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Written on:July 18, 2012
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Interview with Kyle aka Lucky

A interview with Kyle aka Lucky a 18 year old guy from the USA. Someone who wishes to become a police officer and as hobby is into owning forums. At the moment he owns Promotion Shock. A forum that has been under quite some changes. Check out the interview below.

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1Max Pen: Could you tells us a bit more about yourself so the readers know who you are? Also tell us the story behind your username “Lucky”?
Lucky: My name is Kyle, but my Internet tag is Lucky. I am 18 years old and I live in the state of Michigan in the US. I am currently studying law enforcement and enrolling in the police academy to become a MCOLES certified police officer. I got my nickname Lucky because I have been in every computer class that my high school used to offer and so all of my friends said I was really lucky to have the knowledge that I do and be able to retain all of it.

2Max Pen: How did you get into forums and owning them yourself?
Lucky: It all started when I was a sophomore in high school and I always wanted to have my own website, but I didn’t know a thing about the hosting, what I needed to get it started and what not, so I looked into forums and I came across ForuMotion. I set up a forum using their software and it was called “ThatTechKid” and it was a technology forum that talked about computers, gadgets, software, things of that nature.

I then moved the forum to Zetaboards and had to start all over again. Then, a good friend of mine let me use his IPB license and his hosting and I made a general discussion board using IPB and I loved how IPB ran and felt. I then started PromotionShock using a new license I bought (Now that it is $175) and my own hosting and here we are.

Note: This interview took place when the forum was still on IPB but he moved from IPB to Xenforo now and merged “Admins Place” into Promotion Shock.

3Max Pen: How as the journey been so far as a webmaster? What are you looking for to improve on along the way?
Lucky: I have learned a great deal of information that I never knew before. All the way from how to even set up a site, to editing the themes CSS/HTML and to even knowing how to set up the hosting and the SQL. I have learned a tremendous amount about SEO and what it takes to keep your website search engine friendly. Working with forums, I have meant a lot of cool people who I am friends with on Facebook and we talk regularly.

I have meant a lot of cool people that have come on my forums and I have added them to my staff and they have been amazing. It is really cool to know that you can know people that you have never laid eyes on and still work with them as if you were their boss on the job site. I hope with all of the knowledge that I know now and the knowledge that I will gain; I can put all of that towards PS and other projects along the way.

4Max Pen: Why did you start Promotion Shock and how did you come up with the name behind it?
Lucky: I started PS because I know what it is like to get your name out there in the interwebz and how hard it is to achieve it. I wanted to give other webmasters the chance to promote their website or forum on mine with knowing that they could do that in an environment that has community written all over it. I wanted to provide services that I thought would help fellow webmasters.

Well master the web. Give them the tools they needed, the content, and most importantly, give them the feeling that they had a community to turn to. I got the name for PromotionShock by thinking that I wanted to make PS a forum that was unique, a new kid on the block of sorts. I wanted to shock the Internet with what I wanted to do for other admins, so that is how I got the name.

5Max Pen: Why did you start a promotion forum as there where and still are tons of promotion forums around? Why didn’t you create a admin forum as most people tend to do these days?
Lucky: Ahhh yes, the famous question that most promotion forums get hit with. Competition drives quality–as you probably learned in your civics class–and I wanted to make PS better by giving content, services and a community that no other forum could touch. Not only do I have a world full of competition like FP, AF and TAZ, I feel that by giving the members a much more personal touch, that they will stick around. That is my goal about any of my communities.

7Max Pen: Has it worked out so far not having made the decision to start an admin forum but instead a promotion forum?
Lucky: I think it has, yes. Thus far, I have an amazing staff team that is not only community friendly, but can dish out services like no tomorrow. I have really been lucky (haha…punny) to have that kind of team because if the members are happy, then that means I am doing my job well.

8Max Pen: What have been some of the hardest challenges so far and how did you solve those challenges?
Lucky: My biggest challenge is getting activity up and to stay up. Making sure people learn about PS is also a challenge because having this niche so saturated, it really makes it hard to get the exposure that PS deserves. Not to sound cocky, but deep down, I think PS has a lot of potential and I can’t wait to see it take off. Always being online and spreading the word on as much sites as I can is really paying off.

9Max Pen: Can you share with us with what you are proud off on the forum and what you feel can be done better?
Lucky: I am really happy with how the board feels overall. The theme was bought;however, I edited it to make it ours. The icons make the forum look complete and just overall, it feels nice to be on. I still think activity can be higher, but that is it’s own challenge.

10Max Pen: Share with us what you learned so far from making mistakes on this project?
Lucky: By making mistakes, you learn quicker. You learn what the community wants and what they don’t want. What works content wise and what kinds don’t. By making mistakes on PS, I have learned to become a better webmaster because everyday, I am learning something new and that alone can be applied to make PS even better.

11Max Pen: Do you plan on starting any new project in the future or will you mainly focus on keeping Promotion Shock going?
Lucky: With everything else I have going on right now, I think I am going to try to devote my time to PS because so far, that is the only forum I have owned that has worked well and turned out well.

12Max Pen: What type of staff positions have you done so far and what did you learn from each? What type do you enjoy doing the most? (I’m guessing being the boss of our own forum right?)
Lucky: I have been a moderator, Moderator Lead and an Admin on TheProductForum. I have also been a moderator on Studio52, a mod on ForuMansion, a mod on a gaming forum and I am currently a mod on ForumAssist. I have been a moderator on more, but that is just the top forums. I have learned to work with others that I work with and how to interact with people I have never seen. I have learned more about spam control and how to work with a community even more.

13Max Pen: What grew your interest in law enforcement? Is there a job related to that you would like to do one day?
Lucky: I have always wanted a job that was different from day to day. I wanted a job that would be action filled, something that would allow me to work with my community and more-so a job that would teach me something new everyday. After I get done with my classes and get done with the academy, I want to become an officer for the MSP (Michigan State Police).

14Max Pen: Can you tell us what type of music you like and what artist you really like?
Lucky: My top 3 genres would have to be dubstep, hiphop and rap. I love current age music and I am always listening to it everyday. I love music and both my desktop or my laptop is always playing music.

15Max Pen: Finally if you could change anything that has happened in the past so far on Promotion Shock would you change anything why not? If yes what would you change?
Lucky: I don’t think I would to be honest. What I have going is a community that is always there to say hey to the new guys, there to give a helping hand and to give all they can. Sure, we have had our up and downs, but every forum has and that is what makes one better.

Thank you for doing this interview with me Lucky. I hope everyone enjoys your replies like I did. -Max Pen


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