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Written on:December 23, 2010
Last modified on: January 5, 2011 @ 11:23 PM
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Thanks to forum owner The Visitors owner of: Socially Uncensored for this interview.

Why Did You Create Socially Uncensored?

I created Socially Uncensored because I felt there was an ever growing and alarming feeling both online and offline in the real world of growing censorship. Sadly it has almost become “taboo” in society to publicly speak or express your own opinions. Further there is a growing group of individuals throughout our world today, who seek to often shut up or even punish those who wish to express themselves freely and opening. Socially Uncensored is my own personal resolve to this continued issued through our world and I welcome everyone, including your readers the opportunity to use our community to speak out and express themselves freely.

What Is The Forum About?

I like to answer that question, with a question if you do not mind. “What do you you want it to be about?” And I ask that question because our community is everything that our members put into it. Its about everyone freely expressing themselves without the general fear of being told they can’t.

What Makes Your Forum Unique?

For the most part, we are a self governing community. This means that generally members police themselves and have a strong active role where our site goes. Recently for example, we gave the option for a our members to vote on what community software should we be using. This is something normally the owner decides without little impute from anyone. But I have made it our standing policy to generally let our community members decide where things should be going.

Why Did You Choose vBulletin As Your Forum Software?

Originally we started our using phpBB and with Word Press integrated into the community, for Socially Uncensored v1. But this did not prove to as stable, fast, or as user friendly as we had hoped. I had long since owned an older owner’s license for a company I use to own, Atlantis Services. But was not yet ready to pay for the upgrade until I knew there would be a demand. Overall we elected vBulletin because the community made a deciding vote. I felt it was important for my community to decide as they would be the ones after all using it and also to keep with the idea that in an uncensored community, everyone’s opinions and thoughts do matter.

Why Did You Choose the theme are you currently using and Why Have The Orange Bar At The Bottom?

Socially Uncensored has gone through a lot of changes since we started. Our current theme is called, Breeze. It’s both mildly eye catching, but nothing to dramatic. The default colors, fonts, and layout is easy to read and understand. But it has also be SEO (Search Engine Optimized). The orange bar kind of highlights the end of the site. It also highlights our “Contact us”, Terms, Admin, Mod, Theme Selector Menu, and of course the “Back to Top” links. But generally speaking, it come with the theme.

Why The Picture On The Forum Gateway?

I wanted something which looked personal, yet professional, and at the same time care & worry free. That’s a tall order. And some how I felt she expressed that view. To me she look as though as she is looking to the future or maybe at something wonderful. We’re an uncensored community where members are encouraged to freely discuss anything and everything, without the general worry of censorship. And she some how just says to me, “Well look at what we have here?”

What Are Community Sponsors?

Membership is completely free and we’ve been lucky to also keep our community ad free as well. The difference between a normal user and a “community sponsor” is a community sponsor is a member who has voluntarily subscribed or donated to the site. Our way of saying thank you, is awarding those special and caring members with a few added perks. Community Sponsor users can have larger avatars, larger user profile photo, customize their own blog template, customize their own user profile template, customize their user title, save 200 private messages, share more attachments, and share more photos in their photo album.

Why Only One Administrator?

As an uncensored community, there is often little need for anyone to police or moderate our community. I have seen from experience how poorly things can become when a community is over staffed. I have also been very fortunate and lucky to have dedicated staff members, who have played a very active and positive role within our community.

Why Create A Second Non-Staff Account As Your Main Account?

It is true that I am both The Administrator and also the user known as TheVisitors. Being a staff member is no easy task and I didn’t want to confuse my own personal options, from becoming thought of as “official” opinions. It’s generally better in my own opinion, that if you are going to take an active role within your own community, that you do so in such away that others know that not everything you so or do is official.

Do You Have Any Goals For The Future?

I look toward our community members as our general look toward where we should be going. I think may community owner forget that its their users who also make things possible and often help improve the development of that community. But personally myself, I am always looking for new ways to expand our ever growing community. And I enjoy adding & tweaking little things here and there, to which I think could add to the over all experience. The future is now and forever continuing, so I am thankful for today and always looking forward to tomorrow.


Thanks again for this interview and I hope everyone enjoys this interview. Thanks for all the great answers The Visitors!


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  1. Thank you for asking to review our growing community. I also want take this time to thank my community members and staff members, for making SociallyUncensored.com everything which we are today.

  2. Deloris says:

    Uh, this is just a bunch of hooey. This site both sucks and blows at the same time. Privacy violations are all over the place.

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