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Written on:January 1, 2011
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A big time SAW fan and video producer on YouTube had time to get him self interviewed by me today. Craig Maslin (Jigsaw as username) is the owner of this channel Maslin Media and co-admin of this fan board of SAW. I will go into detail with asking him all kinds of stuff related to the SAW movies.

“I want to play a game. Live or die, make your choice.”

1. Max Pen: How did you get interested in the Saw movies? Was “SAW I” the first movie of the series you saw?
Craig Maslin: Well first of all I don’t own the saw fan forum that would be “Game Over” I am a admin member on the boards I sign on every day I can to see how the board is doing and also try to keep it troll free.

To answer your question: I was 13 sitting in my aunts living room when my cousin said she had seen this film called SAW and she said how amazing it was and I then waited to get it on DVD… then my obsession went on from there… To this day I say to my cousin it is you who got me to be obsessed with these films, she doesn’t believe me

2. Max Pen: Do you like it they made just more then 1 movie but actually 7!?
Craig Maslin: I believe that all the films do come together really well with the flashbacks as a supporting iconic trend of the films, I do like that they made more because I really do like the character Jigsaw and to have the chance to get deeper into his mindset was a good choice IMO, however there are people who do like the original as a stand alone film and I do also understand that opinion. The films developed more and more through the years but it had to end!!! Everyone knew that.

3. Max Pen: Which was the most exciting part of each movie for you so far?

Craig Maslin: The most exciting part for Saw I would really be the lead up to the end with David Tapp chasing Zep Hindle while Lawrence Gordon was sawing is foot of it was a very exciting scene and it also introduced the world on how intense SAW can get.

Saw II would have to be the scene where Xavier cuts the back of his neck off to find out his own number for the safe and the entire lead up to that was pretty great.

Saw III would be the ending mainly on how emotional it was with Amanda’s death and John explaining to her while she is dying that she was being tested the entire time, then also the death of Lynn Denlon and then the main man himself John Kramer.

Saw IV would be the Gideon scene where we find out everything in IV is happening the same time as III and then the lead up to Eric Mathews death was amazing also I like how it we edited to fit with he ending of III, well done to Kevin Gruetert.

Saw V has to be the ending the marketing team did not pick the tagline “you wont believe how it ends.” for a reason, the was they constructed that scene was a step up from previous Saw traps.

The most exciting part would be the ending of Saw VI where Mark Hoffman was left to die in the iconic Reverse Bear Trap and the thought of struggling to get it off knowing within less than 60 seconds he will die my heart was pounding to that scene and I was struck with amazement of how he got out of it.

4. Max Pen: Do you pay attention when watching the movie to understand so much you can about the plot and story? Or do you just watch for fun and don’t really pay any close attention to the story or stuff you only know when thinking?
Craig Maslin: To answer your question there are people who do watch these movies just for fun and nothing else however I am not one of them, I do pay attention while watching these movies because one thing in one film that is displayed e.g Saw IV John creating the glass box from the ending to Saw V.
If you miss one thing you may miss something later on, as cheesy as it actually sounds all the pieces are needed to see the hole picture of what’s going on another example would be the ending to Saw IV where you see Jeff Denlon for the first time, people need to pay attention to understand the entire picture and ultimately the final twist.

5. Max Pen: Your favorite character? And why?
Craig Maslin: Special Agent Peter David Strahm, mainly because I believe Scott Patterson did a brilliant acting job in Saw IV playing a agent who is hot headed and has a sense of power he was a great choice for the role. My favorite scene was Strahms interview with Jill Tuck it was a very well acted scene as we got to see Strahm under a new light.
Sadly he did die in Saw V.

6. Max Pen: Mark Hoffman we all get to see in SAW III, did you have a feeling he was Saw before the producers exposed him as the the guy who continued John’s work?
Craig Maslin: Well… In the scene Mark Hoffman has in Saw III you can see him pocket something in the background he also seems a little heartless as he says “All he had to do.” referring to Troy who has died in the classroom chain trap. You could just tell something was not right with him.

7. Max Pen: Did you ever managed to find out something before they showed it in the saw movie?
Craig Maslin: Allot of people including myself did guess the ending to Saw 3D or some aspects of it and they also guessed about Doctor Gordon being involved in some way but really it was a fitting end anyway

8. Max Pen: How do you think Mark Hoffman dedicated to help out Saw. Was it because he had a shot gun pointed at his head or because of killing a person like the real Saw would do? etc …
Craig Maslin: I think Mark Hoffman Decided mainly because he was blackmailed by John Kramer as John said evidence of what Hoffman has done would be released in the event of his death, but added to that I think Hoffman wanted to work with John knowing he can make a difference more than the police force can.
He just saw the difference between killing someone and testing them just like Jigsaw does and I think it wanted to delve deeper into the abyss of rehabilitation

9. Max Pen: Your favorite sound track music? You ever got scared or so when watching a part of the saw movies?
Craig Maslin: I wouldn’t say I get scared when watching the pig mask abduction scenes for the first time they made me jump along with he score added. My favorite score would be Zepp Six due to its arrangement and to what was going on in Saw VI when it was used. I also do really like the trap score pieces that were used and I think that what Charlie Clouser did with the Car trap score in Saw 3D was something very different

10. Max Pen: Name your FAV 5 traps, devices? (1 most liked, 5 least liked of total 5.)
Craig Maslin:

  1. Reverse Bear Trap – Because it is one of the franchises biggest icon along with the Billy puppet
  2. Pendulum Trap – great trap and I love how it was made to look real
  3. Needle Pit – just the idea alone is enough a reason
  4. Bathroom Trap – to wake up and not know where you are in such a situation and place and to know the face you will have to saw off your own foot to free yourself and to not know what’s beyond the door is just chilling
  5. Pig Vat Trap – this trap is just sickening to have pig guts in your mouth and not being able to move is just disgusting!

11. Max Pen: What factors make SAW such a great horror movie?
Craig Maslin: The main thing people need to know is to IGNORE CRITICS these films don’t even get shown to them that being said the storyline can have an impact on people on their own life and if they are living life properly rather than doing drugs and cheating on your loved ones, the factor of it impacting yourself in such a way is a thing not many films can do. Also the twists in the story line, things are not always what they seem in the saw universe if Jigsaw says “you will find your son in a SAFE and secure place.” he means your son is in a safe… them kind of twists are what makes Saw different to other generic horror movies.
Finally the gore is undoubtedly a factor, the prosthetics department on these movies do such an amazing job, they really do make the scenes look real, this adds to why people do see these films because they look real

12. Max Pen: Did you see Saw 3d, if so was it worth your time to see? Where you disappointed at what you found out?
Craig Maslin: I have seen it, I would not say it was my favorite (VI), it was worth my time as I wanted to see how this EPIC franchise ended. I was not entirely disappointed but only due to some aspects of the ending being predictable overall I did enjoy the film and will be adding it to the others once it has been releases on DVD/Blue Ray.

13. Max Pen: Will there come a SawVIII (8)? Or do you think it ended for good now?
Craig Maslin: There will not be a Saw VIII the ending to 3D was perfect to end the franchise and put it to bed. Granted there could be an installment within a few years there will not be one next year because Twisted pictures are said to be doing a Texas Chainsaw Massacre film Saw VIII would have been in production by now. For next year release Lionsgate has marketed Saw 3D as “THE FINAL SAW” would be annoyingly stupid if they made another one.

14. Max Pen: Amanda got killed in one of the Saw movies for not doing the work method of the real Saw, or do you think John also killed her for killing the baby his wife Jen carried?
Craig Maslin: I think John tested Amanda in Saw III for the reason of not testing people properly and just this reason If John was in fact also testing Amanda because of what happened to Jill’s baby then he would have said this to her when she was dying and when he was explaining to her why she was being tested.

15. Max Pen: You also own a YouTube channel: own channel Why did you start it? How did you learn to produce videos like you offer on your channel?
Craig Maslin: I started this channel to keep people up to date on the Saw movies every single time I found something be it a picture or a trailer I would upload it as soon as I found it. as for my own videos such as this Saw I-VI music video tribute I learned to produce and edit videos in my Media classes, I have done Media for the past 4 years now and I hope to continue it next year.

16. Max Pen: From this vid: (1:45) VID Did you expect the dead guy in the middle of the room from SAW I to wake up and be John (Jigsaw)?
Craig Maslin: When I first watched it… no I have to say. I was shocked at the ending

17. Max Pen: A video game has also come out some time ago. You showed on YouTube a demo vid of the game:

It has 17000 views quite nice, did you expect your vid to get so much traffic? Are you pleased with the quality of the vid?
Craig Maslin: Well people think this is a demo as in a down loadable demo but it is not this demo was at a gaming convention where people got to play the game for a while.
I am please it has so many hits yes but I wouldn’t mind my other videos having the same who wouldn’t.

18. Max Pen: from: Vid @ 0:46 We see Mark Hoffman enjoying the dead of his victim. Was it his dead wife causing him at the final end to turn in a corrupted cop?
Craig Maslin: I believe it was in fact his sister, Seth was the boyfriend of Hoffman’s sister and he was the one who killer her and Seth got put in prison for this act but got released on a technicality and that is when Hoffman put Seth in the pendulum trap. For what I believe it is this incident that changed Hoffman to who we all knew.

19. Max Pen: Are you in general quite happy with your channel? What are you going to do if SAW movies have ended. What type of videos will you produce in the future?
Craig Maslin: I am very happy with my channel and I have just recently got to 200 subscribers and I am very thankful to them they mean allot to me.
The saw films have ended but my channel has just begun haha
But yes my channel will continue and I hope to be uploading various movie news for films like Scre4m, for example. I also hope to upload another saw tribute involving 1-7.

20. Max Pen: You also manage a fan board on a free host proboards. Its 3 months and half old the board, started on Sept 22, 2010. Are you the owner/founder?
Craig Maslin: I am good friends with the owner and due to my every day activities on this board I became Admin

21. Max Pen: Where do you see the board going in the future? With having 50 members and just 491 posts in such a long time on your board don’t you think the boards need a lot more exposure? Or are you focusing most of you time on your YouTube channel?
Craig Maslin: I am in talks with the owner of the boards about this and we hope to grow in due time.

Thanks for your time Craig Maslin, I haven’t personally seen the last SAw movie yet. But sure will. Sad but about time the SAW movies have ended finally. I hope people who know SAw, have a good read and other maybe to. -Max Pen

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  1. Marvin says:

    Nice interview man!
    I’m a fan of SAW too!
    hahahah! i totally love this interview!

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