#127 Interview with Chris ex. editor of his local newspaper and wishes to become a journalist

Written on:July 16, 2012
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Interview with Chris

A interview with Chris a 16 year old guy from Australia. Used to run the local newspaper of the town he lived in until school work became to much he was forced to quit the job. He wishes to become a journalist. Check out more in the interview below. 

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1/ Max Pen: Could you tell us a bit more about yourself so the readers know who you are?

Chris: Well, thinking on it there’s not much to tell. I’m from a rural community in Australia (about 6000 people), and so everybody knows everyone – I used to run the Youth oriented part of the local paper and I’m kind of half aspiring to be a journalist. I play guitar but relatively poorly and I was part of the local community drama group for several years. Other than that there’s not much interesting. I have a solid group of several close friends… Yeah… I suppose that’s a nice intro. Anyhow, yeah, that’s probably my crowning achievement. I think we ran twenty five issues under my tenure for that paper, and when I resigned it all kind of went downhill sadly.

2/ Max pen: What job did you dream of doing when you were a young kid? Did that dream ever change and do you do think you’ll ever realize your dream job?

Chris: Uh, as a young kid I really wanted to be like… I think it was like, an English teacher. It changed a bit, I’ve been looking into journalism and government work as a future career but it still certainly is a possibility. I think I could very well be an English teacher if I desired, but… currently my dream job is to work with the United Nations. I don’t know how. I’ve just always been interested in it. And perhaps, one day.

3/ Max pen: How did you get interested in journalism? What is the hardest and most easy part about the job?

Chris: I got interested in journalism by kind of doing it. The person who ran the part of the local paper that I did was a really bright and intelligent person but she was getting a bit hammered down with her schoolwork and so the Youth Page kind of went aside and didn’t release any issues for a few months. I was pretty disappointed to see it go, so I got into contact with some creative writers and some of the other intelligent people in the school and we all got together and got in contact with the local paper and asked to take it up again. I renamed it from the ‘Youth Page’ to ‘Youthink’ because I love puns and it was like ‘Youth’ and ‘Ink’ and ‘You’ and ‘Think’… Anyway, puns aside we started working on this really cool project and it was really interesting and I kind of got really involved with what we were doing as we were doing it. It wasn’t exactly a venue for experience in journalism for me or anything, it just sort of happened.As for the hardest bit, it was keeping my team focused. I kind of had to be a hard arse and not really accept late submissions on stories. The easiest bit was well, having fun.

4/ Max pen: What subjects do you usually wrote about for your newspaper?

Chris: Everything and anything we could really. It was all about filling up space with content. Some days we had opinion pieces, some days we wrote actual stories about what was going on in the town, some days when we were struggling some of the creative writers would submit short stories and poems and stuff.

5/ Max pen: Do you got an idea of how many readers your newspaper had?

Chris:  I couldn’t give you a figure, unfortunately. Enough that the local paper was happy with us.

6/ Max pen: Why did you resign on your newspaper?

Chris: Same thing that happened to the last girl happened to me. Schoolwork killed me in the end.

7/ Max pen: What got you interested into playing the guitar?

Chris: My friends all started a band and they were really good. I wanted to be a part of something like that so I bought myself a Fender Stratocaster and signed up for lessons.

I’m not very good, I’ve never written anything myself but I really enjoy covers. I know covers of bands like Death Cab for Cutie, the Smiths, the Shins, Cage the Elephant, Okkervil River, Interpol…

8/ Max Pen: Finally where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time? If you could alter the past would you change anything if so what?

Chris: Probably in university. And if I could alter anything? Uh, I’d probably alter my mother’s terminal illness. But if it’s decisions I’ve made, there was this one girl that I was kind of into and she was into me and I wasn’t as nice to her as I probably should have been. I wish I could’ve been nicer.

Thank you for doing this interview with me Chris. I hope everyone enjoys your replies as I did. -Max Pen


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