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Written on:December 5, 2010
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An interview with Kayls, 19 year old female. A big fan of the UK’s paranormal reality investigating show “Most Haunted” and owner of a fan board of the show:  The Most Haunted Forums

1.Max Pen: How did you end up starting to watch Most Haunted? Were you already involved with reading or seeing other shows about ghosts?

Kayls: I was about 14 years old when I started watching Most Haunted. My step dad watched it, and I happened to see an episode of it-think it was the top 50 moments of the first 6 series. After seeing that I started watching the show regularly, and caught up with the repeats of the ones I had missed, which were on at about 11 every night.

2.Max Pen: To people who don’t know what the show is about, can you tell us about the show?

Kayls: The show takes place in a different haunted location each episode. The first part of the show is where the presenter, Yvette Fielding, talks about the history of the building, and a medium walks round to see what ghosts they can sense there. Then it goes to night vision as the team spend the night in the location, looking for ghosts.

3.Max Pen: 14 series and 185 episodes have been made of Most Haunted, starting from around 2002 to 2010. What made the show that popular and long going?

Kayls: I think it was because it was the first show of its kind that started in the UK, and it inspired many people to do their own investigations. The live shows were very popular, with some people hosting parties to watch the show with their friends, and there has always been a lot of interactive stuff in the live shows too, like web cams in the location for people to look at and report their sightings to the team.

4.Max Pen: Who is your favorite person from the team?

Kayls: My favourite person from the team is Yvette.

5.Max Pen: Have you ever talked or even met anyone from the cast of Most Haunted ? If no, would you want to?


Kayls: I have talked to Karl, on Facebook. I sent him a message about my forum when it was about a month old. He gave some very positive feedback. I talked to Ciaran on a web chat on another forum, and also he commented on one of my Facebook statuses a while ago. Fred, the shows demonologist (somebody who knows a lot about demons), was a member of a forum I was on ages ago, which is now closed.

6.Max Pen: I have seen today on youtube: (Episode #2 Witches Tower) and (Episode #5 Ritz Theater). For a person who has never seen the show, it isn’t that “wow” as maybe a person would expect. But maybe that’s a normal response from someone who never seen the show.

6.1 What was your first response when seeing for the first time Most Haunted?

Kayls: Some episodes are better than others, it just depends on how haunted the locations are, and whether the ghosts choose to make their presence known (like people, they do have free will to do what they like, and may not always choose to do things). When I first watched Most Haunted, it was the special show with the top 50 moments, which of course, showed the best things that have happened, and I thought they were really good, I wanted to go and watch the other episodes and see what else they have done.

6.2 You still remember those 2 episodes? Does it bother you that they are trying to make contact with this common questions such as: “What is your name?” “We want to help you.” “Let us know your here.” And also repeating some questions over and over? Or do you think its the best way to try and make contact?

Kayls: Those questions are most frequently used by the team, and the reason why is that knowing the name of the spirits is important, as it would be very interesting to find out whether a person with that name used to live there in the past. They are probably the best starting questions for use when making contact, although then you can go on to ask other things-if using a ouija board, dates and names are good questions to ask.

6.3 If you wanted to make contact with a ghost on a certain location, how would you do it ? Wait and don’t move for a sound of the ghost, ask questions to it?

Kayls: I would probably try to communicate with them through EVP, which is when you use a voice recorder to record ghost voices. You can also use something called a ghost box, this is one of our members, Ian, doing a demonstration of one: my-ghosbox-on-film-t741.html I would ask questions to the ghosts, and wait for their reply.

7.Max Pen: The show has ended some 4 months now, mainly because Yvett Fielding announced she was going to quit as presenter of the program. What is your opinion on her leaving and causing the show to stop producing?

Kayls: I was sad when Yvette said she was leaving, I don’t think anyone else could do it as good as she can, and I don’t think anything can replace Most Haunted. Living did make a new paranormal show for Halloween to replace Most Haunted, but most members of the forum, and other people on the shows Facebook page, did not think it was as good. I have heard from Karl, Yvettes husband and producer of Most Haunted, that they are trying to bring Most Haunted back, and if they do, Yvette will return.

7.1 Were you surprised or did you suspect she was going to leave?

Kayls: I never expected it-Yvette always said she would carry on doing it for a while, and that she enjoys it.

8.Max Pen: If you hear the subject “Most haunted”, what will always come into your mind, what will you remember the show for?

Kayls: I will always think of the live shows, sat watching them in the dark at Halloween-I did it every Halloween, and it was really strange this Halloween with no Most Haunted.

9.Max Pen: Has the show proven that ghosts really exist? If so when did they manage to get really big evidence? (which episode)

Kayls: Some members believe they have got good proof that ghosts exist, and other members believe there are natural explanations for everything that has happened. Personally I am not sure what counts as proof towards the existence of ghosts, although I think the most interesting things Most Haunted have got is the wet footprints coming from an empty swimming pool in series 6, the scratch that appeared on a member of the team during a live and a few other interesting things over the years.

10.Max Pen: Name your top 5 favorite paranormal, ghost stories?

Kayls: The most interesting ghost stories have come from our forums members. They are posted on this thread: my-experiences-t15.html  The best ones I have seen on there were the one where a member bought a second hand shirt, and dreamed about the person who owned it before. I can’t think of many other ghost stories right now though.

11.Max Pen: Do you currently watch any of the sister programs of Most Haunted? Like Most Haunted Live or Paranormal Investigations.

Kayls: Yeah, I enjoy watching the live shows, they are good, and I enjoyed the show Yvette did for ITV2 which was on a few days ago-Ghost Hunting with the Saturdays. Paranormal Investigation Live was not as good as Most Haunted, and not much happened on the first night, although the second night was quite good.

About Most Haunted Forums

12.Max Pen: Now you also run a fan board of the show. (The Most Haunted Forums) Tell us when and why you started it, and if you like how its going so far with the board?

Kayls: I started The Most Haunted Forum in May 2010, when the official Most Haunted Forum on the Living website closed. I think the forum is going quite well now, it can be quiet some days, but mostly it is active-at Halloween we had loads of members online!

12.1 Is this board for all ages, or must you be of certain age to view content on this site?

Kayls: All of our members are 13 years old or over, I am not sure whether a younger child would be able to take part on the forum.

13.Max Pen: After some browsing in 1 of the sections, I found a topic “proof that ghosts exist” (proof-that-ghosts-exist-t514.html) Is it one of the most interesting topics on this board, or is it a typical example of how serious and dedicated people debate about the subjects?

Kayls: That thread is one of the most interesting threads, I always enjoy the threads Ian makes with his EVP, as it is something I am very interested in, and he is very dedicated to finding proof that ghosts exist.

13.1 The author gives links to recordings made of ghosts making noises, isn’t it quite scary and creepy knowing it could be real what you hear yes or no?

Kayls: I find it very interesting, it can be scary though when something negative is said, as I have heard EVP where angry voices or threats are heard.

13.2 Have you experienced in real life any paranormal activity your self?

Kayls: I have experienced loads-hearing my voice, both on EVP, and heard when I was home alone. I have also had a doll owned by my baby sister, start laughing when nobody was near it (you usually have to squeeze it to make it laugh), heard footsteps and saw a door open on its own when staying at my best friend and forum moderator’s house. I have found photos of my brother as a baby, face down in a straight line on my bedroom floor, and seen a clock fly off a wall on its own.

 14.Max Pen: Do you believe ghost are dangerous?

Kayls: Ghosts are just like people, just not alive. Some are good, some are bad, as we are in life. It is rare for ghosts to actually hurt people though, but it has happened before.

15.Max Pen: You have managed the fan site for most of its time alone, but recently you promoted a member to the rank of global moderator. Before that did you get all the feedback & support from the members, you needed to build this place up without any other need for staff?

Kayls: As I spent a lot of time here, and have only really had one troll so far, I did not need any other staff to help me out. I did get support and feedback from the members, and also listened to what members on the official Most Haunted forum (which was closing) said about what they wanted to change about the way the forums were run. I first realised I needed a moderator, when my Internet went down for a few hours before our Halloween Party. Luckily, a few hours before, I had sent the link to my best friend, who I sent a text to and told her what had happened. She offered to help me with the Halloween Party if I was still not back then. When I finally for back on (before the party started), I promoted her to mod.

15.1 What do you expect of “Crazylady” to do as now being a moderator on this board?

Kayls: As a moderator of the Most Haunted Forum, I expect her to deal with trolls, approve posts for the sections I have put on the moderation queue (the Links section, as it often got spammed) and delete spam posts, and look after the forum when I am not around.

16.Max Pen: I also found this interesting topic: (omg-these-places-are-so-creepy-t667.html) The six most creepy places in the World. Which of those 6 places do you find the most scary of all ?

Kayls: The room with everything made entirely of human bones! That is so creepy and scary, and I bet it is haunted!

16.1 Do you find the story behind the “Aokigahara Forest” and “The Overtoun Bridge” to be overrated? If it would be really true, meaning that 500 people killed them selfs, and 500 dogs also killed them selfs, it would be a very SCARY place. Just thinking about it gives me a bad feeling.

Kayls: I think something very weird is happening there, which causes people and animals to want to kill themselfes there, especially the one with the dogs, as dogs are not normally capable of wanting to commit suicide, as people can be sometimes. It is very strange that they would all do it in that place.

16.2 Do you think we will ever be able to explain such weird stories as said above?

Kayls: I don’t know, maybe we will one day.

17.Max Pen:Other then managing your board, you also work as staff on Zaboomafu and discoverroxas. How did you get involved on those 2 forums to become part of staff ? Were you promoted to staff when you joined or some time after for your dedication into the site?

Kayls: On Zaboomafu, I was asked to be an admin before I joined, by someone who was looking for an admin for their forum on a forum for other admins, which has now closed. On Discover Roxas I was a member for a few days, I think, before I was promoted to moderator.

18.Max Pen: Have you seen the movie Paranormal Activity? If yes, what did you find of it?

Kayls: Yes, I watched it, and it scared me as I watched it late at night, then went to bed in my house, which is haunted.

19.Max Pen: If you could make 1 wish come true regarding something to do about ghosts, and all that stuff. What wish would you make come true? (example: like in Ghost Whisperer the main person can talk with ghosts.)

Kayls: I wish I get to go on a paranormal investigation and experience something.

20.Max Pen: Did you ever regret starting your own board?

Kayls: No, I love being admin of this forum.

I really enjoyed this interview with you Kayls, you have given some great answers on my questions. And this interview is really detailed, long and interesting. I hope everyone had a epic read. Because of the interview being so good I made it a sticky until next Sunday. -Max Pen

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  1. kayls says:

    awesome, thanks max pen, enjoyed being interviewed by you!

  2. Keitho says:

    Well this interview was pretty well layed out. I also watch Most Haunted but I usually watch it on the odd times and mainly prefer to watch the first halfs as im interested in history of old houses… May be weird but thats just me…

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