#22 An up-coming NEW social network site, to have the features of twitter,facebook and youtube combined?

Written on:December 22, 2010
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So we all know Facebook, Twitter, Myspace… Dan the person who got interviewed tells us about a project he has been eager to do for quite some time now, making a new social network site. He also happens to own a website called Xplozion, a site made for him to showcase his work and what he does of other projects, and much more …

A new social
    network site?

1. Max Pen:  How did you come up with the idea to start the project?
Dan: Well funny enough I actually thought I needed to start one after I finished watching the film, “The Social Network“. I’ve been told I’m good with computers and all that so I decided I was going to make one. I first made the adverts on my site for it and then a small image for promoting around the web. It’s not big news right now, but in the future I hope it will be.

2. Max Pen: What social networks have you used so far? Did you feel Facebook, twitter, etc had something missing you would like?
Dan: I use Facebook, I’m pretty sure everyone does but that’s about the only thing I use. I mean I do have a Twitter account but I don’t use it. I think my project has some great potential. Once all the main features are done I plan on adding in what Facebook, twitter and all the others don’t have.

3. Max Pen: You are using a userbar on your site. Is it your way of building interest?
Dan: Yeah, it’s a promotional image that is just meant to get people aware and know about. The name is actually set now and the main colour will change so it won’t feature as orange but it’s just so people know that one is coming and to expect it.

4. Max Pen: Why not keep it a big secret and surprise the project?
Dan: Well I can’t really do that anymore due to revealing what I plan to do, but one reason why it’s not a secret is market research needs to be done and I also needed to look for a developer to help me. Which I’ve found, a good friend Michael. Hopefully myself and Michael can pull off a pretty massive, and awesome project.

5. Max Pen: What skills of coding or other knowledge do you have, in order for this project of yours to actually *happen*? (Example a guy who can’t code could also have the desire to start a social network site but he will never get far.) How about you?
Dan: That’s a good point, in terms of designing the site, it’s fine as I’m quite experienced in (x)HTML, CSS but in terms of JavaScript and PHP I could be a little better really. That is where my friend Michael comes in. Without him this project would be going much, much slower. Also I think starting one, you really need to have the ideas and at least a little bit of knowledge to start one, and also the determination to keep going with it.

6. Max Pen: Are you planning on combining current social network features into 1 big social network, that has a bit of all the current networks on the net already?
Dan: Yes I am, although it won’t ever have the features Facebook has, or Twitter has etc. it will still have all the ones that are essential. The key thing that we’re focusing on is making it very simple for the user, but also providing them with everything they could possible want/need to do on the site.

7. Max Pen: How will you manage to not get sued when building this social network? (If your going to use features that are already in use by a other social network site that is.)
Dan: Quite a direct question, well copying first of all is a big no, no. We plan on taking ideas from all the social networks, and changing them to be better and more user friendly. An example would be the poke feature on Facebook, people love it so we’ll need something like that, the thing is though we can’t just take it. We’ll need to create our own little ‘poke feature’ and make it unique and more fun to use, as well as more annoying.

8. Max Pen: You created a feedback topic on FP: Feedback topic. Is the new social network going to be largely based on the feedback you got from there? Like Lee Lawson posts offered quite a nice idea: I think you should try mending Twitter, Facebook and Youtube together, like have a basic but sleek design like Facebook, a media area like Youtube and something to do with Twitter, also if you can find a good features that’s good for MySpace the forum can be called, You Tweet My Face.”
Dan: It was a very good suggestion and we will be looking into that. Of course if we try packing the site full of everything from the very start we wont get finished for a good few years. I also read elsewhere that people want to be able to watch a video on youtube, as well as update their status and also see what people are up to that they are following. Three examples of three different sites that when put together, I think it could be the best social network out there.

9. Max Pen: Will the new social network be based on others or a totally stand alone one?
Dan: It simply wouldn’t survive if all ideas were not connected to others. The trick is to take a feature like the poke feature, put your own twist on it and make it much better, more user friendly and more useful to the user. If all the features had no connection to other sites it would be pretty boring and plain.

10. Max Pen: Will you be doing this alone? Or with other coders, stylists?
Dan: Like a said above I myself will be designing the site and I have a friend, Michael which will be coding the core site with me. I hope to have another developer to help us as well so it can be done faster as well as have more people contribute to the development.

11. Max Pen: You say its a Xplozion project, what role will your current site have to do with the new social network website?
Dan: My site, Xplozion is currently the centre of where the development and discussion is going on, and of course because I’m the project leader it’s just simply where it all started.

12. Max Pen: About “My Portfolio” on Xplozion, it doesn’t have anything on it but the new project of yours… Haven’t you made much style’s for phpbb etc ? If so why not share your work on it there then?
Dan: Well it is quite difficult to find people who want something doing such as design etc. So I don’t have anything on there but the social network project. I have made styles in the past but only for my personal site but I should be having some more work put up on there in the near future I hope. It shouldn’t stay blank for much longer.

13. Max Pen: Why start now?
Dan: Well I have more or less started straight away in terms of when I thought I should start the idea and also the planning for it must be taken into account as well but I think the timing for starting now is fine. Once it’s done and out there it’s a matter of is it good enough to be better than the main social networks, Facebook in particular. Not is it released at the right time. Once it’s done and out there, that’s when it will be the right time.

14. Max Pen: What will the name of the social network be? If you can’t yet tell us the name, would you be able to give us the letters all mixed up? (To leave us making many guesses on the name.)
Dan: Well I would like to reveal the name but it’s been agreed to reveal it later on next year about January or February time, but I can say it is quite a nice name, easy to spell/remember. Look out for it in the future. Once the name is released the site will be under the main development so you can expect some progress reports as well as the name.

Awesome interview Dan, thanks alot for your time.  This is of course not so big news, I mean there are tons of social networks out there, who maybe one day so big as facebook. I believe this project of Dan could lead to something big.  -Max Pen

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