About IY

About IY

Interviewed You is a blog where you can find a comprehensive list of interviews from people around the net. We interview everyone, from the normal everyday me and you to the famous person known by quite some people. Our blog is organised to allow the user to enjoy his/her reading experience and make it easier for them to find that interview they want.

With the help of these organisational features and a strong and dedicated staff base and most importantly a loyal user base – we aim to become the biggest database for interviews on the net. So join up now and be apart of something special!!

About IY The Staff

The IY website was created on the 3d of November 2011 and a few weeks later, on the 21th of November 2011,  the IY project launched. IY strives to be a serious group of individuals dedicated to bringing you: Interesting, funny, serious and  informative interviews taken from people around the net.

The blog is run by: Max Pen. He is the  founder and current owner of Interviewed You. Along with the management staff, there are 3 editorial staff who strive to bring you the best interviews from around the net.  But at the moment IY has no staff but its owner Max Pen. We hope to change this in the near future.

About IY The Project

The main goal of IY,  is to offer the visitors and readers of this site with a spectrum of interviews ranging from our everyday neighbours, website administrators, company gurus to our famous writers and musicians   etc … We will also strive to get these interviews published in as many different forms as possible to keep everyone interested.

The idea of a site solely set up for interviews is non-existent but we, the IY staff and users, want to change that and attract a new audience to the internet, those who want to know more about other people that may not be that known on the net or in real life. This project is not perfect; but we strive our best to make sure your visit was worth it.

Max Pen his Vision

With IY I try to be different then all other websites and I hope so far I achieved that!

I think everyone in their life deserves for once to be in the spotlight, get attention and exposure. Not only famous people that are known by many should get interviewed. I think each person is unique with a story to tell to the rest of the world.

Therefore its my goal to interview anyone who has something to share with other people online. It is also quite fun to read what people write in response to my questions, I might learn a thing or two from certain interviews! ^^ :D

Max Pen  IY Founder


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