IY into the Christmas mood + some updates & news

Written on:December 12, 2010
Last modified on: December 13, 2010 @ 8:47 PM
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Hey people!

I wanted to write this update sooner but didn’t had the time to do it properly. We have added some things in the recent days you might have noticed already. I first was not planning to do anything for Christmas for IY but when I saw all those other sites I visit do something, we had to!:smile:

We have added falling snow to the blog, not just the frontpage but all pages you can visit. If you are annoyed by the snow, because its lagging hard when browsing this site. You’ll be happy to know the snow appears only 60 seconds when viewing our site. Of course when you refresh it starts again the snow.

We also changed the image of the stars you can use to rate a interview, to a  more Christmas like look. And finally we added a countdown timer that is counting down as I am writing this to the day of Christmas.

Other Updates

Sooner then expected wordpress version 3.03 came out already on the 8th of December. We upgraded to that version on the 10th I belief.

We also have got 2 spam comments of recent, to prevent this from happening again. We added a security question on the comment page: “Is fire hot or cold?” And we also added a other plugin that checks a large spam database to find similar IP from the person who visits our site. As it maybe could be a spammer. Then the mod blocks that spam bot from our blog.

And as last we added a copyright protector. It submits any post made from the moment we installed it to a copyright site named: Digiprove It adds a button to the interview post at the end, keeping information stored. When it was posted, etc … If someone claims our content theirs we can prove we have posted it sooner then them via this tool.

Bad news: Until now we have had not to many set backs but yesterday because of some testing I did on the blog we lost all likes on interview posts. I am very sorry for this but it isn’t that bad either.

Why haven’t you guy’s interviewed famous people yet?: To be very honest I would love to or we would love to. But we haven’t yet because our team is far from ready, we don’t got the resources yet to start interviewing known-people. We need 3 active-dedicated interviews and 3 advisors who are also active and dedicated to there job. Once we have this people in place we can fully deploy our services to the public.

And of course keep expanding our idea to make it better.

Best wishes,
Regards the Interviewed You Team

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