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Written on:December 31, 2010
Last modified on: January 13, 2011 @ 5:03 AM
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Interview with the owner behind General Discussion forum, Alister is his forum name. He also goes by the name of “Crazy-Person-Here”. Alister has been using forums for the last 15 years and 7 years of the 15 running sites/forums him self.

1*Max Pen: Give us a short but useful intro to your forum/site owner career so far? (Mention some of the sites you started with a description of it.)

Alister: The forums that I have had in the past is. I had a forum for tropical fish keeping as at the time I had 7 fish tanks on the go. The forum was meant to help members with problems with their topical fish and the keeping of them.

I have even had forum that was about books which did not really go anywhere just like the others I have had in the past. All the other forums that I have had in the past did not really take of so well. So I stopped for a couple of years then went back into them again, which are the three that I have now which are doing really well.

2*Max Pen: If I remember right you owned a PC support forum. What happened to it? Was it one of your longest going projects? And what was it supposed to offer to the visitor?

Alister: Yes I still own a pc support forum its still going, but I moved it away from free hosting and over to MyBB which I regret in doing as it just keeps getting spammed everyday. I would have to say before I moved the pc support forum was the longest running forum I have every done. The forum was meant to off free support to anyone that is having problems with there computer.

3*Max Pen: You been on forums 15 years now. Do you remember how a forum used to be when you first visited it? Like around 1996?

Alister: A lot has changed over the years I have to be honest here sorry, but back in 1996 to about 2000 members on forums were a lot nicer and forums did not get hacked as much as it dose now.

4*Max Pen: What has made you so addicting to forums? What do forums mean to you in every day life? Have you seen major changes to forums over the years you used them?

Alister: The very first forum I went onto was a downloading forum and then I started looking around Google for other forums that I might be into and it just sort of grow from there.

5*Max Pen: What made you take the step of becoming owner your self? Do you regret that step, did you wish to just stay a member or maybe staff on forums but never owner of one?

Alister: 7 Years ago I thought to myself I wonder what it would be like to run my own forum and how easy it would to do it. So I just went ahead and done it I had a lot of help from other forums to show me how to go about getting my own forum made it did not really do that good but I have been learning over the years. And if there is one thing I do not regret it one wee bit that’s for sure its been fun and I am still enjoying doing my own forum.

6*Max Pen: How many projects have you done, the total? What forum software have you used so far?

Alister: I have done about 9 projects in the past including the three I still have on the go. I have used many forum software if not them all and I have to say the one I like the very best is PHPBB it is easy to use and understand the codes.

7*Max Pen: The best free host of all?

Alister: This is a very hard question as I have been with so many free hosting over the last 7 years. At this moment in time I think the best free hosting I have found and using is ZetaBoards no matter what anyone says.

8*Max Pen: “Total Forum Posts Today: 338″ And you got a total of “4,022” already! How do you manage to get this fantastic results of activity? What do you recommend other forum owners to do to get the same results you have got so far?

Alister: I know this is really good the only thing I can say is just promote your site on as many forums as you can, and get your friends to help out with posts and topics. And do as many Affiliates with other forums.

9*Max Pen: Is it a hobby or a job-professionalism for you managing sites? Are you very serious with General Discussion Forums? Where do you see it go in the future? How old is it now? And can you estimate to the readers, just making a guess. When you would hit 10 000?

Alister: All my forums are hobby based I am not here to make money from my forums that is what a real job is for if I had one that is. If we manage to hit the 5,000 posts by new year I am sure we will hit 10,000 posts by Feb. next year. I see the forum going to be big by this time next year I am hoping that the forum will have 50,000 posts and a lot more members to help us grow. So far the forum is only two weeks old as of today. I am 10000000% serious about GDFORUM and on its future.

Latest news is that they have hit 5000 posts yesterday:

Well done everyone for showing your support in GD Forum we have hit 5,000 posts and the forum is just 3 weeks old this is great news for the future of the forum.
Lets see if we can keep getting stronger and post loads.
I would like to say thank you for all your support in the forum and i mean that from my heart it makes me feel that i have made a forum that is going to do good and my members are happy to be here

Well done Alister on that milestone, to all I hope you have a good read on this not to big interview. -Max Pen

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  1. Demon_skeith says:

    nice interview, I would have liked to be a admin back between 1996-2000.

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