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IY Disclaimer

The staff of Interviewed You (referred thereafter as “the site”) is run by a group of volunteers who are not paid for their job here. The site staff attempt to do their best in moderating this blog but cannot guarantee all offending content gets filtered out.

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Please check the Creative Commons License for further information.

Interviews done with information to help out with problems,questions, things you wondered,etc … Are not guaranteed to be 100% correct or even could be totally incorrect. All interviews done expresses the sole opinion of the person being interviewed. If any content is illegal, a ToS violation or offensive, please contact us and we will investigate the issue and get back to you asap.


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We have taken this from: http://www.howto.gov/ All credit goes to them for this image.

For any other copyright inquires also contact us.

Disclaimer may be changed anytime if necessary.

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