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Written on:December 29, 2013
Last modified on: December 29, 2013 @ 2:34 PM
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My second interview is no longer available on Webmaster Convo due to that site no longer being around. As such I have published the interview here. :)

Let me give you a brief intro about Max Pen!
Max Pen is the owner of, is a 20 years old male. He likes the internet because according to him, “The internet is the easiest access point in the world to find out what is going on in the world and to improve ones knowledge on a certain topic without having to pay any money.”

Good day Max, how are you feeling today?

I’m feeling okay. Not great nor bad.

Do you like surfing the internet? If so, what do you think of it?

Yes I enjoy reading articles online and forum posts. I do this more than posting articles myself, although I read more forum posts then real articles posted on a blog. The internet is the easiest access point in the world to find out what is going on in the world and to improve ones knowledge on a certain topic without having to pay any money. Wikipedia is a good example of a place where you can read about a vast amount of topics for free.

That’s interesting! Are you a forum/blog/site owner?

I’m a blog and forum owner.

Well, tell me about your blog and forum!

Well sadly the only blog I got live is my two other blogs are in development. My two forums are in development as well. But I can share more details on my blog Interviewed You, like why it’s somehow inactive and not working out. For your info, it was created the November 3rd 2012.

I personally think your forum has a good amount of posts already and that there are no problems with it. Are you dedicated to your blog?

I’m not. That is one of the issues I face.

How so?

Well certain projects of mine I can do fully on my own without the aid of any person. But I’m not really working on them when I should because I want to focus on the other projects I have going. But these other projects require the help of other people who are good a coding or gfx to get the desired results. And sadly these results are lacking when I want them to be present.So as a result, these projects are in a comma so to speak. Not because I’m not dedicated to them but because the people I depend on are either to busy or forgot about the project. So you could say I could move on to those projects I can do on my own right? That may be true but I rather just wait and see how my other projects fare.

That is a perfectly understandable statement.

There is also another issue which I haven’t covered

In that case, do continue!

Well, this would be money. Finding people who can code or design for free has its toll. You are not on their priority list by far and are rather somewhere deep down below the list. Why? Because you ain’t paying them a penny. I’m just a hobby webmaster who isn’t interested to invest 100′s of dollars to a project that may never work at all. Although I do believe in its potential strongly I’m not taking a risk to invest to much money into it.

Most of us webmasters don’t want to invest that much either. I think that any project may have potential, with or without investment. The ones who have an investment would have a better chance though.

I can share you a design for one of my projects.

Please do



This is for a forum project of mine. The designer is doing it all for free and as such its been a very long time for all of this to take form.

That is a splendid design. The designer you have is a great designer.
So, where do you see yourself in 4 years?

Hmmm I would say for sure working like most people. But as a webmaster I’m very unsure where I would be with my projects. One thing is for sure: my blog Interviewed You will never vanish as long I live. I will keep it online for as long I can.

That pretty much means you are dedicated to your blog, doesn’t it?

Well dedication comes in many forms. I’m surely keen on keeping it online but to provide new content for it is an entirely other situation.

What is the most difficult task for you as a webmaster?

Well, to find people who can get the job done in a timely manner.

What is your goal as a webmaster?

To provide people with websites that are either informative or entertaining. In a way that benefits the internet user. As a forum user on a site like FP its to provide people with my insights in the subjects that arouse on the forum over time. Helping people along the way when I can. For the first situation I’m not doing a good job. As I only got 1 blog Interviewed You live. I hope to change it one day to more sites. And another obvious goal of mine is to come up with unique project ideas and develop those in actual websites.

I personally think that dedicating yourself to only one place is better than to try and dedicate yourself to multiple places aka too many places.
We are reaching the end of the interview, how would you like to conclude it?

I would like to thank you for taking your time to interview me. Although I’m not that interesting it was fun being able to write what I wrote in response to your questions. May it be useful in anyway possible to the people that might stumbleupon it and read it!

Thank you for taking the time with this interview! I hope you do have a great day and wish you good luck for your life as a webmaster!

Thank you! Good day to you!

Words from the interviewer: You are a great webmaster in my opinion. Although you did not have that much of a success, just as I am, I do think you will have a great future when it comes to being a great, encouraging and motivated webmaster.


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