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Written on:January 5, 2011
Last modified on: January 17, 2011 @ 1:29 AM
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Interview with Benjamin, who also goes by the name of Ben. A 14 year old guy from Mississauga, Canada. He is currently community team staff on AdminBB and moderator on RobinNet.

Max Pen:How did you find out about RobinNet.biz Forums and what made you join?
Benjamin:I found out about Robinnet on a free service forums site, the Owner Marios Chalk was advertising Robinnet and I decided to join! I also found out about AdminBB on Robinnet and I signed up for AdminBB 2 days ago (29th December). I became Staff by being active, Nice and working hard.

Max Pen:You are now part of 2 sites as global moderator I assume. Do I think there is a max. amount of people that should have control over such power? What skills must one have to be a mod on a forum? Did you learn a lot from helping out as moderator?
Benjamin: Yes a max amount of people should have control over such power because if everyone did, there would be no rules and there would be no friendship and order. You must think of yourself as a regular member, but just their to help out more. If you use the power against members you will be demoted. I have learned that it is not an easy job and that It has been a good experience!

Max Pen: Have you ever had to deal with a very hard situation?

Benjamin:I have not had to deal with a very hard situation yet, and I’m happy I haven’t had to. But if I ever had too, The final Choice would be, What is best for the forum!

Max Pen: What type of forums attract you the most, and why?
Benjamin:Forums that have nice staff and members attract me because I feel like the Community is very welcoming and I feel at Home there. I also like forums with forum games!

Max Pen: Is becoming a moderator easy now a days? Is it still quite some dedication you need to show for the boss of the forum to say yes if you ask to be mod?
Benjamin: There is still quite some dedication that you have to represent to your boss because if you are not active, nice, and stuff like that, the boss won’t choose you and I will tell you that there’s a lot of people who would want my place on the forums so I have to show dedication to keep my place.

Max Pen:You say in your bio on Robinnet: “I like playing soccer and I want to make a website for flash games and I want to create flash games” Is the project to start a flash game site going good so far? Why “have you/don’t you” started with the project? How hard do you want to do this, getting to buid up a flash games site and making flash games?
Benjamin: The project is dead so far, I have held it off till I get a job and get some money and then I will start working on it. I want this project to happen fats and I want it to be good. I am working on a forums right now that will be showing tutorials on a lot of things. The link is project.

Max Pen: When did you start going on forums? How is the experience?
Benjamin:I started going on forums about 2 years ago. Yes I think forums are better than a social network like Facebook and MySpace, I find them more fun and the members are active and really nice.

Thank you Benjamin for giving us this short but meaningful look into your overall experience with forums. -Max Pen

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