#128 Interview with Erik aka Aoenian a hardcore gamer and C&C fan

Written on:July 17, 2012
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Interview with Erik aka Aoenian

A interview with Erik aka Aoenian, a 18 year old guy from Sweden.  He considers himself a hardcore gamer and big time C&C fan. He has won 2 Logitech G9 mice, around 10 t-shirts, about 50 EA games and around 800 dollars in cash. Check out more in the interview below.

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1. Max PenCould you tell us a bit more about yourself so the readers know who you are?
Erik: Hello! My name is Erik and I am from Sweden. I’m 18 years old (will be 19 later this year.) and I’ve been a gamer since my childhood. Other things I like to do is skiing, playing football, running and partying with mates.

2. Max PenAt what age did you start with gaming? What platforms have you played on so far? Which platform is your favorite one and why?
Erik: I think I started with gaming when I was 3-5 years old. Instead of being at a kindergarten like most friends did, I was at my grandmother and grandfather. That’s why I came into gaming, because they had a Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Playstation 1, Nintendo 64 and a PC which I played on. I also watched when I was little at the Playstation 2 when my uncle played on it, I think it was GTA or something.

So far I have played on all consoles I said above, but have also played on Playstation 3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Gamecube, Nintendo DS and a few different versions of Gameboys.

All consoles I have at my home now are a Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Playstation 1, Gamecube, Wii, Gameboy and a PC. I haven’t really played the Nintedo 64 that I have here at home now, but my Uncle was going to sell it, but I didn’t allow him to do it.

My favorite platform is PC and I think it’s going to be so for another 20 years. It requires more skill in my opinion when you have to move the mouse in FPS games etc., you need a “feeling” in that way, a feeling you won’t really ever get in a console game. Games and things have always looked much better at the PC too, and I guess that’s why I prefer PC above other platforms.

3. Max PenWould you consider yourself a hardcore gamer? If so why and if not why?
Erik: Yes I do, because I have spent a very long period of my life into everything which has to do with games. In the later years I have won a lot of tournaments for the classic RTS series Command & Conquer. The games in there I have won tournaments in are C&C3 Tiberium Wars and Kanes Wrath, C&C 4 Tiberium Twilight. I’ve also been in some tournaments in the games C&C Generals and Generals Zero Hour and Red Alert 3. In C&C 3 Tiberium Wars and Kanes Wrath I joined the biggest tournament EA ever had for a RTS game, and I came around 12th place there in the game, 2 years in a row.

I’m also reading things like interviews etc. from developers, and I’m always getting updated on Twitter from a lot of gaming companies, so it’s not just in the “gaming” of the games I would consider myself as a “hardcore gamer”.

4. Max PenHow many hours are spent usually on gaming a day? Why do you game?
Erik: It’s different, long time ago I could be at school from like 08.00 -15.00 and start gaming around 16.00 – 00.00. And on weekends it has been from 08-11.00 close to all from 02.00-04.30 sometimes. Doing nothing except gaming. Now a days it’s less because I’m studying and working, but it’s still really much compared to many other players for sure. And why do I play? Well, it’s because I enjoys it very much. There are not many things that are more fun, and I have always had a talent for gaming, it doesn’t take too much time until I’m getting really strong.

5. Max PenHave you ever got bored of gaming, if so what did you do with that time you usally spent on gaming?
Erik: Actually, I have never been bored of gaming. Many other people get bored after a few hours, but I can play infinity and won’t get tired of it. I don’t know how it can be so, but why don’t football players get tired of playing football? It’s the same thing for me with games to be honest.

6. Max PenWhat is your favorite genre and game? Why?
Erik: If I’m going to include games from my childhood to now it’s all from adventure games to RTS and FPS games. I played much adventure games a long time ago, like Alundra, Ape Escape etc., but now a days I would say RTS or FPS games, maybe because it has much to do with E-sports, but also because I’ve liked to take and make own decisions in my gaming. Like in a RTS games you need to build your own economy, units and make the right battles at the right time mixed with different units. In most adventure games it won’t be free in such a way.

I don’t really know which game I would consider the best one. Lately I would say Crysis 2 or Assassins Creed 2. (I haven’t played the Assassins Creed games after that, yet.) because I really got into that story and game play. In Crysis 2 every little detail was good, the graphics, the effects and the sound. It was epic. But I remember Ape Escape was really awesome too, I did really love that, and it was also my first own game I ever played. I don’t think you can be happier than I was when I started to play that.

7. Max PenHow did you get into C&C, what is your favorite C&C game? Why?
Erik: Hmm… I don’t remember. But I know I got Tiberian Sun from a friend at mum’s job. That friend had a son/s which had played it, but he stopped it. And the friend to my mum asked gave her the games and she gave it to me. And I think I bought Red Alert 1 some year after that because I knew Tiberian Sun was awesome. If it wasn’t that way, I just checked a PC list and took Red Alert 1 because it sounded amazing. As I said, I don’t really remember… But after playing Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 1 (a lot) I found out that RTS games are fun, even if I didn’t really understand the missions because of the English language, but it worked most of the time, except a mission in Red Alert 1 that you had to capture a structure instead of destroying it. I asked my dad to read the mission because I didn’t get it.

Some years later I got Red Alert 1 on a birthday at Playstation 1 too, it was like it was at the PC, but I started to play it here too. It was much harder on the console, but it worked.

Somewhere around grade 4-6 in school I played Generals at a birthday party which my cousin had. He played it first, but he let me played it too. And that was the time I really came into the C&C series. Everything was just awesome, and it was hilarious. The graphic was much better than the RTS games I had played before (The games I typed above + age of empires 2. Also Empire Earth I think.), and you moved in a more “free way” and the factions was really cool. Next time I had a birthday I got the game from my mum and dad, and after that I’ve been playing C&C all the time to now (and I will continue with it).

My favorite C&C games must be Generals Zero Hour. I have so many good memories from that game, and I played it so much with my cousin. We were both at the same skill level too, and he would be one of the best in the world if he would come back to it today. I enjoyed Generals Zero Hour because the game play was just excellent, and it changed from being short games to long games, and it works to play with so many tactics. It’s perfect for many different modes to play 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 and “free for all(all vs all).  It didn’t make it worse by having 12 different factions, so things were never the same.

8. Max PenWhat prizes have you won so far of official e-sport competitions?
Erik: I have won 2 Logitech G9 mice, around 10 t-shirts, about 50 EA games and around 800 $.

9. Max PenHave you learned any valued lesson so far from gaming?
Erik: That you won’t be good by copying other players with tactics etc. It’s better to just figure out own things to do. Of course you can watch how other players do, but then improve and make it better in your own way after.

10. Max PenWhat does a game need to have for you to enjoy it and play it?
Erik: It just has to be good in game play, but it’s always nicer if it looks good and has good sound effects and other detailed effects beside that. It’s always good if it take time to clear it out too.

11. Max PenIf you want a game, how fast can we expect you to get it? (The same day, the next day, in a week etc…)
Erik: If I really want a game badly I can get it directly if it’s from EA or Blizzard, otherwise (If it don’t work to download at their website.) it will take max 2-3 days until I have it.

12. Max PenWhich games do you like to play online? At what game are you the best of all games you played so far?
Erik: I can play all sorts of games except some sport and car games, I just hate it.

The game I’m the best at on this moment must be C&C 3 Tiberium Wars/ Kanes Wrath, but the game I had highest level in I think was Generals Zero Hour. But in Generals Zero Hour I played so much with my cousin, and we were both very good, and we both wanted to be the best I think, but I guess we were both quite equal.

13. Max PenIf you could change something related to you gaming life or to your games, what would it be?
Erik: I should probably go and be more serious in other games beside the C&C series, maybe a game like Starcraft 2, because I know I would be one of the best in the world there too, as long as I’m going to spend time on it. But the problem is that I like C&C too much, I would prefer that series to grow instead. I guess you could call me a hardcore fan.

Thank you for doing this interview with me Erik. I hope everyone enjoys your replies as I did. -Max Pen


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