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Written on:December 17, 2010
Last modified on: July 8, 2011 @ 2:45 PM
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Below you will find an interview revealing some information of sites that Dylan is a member of. You can always find him browsing around on Forum Promotion.

Question: You have been a member of FP since 2008. Do you remember how FP looked when you joined?
Answer: When I joined FP it had a portal and was using a free style and was fairly big. The community was very close and we were all friends.

Question: What are your hobbies besides being on forums or sites?
Answer: My hobbies are socializing,shopping,TV and I have to say I love college.

Question: You managed Summit Adverts & Forum Crazy as founder. Why?

Answer: I joined Summit Adverts as a member then in a day became admin and later paid for it to be moved to paid host. I played a huge role with Summit Adverts. I later created Forum Crazy on my own and became addicted to it.

Question: How did you manage to get a forum to 3000 post, in just 3 days time?
Answer: I played a small part in the post count at that point and I think Summit Adverts related to alot of administrators at that time and I have to say without Forum Promotion it would not have lasted 1 day.

Question: Name 4 conflicts on forum(s) you remember you found interesting to follow,watch?
Note: I changed it to 4 conflicts instead of 5, and have a HUGE EXCLUSIVE added. -Dylan


Forum Promotion is the biggest promotion forum on the internet and when it was sold to Fergal, there was a revolution. One of FP’s longest serving administrators resigned saying FP would not be the same, and could not survive the changes that were coming. After MhW left he ordered that his style (FP1) be removed from Forum Promotion under copyright laws and his posts be deleted. His posts were deleted but so were was his count and this caused widespread condemnation.

Ghost a long serving experienced admin requested his account and posts to be deleted along with others. Some members did this whilst Fergal tried his best to deal with more pressing matters. I spoke to many staff during this and they all said privately they felt like resigning but would stay on to support Fergal. Fergal was eventually accepted by the FP community but shortly after EFC2009 resigned along with Fowler.


Wober the much loved chat forum was highly criticised by Forum Promotion administrators as they said the high post count was false. They said that it was the Forum Advertiser database and that Travis (theezy) had used it to make it look bigger than it actually was. This caused more revelations as I was told by 1 highly trusted source that Travis has always faked the post count at Forum Advertiser and that staff and members could never trust the post count.


Promotion Source was launched in early 2009 and was a success within the first few days. It became a forum that clearly had a future and it’s owners clearly knew what they were doing but as always money gets involved. Nathan the forum owner was in need of money and sold the forum to a Baseball card fan. He was clearly inexperienced and Nathan has told me he regretted selling it to this person. The members were not happy with the changes this new owner and began to post porn. The new owner made a wrong move and constantly sent out mass emails which made the situation even worse forcing the forum to close. This was not easy to watch but I was powerless.


(Removed content)

Question: You tell me you always know what is going on, how have you experienced the internet growing and evolving?
Answer: You have quoted my exact words there and they are right I always know what’s going on. As humans we all feel the need to socialize with other humans as it makes us feel secure inside. Some use chat rooms, Live messenger but we use forums and forums make it easy for us to socialize with one another. We are able to share stories,images,videos and links. As the internet evolves I see forums becoming more like social networks allowing you to receive notifications from the navigation bars and allowing you to post images and links by the touch of a button and not having to use the BBCodes. Some may think this will make it harder for us to socialize and know what’s going on in each-others life’s but I believe it will make it better.

Question: How many forums do you visit regularly, and which one is your FAV of all time?
Answer: At the moment I only visit Forum Promotion as it is my favourite forum of all time but I plan to be more active in the New Year as I plan to open a new forum.

Question: Why did you close Forum Crazy? Do you have any projects lined up?
Answer: Forum Crazy became inactive because I took less care of it. This was a mistake I have learnt from and one I will never forget. I do have a project lined up for Spring 2011 but I am making no hints.

Question: Currently your only active site is a fan page on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DylanHayward01 When did you set it up and why?
Answer: That is actually my personal Facebook.

Thank you Dylan especially for the very detailed response on question 5. I learned quite alot more then I knew already thanks to your insight feedback on the question. I hope no one mentioned in the interview about the conflict part, takes it personal, as its all past now anyway.

About the last question: I wrote that one because Dylan had as website linked his own fan page of facebook. And I didn’t look good, I toughed at first it was a “Hit like page”. while it is a +friend one, personally page.

I hope everyone has a nice read, and I repeat again this interview is not meant to hurt anyone’s reputation. It is merely a set of information stated by a person who experienced or heard about it. -Max Pen

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  1. Demon_skeith says:

    FP is truly a huge forum and greatly helps out the forum community. I only wish I stayed actived on it when I first saw the forum.

  2. I’d just like to state that some of what you say about conflicts on Forum Promotion is not true.

    For example, we did not delete all the posts belonging to an Admin.

    You also state that two Admins resigned after I bought the forum. One of those Admins had resigned some time before I bought FP and then came back soon after I bought it. He is still playing a hugely active and valuable role in the community. The other Admin you mention, had also announced his resignation before I purchased the site. He is not longer active on FP, however he does occasionally drop in and post as a member.

    As you suggest, there were some teething problems when the forum changed ownership – this is not unusual, when a community based site is sold. Thankfully these issues are long behind us now and the forum is going from strength to strength, thanks to the excellent participation by our members and staff.

    Thanks for discussing Forum Promotion, we appreciate the publicity and wish you every success with your blog.

    • Max Pen says:

      Hello Fergal Crawley,

      What Dylan the person who got interviewed said is his personal opinion or claim “to know”. In any case we IY don’t have any role in what is said in interviews like this one. We as interviewer always ask questions from a question/neutral point. As we don’t want to hurt/damage any sites there reputation.

      I do have to congratulate Dylan for offering so much information, being able to put everything of the situation in a puzzle. Not easy. Of course not all is correct as you said in your above comment. Thanks for posting that on this interview.

      I love FP and hope it will remain as successful as it is now.

      Regards Max Pen

  3. Dylan says:

    This is what I have been told by many insiders and saw for myself. I am one of few who is often told alot by staff about thier work and upcoming projects and this is my first interview.

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