#125 Interview with Pearson aka Avian a ex. designer/webmaster, currently a rapper and skater

Written on:July 14, 2012
Last modified on: July 14, 2012 @ 7:43 PM
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Interview with Pearson aka Avian

A interview with Pearson aka Avian. A 14 year old guy from the USA who used to own a forum and used to be into designing. Currently he likes to rap and skate. Read more about the interview below.

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Q 1. Max Pen: Could you tells us a bit more about yourself so the readers know who you are?
Pearson: I’m a fourteen year old male living in Virginia, who loves designing. I’m out of the website business for now but maybe I’ll return one day. I’m also profound of using proper grammar.

Q 2. Max Pen: When did you get into rapping? What does rapping mean to you personally?
Pearson: I got into it a few months ago. It’s my favorite genre to listen to, but honestly if it wasn’t for rap I would been doing a lot of stupid things. People hear the radio and instantly pummel the genre like it’s a disease. Don’t do that guys, it’s a great thing. Underground teaches a lot of life lessons. What it means to me is really, unlimited creativity

Q 3. Max Pen: Favorite rap? What raps have you made so far? What are your raps most of the time about?
Pearson: My favorite rap? Well the artist is Jedi Mind tricks. I don’t really have any released raps because, well, I freestyle a lot. Usually they’re about whatever pops up into my head.

Q 4. Max Pen: When did you start with writing? What do you usually write about? Could you share us a thing or two of pieces that you written?
Pearson: I started writing back when I was in sixth grade, two years ago. I write a lot of super-human characters doing awesome things and making difficult choices, but sometimes I like to kick it George Orwell style. If you want to read my latest story that I had to do for school, you can find there: http://pastebin.com/YDKJ4QHq

Q 5. Max Pen: You are into skating, since what age and how did you get into it? Is it hard or easy? To what type of people would you recommend doing it?
Pearson: I got into it when I was eleven. It’s hard, and easy, depending on you. I recommend everyone to buy a board and land soemthing gnarly haha.

Q 6. Max Pen: Is designing something you found generally easy or hard to do? How did you get into it? And what is the latest stuff you made? (Show us.)
Pearson: Designing is a difficult thing if you want to be good. You can’t just make something by slapping a bunch of stuff on and some text and call it done. No, it takes care and effort to make a good piece. I got into it from wanting to make signatures to look cool on forums. This is my newest piece: http://i56.tinypic.com/sx0qk1.jpg

Q 7. Max Pen: Since when did you get into forums and eventually owning them?
Pearson: All in sixth grade. Towards the end of it is when I first got the idea to make one. It was a writing site made on forumotion haha. So bad, so bad.

Q 8. Max Pen: When did EvanP came into the picture? On what project did he work with you? What was the project about?
Pearson: Evan.. Ugh. He wanted to talk to me one day, and that started a friendship after he claimed to have turned over a new leaf. He made NeroChat with me, and it was a general discussion forum that we (mainly being me) worked hard on.

Q 9. Max Pen: What went wrong? How did this effect your foruming future? Would you consider yourself a victim of EvanP?
Pearson: He became a dictator. He would argue with a bunch of our members and be a complete jerk to them. If I tried to intervene, he would threatening to stop helping me, which at the time he was sponsoring a competition so I couldn’t do anything. I may come back to forums again, but Evan ruined my experience, and was close to trashing my name. I’m not a victim though, because I learned.

Q 10. Max Pen: Did you get your revenge? If not do you still want revenge? Or did you put it past you?
Pearson: I got my revenge already by watching him screw up over and over. I put it all past me though, as I realized it happened, and there was no changing it.

Q 11. Max Pen: How did you get in contact with EvanP? What type of guy did you think he was? (Like a nice character, etc…)
Pearson: He told one of our mutual friends that he wanted to talk to me. I did it, but I already knew he was a scammer, and a jerk. I didn’t heed the warning.

Q 12. Max Pen: Have you ever thought about starting with a new project? If so what did you have planned?
Pearson: I have thought of it, but I’m lacking the real will to do it. I will either do a Pokémon forum, or a GFX discussion site if I ever do.

Q 13. Max Pen: What questions came to mind when EvanP back stabbed you?
Pearson: Did he realize by using my vBulletin license I could easily destroy him? That was all.

Q 14. Max Pen: Have you ever shared with anyone what you gone through because of EvanP?
Pearson: Of course I have, but I’ve grown out of it. I was having an immature answer to an immature situation. I had planned to steal all of his personal information and post it everywhere, but luckily I made a mature answer.

Q 15. Max Pen: If you could alter the past, what would you change and why?
Pearson: I would have never talked to Evan. Obvious reasons why.

Thank you for doing this interview with me Pearson. I hope everyone will enjoy reading your replies like I did. -Max Pen


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  1. Mike says:


    I congratulate you for using proper grammar as many web-developers don’t focus too much on that aspect of professionalism.

    As a Web-Master, I strongly enforce my staff members to use proper spelling, punctuation, and correct terminology. I guarantee any one of you reading this it will encourage your site’s members to come back again and visit.

    Your hobbies are quite interesting, and it’s my pleasure to have read your interview.

    Best of luck

  2. Evan says:

    Really Pearson?

    You’re really ridiculous, you know that? I did everything for that site and you know it, you were clueless and useless at the same time. Explain to me how you think yourself as a “victim”, what did I ever do to you?

    • Pearson says:

      Oh, so telling the members you would ban them if you did not think their grammar counts of someone working perfectly to the site; banning me for not agreeing with you sounds reasonable too I assume. You were a terrible admin, and the only thing you did was use me to try to get free money from people from your weak little scams.

      You’re a terrible person, you cannot be trusted, you single-handedly ruined that site. Oh sure, you got more activity than I did, but who made the entire design? Twice? Who was ACTUALLY disappointed when something went wrong? Me. And I of course was the one who quickly tried to fix it rather than give up.

      Also I remember you saying you wanted to host a competition, do you remember one of the ways you tried to get the money for it that you.. NEVER HAD? You tried to S-C-A-M it from people and tried to use me as the safe boat when you got caught in the act, and honestly that’s all you’re known for. Hell, someone can google your name and instantly think I’d be the correct one in this argument.

      By the way, if you think you did the hard work of getting members, I had my friend who worked with SEO doing pretty much all of the hard work while you thought it was your own doing because you posted to a stupid website begging people to visit you. You couldn’t even use your real name to do it though because no one trusted you; also you got me banned. -_-

      Also you’re known for getting people to hack websites of people you don’t like.

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