#137 Interview with Sanket admin on WebArtz and Forumotion.com

Written on:August 2, 2012
Last modified on: June 21, 2013 @ 2:19 PM
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Interview with Sanket

A interview with Sanket, a 28 year old guy from India. Co-creator of WebArtz and adminstrator on Forumotion.com. Sanket likes football alot and is a proud supporter of Arsenal. He also loves watching movies and has a degree in mechanical engineering. 

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 1) Max Pen: Could you tell us a bit more about yourself so the readers know who you are? And also what the story is behind your username “Sanket”?
Sanket: Well I am Sanket, I am from Mumbai, India. The first thing that I want everyone to know is that I am huge Arsenal Supporter. For those who are not aware of Arsenal, Arsenal is a football club in England. I love watching Movies, playing computer games, surfing the internet & knowing about different technological innovations. I have a masters degree in Industrial Engineering & a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering.

2) Max Pen: How did you get into forums and eventually joining and contributing to Forumotion.com?
Sanket: Well when i was in the US for my studies, i used to regularly frequent a couple of forums to watch movies. That got me here to Forumotion & I started up ArsenalGooners, after which i used to frequent the Forumotion help site & eventually started helping people with their queries.

3) Max Pen: What where your original goals when joining Forumotion.com and how did those goals change over time?
Sanket: To be honest, i never had any goals when i joined forumotion.com & nor do i have them now. I just try to help everyone on the forum in the best way i could. The only difference today is that i have responsibilities.

4) Max Pen: Can you tell us how you and ankillien got to know each other and created together the WebArtz forum?
Sanket: We knew each other through forumotion & on one occasion we were generally talking on msn about our inactive forums after which we decided on working together on a certain forum & thats how WebArtz was born.

5) Max Pen: What keeps you coming back to Forumotion.com, doesn’t it ever getting boring?
Sanket: Well, it doesn’t get boring. But, there are times when I don’t feel like coming due to things that happen in my personal life & I have no control over it.

6) Max Pen: What do you like about Forumotion that no other free forum host has? Did you ever try out anything else then Forumotion or did you just stick with it and never looked for something else?
Sanket: What i liked about Forumotion, was the support forum due to which I stuck onto Forumotion. What I saw was the support that was provided in solving problems for me as well as others was exceptional. Before Forumotion, a few years back I had joined some other free forums; but due to the lack of support i never stuck onto it & eventually closed the forum i created.

7) Max Pen: Can you share with us what your tasks and responsibilities where when you first joined the staff team? What where you expecting out of the job back when you first got hired? Did those expectations came true or did some things come as a surprise with the job?
Sanket: I joined the staff as a Support Moderator, I knew i had to just provide support. However, i never considered it as support, i just considered it helping people in whichever possible way. Well I never expected anything out of this job, just continued with what I always did with added responsibilities of keeping the support forum clean by moderating it as well as giving suggestions for the betterment of the forum.

8) Max Pen: What are some of the hardest challenges you faced on Forumotion.com?
Sanket: I don’t know what to consider as a hard challenge, but the biggest challenge for me still remains in keeping the team intact.

9) Max Pen: Can you tell us what are some of the think your proud of that you achieved on this forum?
Sanket: Simply put, the golden words I get from Users. “Thank You”

10) Max Pen: What do you think Forumotion.com its community or software can improve on? (Giving support to users who lost a forum due hacking, weak security of a forumotion forum, etc…)
Sanket: Forumotion has done a lot of updates related to the security in the past one year, I think we should continue doing it. Also, the one thing that will help is template editing for all the versions as currently it offers only for PunBB & Phpbb2.

12) Max Pen: Has much changed from the day you joined up till now on Forumotion? If yes what are some of the most notable changes that occured till now?
Sanket: Definitely there has been a massive change now with all the old staff members gone when I had joined. Not even a single one remains, I miss all of the older staff members totally. Forumotion has introduced a lot features some which were liked some which had its limitations. But, its improved a lot from when I had joined Forumotion.

13) Max Pen: If you had to pick one hobby to do for all life of all your current hobbies that you do now which one would you pick and why?
Sanket: Without any question, Eat Football Drink Football Sleep Football.

14) Max Pen: How many posts do you usally make a day on this forum and where are they made most of the time?
Sanket: There is no count of it, i try to go through all the threads that have been posted since my visit & try to reply to them If i could depending on the time i have to sit on the internet.

15) Max Pen: When and why did you get promoted to admin here? How has it been like so far?
Sanket: Generally someone is promoted to admin when the former admin is about to leave that post. MrMario had decided on leaving & hence I got promoted on March 21st 2012. So far it has been great, I have tried to find ways to make it easier for members to get the help they want & in a pleasant way.

16) Max Pen: You are group leader of quite sime usergroups here now, what are some of your tasks and responsibilities now?
Sanket: The only task & responsibilities related to usergroups is to manage the staff members. Listen to their grievances, suggestions & act upon them in the best interest of Forumotion & its members.

17) Max Pen: Finally if you could alter your past on Forumotion.com would you change anything if so what and why?
Sanket:I am not a person who regrets anything that has been done in the past. I always believe we take decisions what were right at that point of time. The only thing that i would like is probably having the Old Staff members in the team. I miss them.

Finally, I would like to thank you for interviewing me.

No problem Sanket. I enjoyed your replies and I hope others will enjoy them to. -Max Pen

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