some music you made so far?
Jack Baker: I can give you a snippet of BTB cover of wonderwall by oasis and other covers by me on the BTB Channel on YouTube

I can’t share anything for 1 normal 1 strange yet we are planning songs to cover.

BTB Channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/111thfleet?feature=mhee

(12.) Max Pen: How did you learn to make music and such? Did you go to music school, etc…?
Jack Baker: I just just found ways to do it. I already knew how to make YouTube videos so it was kinda the same thing I learnt like everyone else with a guitar teacher. and learning off of other guitarists. but i currently studying music at school.

(13.) Max Pen: Where do you see yourself and your band in 2 years time?
Jack Baker: I see myself as a member of a popular local band that is rising in fame.

(14.) Max Pen: Finally, if you could alter your past online or offline, which would you choose and what scenario would you change and why?
Jack Baker: there has been allot of childish actions I have taken in the past mostly online but I would not change it because it has got me to where I am today and learned lessons teachers cannot teach. but there is one last point I would like to change, I was once close to one of my female friends and I miss took her signs of friendship for love and so that has damaged our relations with each-other not so much now but was if I could change it that would be great but the past is past.

And each day is the future. Thank You Max Pen for interviewing me I should hope to be able to come back a few years down the line and be interviewed again so Thank You!

Your welcome Jack Baker it was a pleasure. I hope everyone has a good read. -Max Pen


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