IY gets to its 20th interview published after being open for 28 days

Written on:December 18, 2010
Last modified on: December 22, 2010 @ 7:31 PM
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Thats right folks!

Yesterday on the 17th of December our 20th official interview got published!

20 interviews maybe doesn’t sound like much but I personally find this a great beginning milestone for the project. You can’t see the number 20 as posts. Like on forums. Each 1 of them is a stand alone interview.

We are open now today for 28 days already and we are doing great. Not yet working great though. The biggest thing to work on would be forming up a good team. With a good team we can be even more of a success then we already are.

What keeps us going is you the public who have given in the past weeks alot of feedback. Of which all was almost positive.

“And we promise to become better, as we know there are things we can do better then right now.”

IY Team

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