#12 VIVCOOL UK teen webmaster & veteran freeforums.org user answers some of my questions

Written on:December 2, 2010
Last modified on: January 4, 2011 @ 6:16 PM
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I managed to interview a young teenager from the UK, who owns  La Cool Forum Techno Life. He tells us a interesting story and tell us his tale of becoming a owner of a forum and how he went on in the future.

1) Max Pen: What have you learned so far, with managing this or previous forums?
VIVCOOL: Being an adminstrator of different hosts (freeforums, forumotion, zetaboards, vBulletin, webs etc) I have learned a lot of skills on how to improve forums and adding simple things to the forum to gain traffic.
Tip: Understand the forum, Admin Contol Panel and the members to improve your forum.

2) Max Pen: When you were thinking of starting a forum, was Freeforums.org your first choice as a free host ? Did you had any other forum set up sites in mind before using FFO?
VIVCOOL: The first time I was made an adminstrator for any forum was this forum:  http://comeandhavefun.freeforums.org/

The owner, The Prince, had created this forum around August 2009. I and one other member were the only people registered for about 3 months. There was a lack of activity and I and another member were made adminstrators. Due to the lack of activity, the owner of the forum forgot his password. So I tried to get his password back when I found out that I had less powers than other admins.

Few weeks later an adminstrator asked me to change his rank because he didn’t know how to do it. Since I didn’t have the power to change ranks and he did, I asked for his password. As he trusted me, he gave me his password so I could change the rank for him. So I logged on to his account and found out that he had most powers of an owner. So first, I changed his rank for him and then went to explore the Admin Control Panel. I found the owners account on the ACP and I found a way to restore his password. After restoring his password, I contacted him with his password.

Few months passed and it was December 2009. Still with no activity, I requested the owner if I could manage the forum myself. He agreed. So I went on the ACP and deleted everything including members, posts and threads. In just a few months I had 30 members. 7 months later I received 100 members with over 4000 posts and activity for a few weeks.

Also, being an adminstrator for other hosts like Zetaboards, this is the host (freeforums) I preffered making forums with, as it had more options and tools. So later, around October 2010, I started a new forum where most people could enjoy being active in and receiving help with technology. This is the site: http://technolife.freeforums.org/index.php/

3) Max Pen: When did you start going onto forums as a guest or member. Was the first expierience on it a postive or negative one?

VIVCOOL: My first experience of being a member of a forum was Miniclip Forum ‘forums.miniclip.com’ That was the forum which showed me the link to La Cool Forum and also made me create graphics like banners and sigs.

4) Max Pen: What are your hobbies other then running Techno Life?
VIVCOOL: I like to create graphical things for people or my forum for example banners, sigs, games and drawing animation. Here are some links to what I’ve created:




5) Max Pen: How old do you think a person must be to be for being a owner of a forum? Do you think kids of 9 should be part of forum staff or as admin-mod?

VIVCOOL: First of all, you should only register if you are 13 years old or over for safety reasons. I was an adminstrator when I was 13 years old, so I don’t see why you can’t be an adminstrator/mod if you are 13 or over.
Tip: Only make a member an admin/mod if you think they are: active, helpful and they make people want to post more.

Thank you,

Thanks alot for your time VIVCOOl, quite a story about how you got to be the new owner of comeandhavefun. -Max Pen

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