#23 Modern Warfare 2 Tools, hacks, cheats,tutorial forum owner interviewed: Elio Deçolli

Written on:December 23, 2010
Last modified on: January 5, 2011 @ 11:27 PM
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Elio Deçolli a big time gamer currently owns and founded: Modern Warfare 2 Tools | Forum

(1) Max Pen: Can you give us a short introduction about your self?

Elio Deçolli: 13 Year Old Guy, from Albania, I like to spent my free time with my friends, and with my forum. I also like to play many PC games 

(2) Max Pen: From where did you learn your English? As you live in Albania it’s not your native language. Are you very proud to be born there, being a Albanian?
Elio Deçolli: I’ve learned it from my PC, and of course from school. I like it, but I don’t really know it very good. And also I’m 100% proud to be an Albanian. It’s a really nice country.

(3) Max Pen: Now about your Modern Warfare 2 tool forums. Your signature says: “I’m the law here!” Does this means that you have the final say in all matters, conflicts, problems and situations going on at your board? Your avatar is that of the video game: “Assassins creed”. 


Elio Deçolli: Nope, I added it just for fun, thought that I always check for somebody who don’t respect the rules, etc, it’s something that I think all the admins do, so just check their forums for breaking of rules. The fact that I created a forum for Call of Duty’s tools is only because it’s my favorite game, Assassin’s Creed is a game that I like too.

(4) Max Pen: Who is part of the team behind MW 2 Tools Forum? And was it hard in the beginning finding people to be staff on the forums?                                                            

 Elio Deçolli: Our team staff members are: Me, geje2002, Nightmare(my best friend), Hassan.
I added geje2002 because he is a really nice guy who work hard for our forum and keep it clean. Nightmare because he is my best friend and also a good Staff Member, Hassan is one of the greatest coders that I’ve even seen! He knows Visual Basic and has a experience of 6 years on it.

(5) Max Pen: Hassan a moderator in green has just 8 posts, and is staff. What are the requirements for you to add someone to the team? Your admin team exists of people with the age of 12,13 and 15. Is your forum primary for teens who love to game COD? I mean you don’t mind trolling or lol’ing hard on your forum?                                              

Elio Deçolli: As I said before Hassan is a great coder, that’s why, and also he is in University and has other things to do, for his life. The age is just a number, I’m learning to code, geje2002 is a great ps(Photoshop) user, nightmare is also learning ps too. I build the site because I always see some forums that talks about COD but the most of releases are hacks, It’s good but I think that a good gaming, for IE COD, must be more focused in something new, we release tools, news, tutorials too. Trolling is stupid, my forum is serious, thought that sometime we do fun but that doesn’t matter in the life is not only COD.

(6) Max Pen: What are 5 goals for your site?
Elio Deçolli: Well, we did a lot of reforms, such as forum updates, releasing tools, tutorials, etc.The members should visit it because I think that my forum has a lot to offer. Ah and also we did some partnership with other sites(forums, blogs).

(7) Max Pen: Are you not disappointed many join, download something and never come back?
Elio Deçolli: I’m super disappointed, but I think that we should give time to the time.

(8) Max Pen: When was the board created, why did you start it? Did you begin alone, or where there other admins or mods from day 1 you added?
Elio Deçolli: The board was created on 23 September 2010. I started it with the idea to put the greatest tools/releases/news/tutorials in one forum.

(9) Max Pen: Your favorite COD, the one you most played? And what COD’s do you own? The hardest one of all of them so far?
Elio Deçolli: My prefer is COD2, it is really old(2005), but I think that, that game was the best, because there are a lot of COD’s which talk about WW2 but COD2 was the best of them, the others were just a copy/paste, at least that’s what I think. I own COD1, COD2, COD4, COD6, and for Christmas will have Call of Duty: Black Ops too. Hmm, to be honest the COD games aren’t so hard, but COD1 was harder than the others because there wasn’t any “life regeneration”

(10) Max Pen: Your forum has just 758 posts but 230 members. How will you ever manage to bring in a good amount of members but at the same time get people to post to? You do not have a Introduction Forum nor a off-topic forum why?
Elio Deçolli: Most of our posts are by staff members, who makes releases or comments. We don’t have a Off-topic/Introduction forum, but we have our forum…”IN DA CLUB”. There our members can post their every day life, stories, videos, etc. But of course always without breaking our rules, such as spamming, etc.

(11) Max Pen: Your favorite hacks, cheats to use in COD Modern Warfare 2? Which hacks/tools are very unique and only to be found on your board?
Elio Deçolli: To be honest I don’t hack anymore, I got 3 bans on a private server for Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2. lol. But I think hacking isn’t very good, that’s why we are called “MW2Tools”, and not “MW2Hacks”. But because people wants hacks, I will release hacks. Also I think that a Wall Hack is more than useful. There are so many hacks from that we can find on Google, MPGH, UC, etc. What is special on our forum? Those hacks, tools, tutorials, news are in the same forum, if we find something good or useful we share it on our forum, but always don’t take any ownership or claim them as owns. I’m also working to release/update our personal releases, but those will be for V.I.P. only

(12) Max Pen: You said you wanted to be a programmer in the future as job. Do you know any coding language already? And why do you want to be a programmer?        Elio Deçolli: Yes in my future I want to be a good programmer, I’m learning C/C++, VB.NET and Reverse Engineering. I like to be a programmer because I love coding, I started it just for a hobby, but a bit later I started to like it, and started to read tutorials on how to program.

To all readers: On his board he is named Altair1334. I enjoyed reading hope you will enjoy it to visitor! -Max Pen

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  1. MerryChristmas says:

    WOW! It’s a great forum with great releases good job guys!

  2. Masternr says:

    I come from the forum my self and im really enjoying the site you meet kind pll’s every day :D a recomended forum in my opinion.

  3. know says:

    Make a new interview :D Great forum great guys ^^

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